How to Choose Your Dining Chair Color

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  • Published on February 09, 2023

    Dining ChairYour dining chair colour determines to a large extent, the vibe or energy your dining space exudes. The colour of your dining chair can bring to life the image or feeling you planned out for your dining space. Therefore, you need to place utmost attention on the colour you choose for your dining chair.

    So, how do you choose your dining chair colour?


    • How To Choose A Dining Chair Color
      • Your Choice
      • The Dining Room Design
      • The Dining Table
    • Colored Dining Chairs and their Characteristics
      • Grey-Coloured Dining Chairs
      • Brown Colored Dining Chairs
      • Pink Colored Dining Chairs
      • White Colored Dining Chairs
      • Black Colored Dining Chairs
      • Blue Colored Dining Chairs
    • A few ways to blend your black coloured chair perfectly include:
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    How To Choose A Dining Chair Color

    Your Choice

    Knowing your choice of dining chair colour is the most crucial aspect of picking a dining chair colour. 

    Ask yourself the question, what feeling do I want my dining space to elude? A bright feeling? A more emotional one? Or a calm atmosphere? 

    The colours you choose determine this. A bright-coloured dining chair, like a yellow or red dining chair, light up the room beautifully, and it is perfect for dining space used by kids or a bright colour lover.

    A white dining chair and a black dining chair, though in popular use, are very emotional colours that may make your space a bit plain or bright, depending on the dining room colour. For example, a white dining chair used in a grey-coloured dining room may seem plain. At the same time, the white dining chair used in a pink-coloured dining room may seem bright. 

    The plainness may be reduced by adding bright colours and accessories like throw pillows, vases, or a mini rug. And if you prefer a very soothing or serene dining space, you can also go for a neutral-coloured dining chair. 

    The Dining Room Design

    The colour of the dining room also has a part to play in the decision of the colour of the dining chair best suited for the room. If your dining room is in neutral colours, a white coloured dining chair, beige, light pink, or brown is a perfect go-to combination. You can also choose bold colours like teal, purple, orange, or blue. These colour combinations never go wrong with neutral colours.  

    The Dining Table

    Ideally, you can choose dining chairs that match or complement your dining table, or you can also decide to go bold and choose dining chairs with colours contrasting the dining table colours. Going with contrasting colours should be done carefully because combining a dining chair with a stark contrast to the dining table can make the whole setting seem odd or weird.

    Colored Dining Chairs and their Characteristics

    Do you know each colour has its own unique characteristic? Colours have the power to dim or light up a room, and each colour uniquely has a different "aura" or "feeling" it exudes. Here are some popular colour characteristics.

    • Grey-Coloured Dining Chairs

    Grey-coloured chairs have been widely used lately because of their excellent prowess for toning down bright colours. It also gives the dining room a monochrome tone if used alone. However, grey doesn't add warmth or intimacy in a dining place, but it is an excellent colour to opt for if you do not like bright colours.

    • Brown Colored Dining Chairs

    A brown-coloured chair gives a majestic and luxurious feel and perfectly rhymes with a broad spectrum of colours. There are various shades of brown to choose from; you can go for mahogany, chocolate brown, deep brown, or any other shades of brown for your dining chair. A brown-coloured dining chair with lavender-painted walls is a colour combination that is scarcely done but is always a gem when carried out.

    Brown Leather Dining ChairGrey Dining Chair
    • Pink Colored Dining Chairs

    A pink-coloured chair is one of the surest ways to brighten up the room, and the best part of a pink-coloured chair is that it doesn't only give it a bright colour, it also exudes a relaxing and calm feeling.

    • White Colored Dining Chairs

    A white-coloured chair goes on any design or colour of your dining room or table. White-coloured chairs have the disadvantage of being dirty and worn out quickly, especially in a house full of kids. One way to prevent this is the use of slipcovers. 

    A white-coloured chair is an easy and no-stress way of styling your dining room. White goes on all colours, from black, green, beige, red, purple, lavender, burgundy, pink, to brown, so no matter the colour of your dining room, white goes with it, and at the same time, it doesn't just rhyme with the room, it stands out majestically! 

    This Art Poplar Dining Chair is available in different colours so you can make your choice of colours. 

    • Black Colored Dining Chairs

    Most dining tables are painted black, so easily a black coloured dining chair blends with it, giving it a monochrome yet exotic look.

    Many people feel going in with a black-coloured chair will take away the cheerful appeal of their space and add a gloomy feeling, but this isn't always true.

    A few ways to blend your black coloured chair perfectly include:

    • Use a black-coloured chair mixed with a little splash of other colours. You can mix it with bright colours if you want it sharp or nude colours if you want it warm.
    • Using a coloured chair with black coloured legs
    • Using a colored chair with an all-black frame( from the backrest, armrest, and legs)
    • Or mix your black-coloured chair with a nude, glass, white, or beige dining table. 

    Mix your colour well, and you can never go wrong with black!

    • Blue Colored Dining Chairs

    Blue-coloured chairs are excellent at providing a calming atmosphere yet bold appeal. There are various colours to try, from sky blue, deep blue, light blue, deep navy, and many more, giving you a chic and bold look.

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    Tips to Follow When Styling Your Dining Chair

    • Choose colours that match your dining room colour palette.

    • The dining chair and the room patterns should be in sync, and you can also work around it, but prevent it from being too matchy or too off!

    • It is always better to use fabrics that can hold spills, especially if you have kids.

    • You can also make use of slipcovers to prevent quick wear out of the chairs if they undergo hard and frequent use.

    • If you are going for a woody neutral theme, choose dining chairs with wood tones that work together.

    • The dining chair height should ALWAYS be the same, even if you are going for a mismatched design.

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    Colours are meant to be manipulated, don't be afraid to go bold with colours! Colours influence mood and appetite, choose the right coloured dining chair and enlighten up the atmosphere in your dining room, and at the same time, elevate your mood and increase your appetite.


    Q1: How do I choose the color of my dining chair?
    • Consider the feeling you want your dining space to evoke.
    • Bright colors can light up the room, while neutral colors create a soothing atmosphere.
    • Take into account the color of your dining room and how it will complement or contrast with the chair.
    • Think about the color of your dining table and whether you want the chair to match or contrast with it.
    Q2: What dining chair colors work well with neutral dining rooms?
    • White, beige, light pink, and brown are all great options for neutral dining rooms.
    • Bold colors like teal, purple, orange, or blue can also create a striking contrast with neutral colors.
    Q3: How can I blend a black-colored dining chair into my dining space?
    • Mix the black chair with a splash of other colors to add some brightness.
    • Use a colored chair with black legs or frame to create contrast.
    • Pair the black chair with a nude, glass, white, or beige dining table for a balanced look.

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