Revamping Your Space: Creative and Functional Ideas for College Dorm Rooms

Maximize your dorm room space with under-bed storage ideas, complementing your accent desk chair and lounge chair for a stylish and organized space. Check college rules before bringing items.

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  • Published on August 02, 2023

    White Oak Accent Chair | Art Leon


    • Must-Have Items for College Living
      • Bedding:
      • Furniture and Decor:
      • Organization:
      • Study Supplies:
      • Kitchen Essentials:
      • Bathroom Essentials:
      • Electronics:
    • 4 Easy Under-Bed Storage Ideas for College Dorm Rooms
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    Must-Have Items for College Living

    Starting college and moving into a dorm room is a thrilling experience, but it can be a bit overwhelming deciding what you need to bring. Below, you'll find a comprehensive list of dorm room essentials that will make your new space feel like home.


    1. Comforter/duvet

    2. Pillowcases and pillows

    3. Fitted and flat sheets

    4. Mattress topper for added comfort

    5. Throw blanket

    Furniture and Decor:

    1. An Art Leon accent desk chair: Perfect for your study space, providing comfort during long study sessions.

    2. An Art Leon Accent Lounge Chair: It offers a stylish seating option for when friends come to visit or for when you want to relax.

    3. A lamp for late-night studying

    4. A rug to add some coziness to the room

    5. Wall art and photos to make the space your own


    1. Under-bed storage bins or drawers

    2. Hangers for your closet

    3. Shoe rack

    4. Over-the-door hooks for coats, towels, etc.

    5. Desk organizer for stationery items

    Study Supplies:

    1. A reliable laptop

    2. Notebooks and pens

    3. Sticky notes for reminders

    4. Desk lamp

    5. Printer (if not available or convenient on campus)

    Kitchen Essentials:

    1. Mini-fridge and microwave (if allowed)

    2. Reusable water bottle and coffee mug

    3. A few dishes, utensils, and a can opener

    4. Snacks for late-night study sessions

    Bathroom Essentials:

    1. Towels (hand, face, and bath)

    2. Shower caddy for carrying your toiletries

    3. Flip-flops for the shower

    4. All your personal toiletries


    1. Power strips (always needed for all the electronics)

    2. Headphones for studying

    3. HDMI cord for movie nights

    4. Portable charger

    Accent Lounge Chair Modern | Art Leon

    4 Easy Under-Bed Storage Ideas for College Dorm Rooms

    Living in a college dorm room can often mean tight quarters, but that doesn't mean you can't maximize your space to keep things tidy and create a comfortable environment. One often overlooked storage opportunity is the space under your bed. Here are four easy under-bed storage ideas that won't just organize your stuff, but also complement your accent desk chair or accent lounge chair:

    1. Storage Bins: This is a classic under-bed storage option. Find some slim plastic storage bins or drawers that can easily slide under your bed. These are ideal for storing things like shoes, out-of-season clothes, or extra supplies. Choose bins in colors that match or complement your accent lounge chair to create a cohesive look in your room.

    1. Rolling Drawers: For a more accessible and organized solution, consider investing in rolling drawers. These can be compartmentalized to store different types of items, like school supplies, snacks, or accessories. Plus, the fact that they roll makes it easy to reach items stored at the back. If you have an Art Leon accent desk chair, choose a drawer finish that matches the chair for a polished, professional feel in your room.

    2. DIY Shelving: If you're feeling a little crafty, creating a DIY shelving unit to fit under your bed can be a great project. You can use reclaimed wood or crates for an industrial look, or painted plywood for something a little sleeker. Add some books, small storage boxes, or even display some decor. The creative options are endless, and it can serve as a great contrast to the modern style of the accent lounge chair.

    3. Vacuum Bags: If you're really tight on space, vacuum-sealed storage bags can be a lifesaver. These bags allow you to compress clothes, bedding, or any other soft items to make them fit neatly under your bed. They also protect your belongings from dust, making them perfect for storing out-of-season clothing or extra bedding.


    It's best to check with your college for their specific rules about what you can bring to your dorm room. Even in the smallest of dorm rooms, there's always potential for smart and stylish storage. Use these under-bed storage ideas to make the most out of your space.


    Q1: What are the must-have items for college dorm living?
    The must-have items for college dorm living include bedding, furniture and decor, organization tools, study supplies, kitchen essentials, bathroom essentials, and electronics.
    Q2: Why is an accent desk chair important for a dorm room?
    An accent desk chair is important for a dorm room because it provides comfort during long study sessions and adds a stylish touch to the study space.
    Q3: How can I maximize storage space in my college dorm room?
    You can maximize storage space in your college dorm room by utilizing under-bed storage bins or drawers, DIY shelving, rolling drawers, and vacuum-sealed storage bags.

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