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Avoid common furniture arranging mistakes and create a cozy, harmonious space. Consider Art Leon Accent Desk Chairs and Swivel Chairs for a stylish and functional touch.

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  • Published on August 01, 2023

    High Back Leather Accent Chair | Art Leon

    Doing a makeover or a first-time decorating your room takes substantial technicalities. Aside from only considering the aesthetics, the comfort of a space mainly and greatly relies on its furniture selection and arrangement. the way your space functions will truly affect your mood and desire to stay in space. Therefore, this article will help you understand to avoid the arranging mistakes that make your space less cosy and comfortable. Furthermore, we will also discuss which of the Art Leon accent desk chairs and Art Leon Swivel Chairs are the most suitable for your space.  


    • What to Avoid in Arranging a Room or Space?
      • Overcrowding or Too Many Pieces
      • Not Providing a Focal Point
      • Obstructing the Traffic Flow
      • Wrongly Placed Rugs
      • Lack of Proportion
    • The Best Chairs for Arranging your Space with
      • Art Leon Desk Chairs in Oak Legs
      • Art Leon Swivel Accent Chair with Ottoman
      • Art Leon Pyramid Swivel Accent Chair
      • Art Rattan & Oak Dining Chair
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    What to Avoid in Arranging a Room or Space?

    We frequently overlook the usefulness and utility of the space in favour of the visual appeal when choosing and arranging furniture in our houses. A beautifully decorated and thoughtfully organized space is far more comfortable to live in. We'll go over several typical furniture arrangement blunders in this post that you should steer clear of if you want to make your home seem cosier and more harmonious.

    Overcrowding or Too Many Pieces

    Overcrowding a space is one of the biggest blunders individuals make when organizing their furnishings. Giving your furniture adequate room to breathe and allow for smooth movement is crucial. A tiny room should not have too much furniture since it will seem crowded and overwhelming. Instead, pick a few essential items that are appropriate to the size of the space and strategically arrange them to create a spacious and welcoming ambience.

    Not Providing a Focal Point

    A focal point is essential in any space to create harmony and balance. It can be a fireplace, window, or artwork, and should be centred around the main point to avoid fragmentation and confusion. For optimal views, set your dining table near a large window or place your sofa and chairs in front of the fireplace. The chairs are one of the highlights of a space whether bedroom, dining area, or living room. The Art Leon swivel chairs define multi-functional and purposeful aspects of decorating your space while also providing you comfort and relaxation. 

    Obstructing the Traffic Flow

    Avoid obstructing doors or paths by placing furniture in a space according to how people will move through it. Clear routes and ample space between pieces will allow for simple, unhindered movement. The secret to a spacious room or area is to emphasize the pathways and clear the sides. Make sure to decide on what is the only important piece of furniture to put in a space. 

    Wrongly Placed Rugs

    Area rugs have a big influence on how a room looks and feels. To prevent a fragmented room, pick the appropriate size and place your furniture. The ideal rug should match the furniture arrangement, establish several zones inside the space, and fit all furniture legs comfortably.

    Lack of Proportion

    When positioning furniture, the proportion is crucial. Without taking into account their proportions, mixing different-sized furniture pieces can create an imbalanced and aesthetically unpleasant environment. Make sure that the scale and size of each piece of furniture complement the others by paying close attention to these details. For instance, to achieve a harmonious composition, mix a giant, overstuffed sofa with sturdy armchairs and small, delicate side tables. The solution to this is that when you have a small space, you can pick functional smaller chairs that are truly comfortable such as the Art Leon rattan chairs that come in pairs and you can pair them with old or new tables. 

    Modern Accent Chair Set Of 2 | Art Leon

    The Best Chairs for Arranging your Space with

    Picking the right furniture is one basic thing to consider to avoid a cluttered-looking space. A cohesive space is a result of only selecting the right furniture and arranging it according to your personal preference about your lifestyle and daily routine basis. Here are the best pieces of chairs that you can manage to decorate, style, and arrange your space with: 

    Art Leon Desk Chairs in Oak Legs

    If you have an office in your bedroom or your living room, this Art Leon Swivel chair is the best for you. It comes with an arm support and a cushioned backrest and seating that gives you the chance to lounge for any purpose. Check the item here:

    Art Leon Swivel Accent Chair with Ottoman

    A Swivel and Moveable chair that comes with a footrest or a table ottoman chair is a highly functional investment that you can decorate your space with. You can use this for naps, lounging, or even doing personal things. As this comes with a wheel, you can move it around so you wouldn't need to put more chairs everywhere in your room or space. Check out the item here:

    Art Leon Pyramid Swivel Accent Chair

    An artsy Swivel chair that can also be used as a desk chair or an accent chair is the Art Leon's Desk Chair in pyramid legs support. this stylish chair gives a focal point to the room while giving you comfortable seating through its cushioned and compact structure and design. See the item here:

    Art Rattan & Oak Dining Chair

    For Spaces that have limited area and dimensions, giving it a glow-up can be possible through this rattan chair set. simple pick a small coffee table and you can have a lounging area through its comfortable rattan backrest and thick cushioned seat. This is also a functional accent chair that you can place beside your sofa set. See the item here:

    Properly arranging furniture is crucial for creating a unified living area. Ensure adequate traffic flow, avoid congestion, and consider the focal point. Pay attention to area rug size and placement. Maintain a sense of proportion by choosing furniture correctly. Avoid common placement mistakes to create a welcoming, cosy retreat that is useful and visually beautiful. For a more elegant, stylish, decorative, but highly functional living space, choose only your furniture pieces from Art Leon Furniture. You can select from different functions, styles, designs, colours, and sizes that will accord with your existing space!


    Q1: How can a focal point be created in a space to achieve harmony and balance?
    A focal point can be created in a space by centering it around a prominent feature such as a fireplace, window, or artwork. Placing key furniture items, such as a dining table near a large window or sofa and chairs in front of a fireplace, can also help emphasize the focal point.
    Q2: How can the proportion of furniture be taken into account when arranging a space?
    The proportion of furniture can be considered by ensuring that different-sized furniture pieces complement each other and create a balanced and aesthetically pleasing environment. For example, mixing a large sofa with sturdy armchairs and small side tables can achieve a harmonious composition.
    Q3: What are some suitable Art Leon chairs for arranging and decorating a space?
    Some suitable Art Leon chairs for arranging and decorating a space include the Art Leon Desk Chairs in Oak Legs, Art Leon Swivel Accent Chair with Ottoman, Art Leon Pyramid Swivel Accent Chair, and Art Rattan & Oak Dining Chair. These chairs offer both functionality and style for different spaces in a home.

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