The Guide to Buying Accent Chair Color Goes With Sofa

  • By YL CHEN
  • Published on November 17, 2022
    Designing any space, whether it’s residential or commercial, is a fun and creative process. From choosing the right size for all the main furniture such as sofas, tables, or dividers, to finding the best material and colour combinations that will set the tone of the style, from industrial to modern or mid-century. However, any space cannot be considered to be complete, without the final touch-ups that will bring life to it. These can be paintings, rugs, cushions and of course, accent chairs. 

    An accent chair, especially a swivel armchair, has many purposes, both aesthetic and practical. It can be used for extra seating space in living rooms, libraries, dining rooms and bedrooms. It is a great addition to the area next to the fireplace or with a small corner table and a lamp to create cosy corners in your house or even in your house’s foyer. A true accent chair however is not only for seating. It is also visually pleasing furniture, a statement piece, that is usually different from the rest of the items in the area. This can be in terms of colour and style. Choosing the perfect accent chair for your space depends on your overall style and colour palette. 


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      • What Color Accent Chair Goes With Grey Sofa?
      • What Color Accent Chair Goes With Blue Sofa?
      • What Color Accent Chair Goes With Dark Brown? 
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    How to Choose Accent Chair Color?

    Three popular sofa colours are found in most homes: grey, blue, and brown. They are versatile options that you can adjust to any interior style as well as decorate with several cushion types. An accent chair’s purpose is, as the name suggests, to accentuate everything around it. Therefore the general rule is that it should be a different colour or even material than your sofa to stand out and be juxtaposed with your sofa.

    Accent Chair

    What Color Accent Chair Goes With Grey Sofa?

    Grey sofas are top of the list when it comes to popularity. They match well with wooden floors, ceramic ones or even concrete. Therefore, you can go on one of two routes when choosing your accent chair. Either create a monochrome contrast by adding a white accent chair or a black accent chair or create a pop of colour in your house by adding your favourite one. Since grey is a neutral colour, virtually any solid colour would be an option. If you opt for your favourite one, then you will automatically have added something that appeals to you personally. Popular choices include orange accent chairs and white and gold accent chairs. 

    What Color Accent Chair Goes With Blue Sofa?

    Blue sofas are popular for two main reasons. The first is that blue is a colour that promotes serenity and calmness. The second is that blue, especially royal blue shades, can be paired greatly with either neutrals or other colours. From warm yellow-mustard tones to brown or even leather, blue sofas can be considered a blank canvas when it comes to styling them. Some of our favourite combinations are yellow accent chairs and brown accent chairs. 

    What Color Accent Chair Goes With Dark Brown? 

    For people who love nature and its shades, dark brown sofas are a must. Due to their deep tone, they are better matched with brighter colours that brighten the rooms. Therefore they match great with green accent chairs and blue accent chairs either with metal legs or wooden ones are great options when it comes to this category. 

    Gold Accent Chair

    Choosing the right colour for your perfect accent chair is not enough. Although an essential stylish part of any room, accent lounge chairs should also be functional furniture. For example, if your chair is destined to be used in a living room, you must choose one that is comfortable so that it’s more than just a decorative piece, but one that you will also enjoy using. On the other hand, some swivel accent chairs, are meant to be used in dining rooms or with vanity cabinets. Although being comfortable is a plus, there are more things to consider like its size or its ability to swivel 360 degrees offering you the flexibility to reach anywhere you need without moving it. 

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    One of our favourite accent chairs that encompasses all of the above, and more, is the swivel accent chair Art Pyramid. Structure-wise, it has a base made of solid beech wood, a durable and sustainable material, ideal for stability and long-term use, and a top-notch sponge filling with an ample seating space that provides maximum comfort. Moreover, it is equipped with foot pads to protect your floors from scratching. What we especially like about this design is its versatility. Its modern, eye-catching design, and compact size but high comfort make it ideal for multi-purpose use both in larger and smaller areas. For example, if you choose it as part of your dining room but have more guests over, you can take some to the living room area to be used as armchairs for additional seats. Alternatively, if you have an extendable dining table, you can have the extra chairs in your living room, bedroom or office and use them whenever necessary. Finally, its great selection of colours, makes it adaptable to any interior design style you have in mind. 

    Accent Chair Gray


    An accent chair therefore should be more than just a means of decoration in your house. Although its main purpose is to create a visual contrast in your space, you should also be on the lookout for it to offer you more than just that. Exceptional quality, correct colour combination with your sofa or the next largest piece of furniture in the room, and comfortability are equally important aspects when you are trying to find your ideal chair.

    At Art Leon furniture, are proud to be able to provide you with everyday solutions that are not only stylish but convenient and comfortable as well. We aim to offer you high-quality furniture that is also sustainable and durable, through our expert craftsmanship which you will be able to enjoy for years. 

    Accent Chair


    Q1: How do I choose the color of an accent chair?
    The general rule is that the accent chair should be a different color or material than your sofa to create contrast. Consider your overall style and color palette when choosing the perfect accent chair for your space.
    Q2: What color accent chair goes with a grey sofa?
    Grey sofas are versatile and match well with various colors. You can create a monochrome contrast with a white or black accent chair, or add a pop of color with your favorite shade. Popular choices for accent chairs with grey sofas include orange, white, and gold.
    Q3: What factors should I consider when choosing an accent chair?
    Apart from color, consider the chair's functionality and comfort. If it will be used in a living room, prioritize comfort. If it will be used in a dining room or with a vanity cabinet, consider factors like size and the ability to swivel. Choose an accent chair that not only looks stylish but also serves its intended purpose well.

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