How to Style an Accent Chair?

Leon presents you with their finest, accent chairs. Our chair is a futuristic design which keeps in mind all the customer requirements. It comes in different shapes, sizes, and colours making it an all-purpose versatile design that fits all of our customer’s preferences. Our customers are our guarantee of success. Our products are known for their versatility and you can fit them in any desired space like in your living room, bedroom, dining room, home office, and makeup vanity.

Choose your colour scheme

Our chairs are the most versatile in their setting choice and you can fit them in your living room, bedroom, dining room, home office, porch, garden, lounge, and makeup vanity. But we suggest you first choose a suitable colour that matches your taste and the background you have then let your chair dictate the colour and the background. We suggest you keep it simple and it’s up to you. In our selection of fabric, colours, and materials, the only limitation is your imagination and the product is there for you. You can also try to go bold and add some eye-catching splash of colour to the dull room. The colour of accent chairs matters the most. If you are the traditional one you can approach some lighter colour schemes but if you like to experiment with new things, there is no harm in trying some bold combinations if the sofa set matches the rest of your room, you should add some colours to the room by adding a colourful accent chair.

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Utilize the most out of it:

While choosing your accent chair, you should keep in mind its comfort and utility at most. The accent chair for the bedroom is more focused on task-based work, and is good if placed near windows, a work table, or a bed; while the living room has requirements of its own there we should use the living room accent chairs to provide the most comfort. The accent living room chairs are meant to be comfortable, and decorative. You should add your accent chairs to the hidden awkward corners of the room and still can utilize the most out of it.

Compliment your accent chairs:

The best way to give a finishing touch is to provide a good complement to the accent chairs, like by adding some small tables, bookshelves, indoor trees and plants, and wallpapers but at last, you should try to keep it simple and well-functional.

Keep in mind the space:

The space and mobility around your accent chair matter; you should always avoid making things too messy, the space is necessary around your accent chairs you should keep in mind that it does not hamper the entranceways or it should interfere with the doorways, the accent chair living room must always be comfortable and spacious.

accent living room chair

How to Choose the Right Accent Chair

Know your chair’s purpose:

While choosing a living room accent chair, you should know its purpose either you are choosing it for its functional purpose, or you are using it for decorative purposes. While the first purpose is an obvious one and has its way more uses, from the living room to even outside your bathroom, which depends on you, if you are choosing an accent chair for decoration purposes, you should keep in mind the size of the room, and the place it should be kept. The chairs add more dimension and catch the eye of the beholder. Our small accent chairs are well-built for living rooms and are easy to be placed anywhere. On the other hand, the big ones create a mess when placing, as usually happens, the accent chairs do not fit well according to the image you have created in your mind.

Decide a proper place:

You should not treat your accent chair as your occasional type of chair which you use for temporary purposes; the accent chair has to be a permanent part of house décor so, so it is advised to take your time and choose wisely and decide a place beforehand. The addition of an accent chair should also make the place more pleasing to gaze upon so you should always avoid cluttering up the space.

Decide a proper size:

Like the place, the size of an accent chair should also be kept in mind according to your preferences, by checking for the size of the accent chair, you should also keep in mind the surrounding place and objects around it. It should not be too high, or too low, and should look properly at the ceiling and the surrounding objects like a sofa, a chair, a table, or a cupboard. Your sitting preferences should also be well decided.

Choose a proper fabric:

The fabric should also be kept in mind, for choosing a fabric, you should keep in mind your surroundings like the room temperature, and colour. Some fabrics like suede and velvet are well-to-do and seem eye-catching but if you have some children or pets it should be advised not to use such materials as they are difficult to maintain. Some fibres like microfiber are also difficult to clean up so it is advised to use a leather accent chair in that case.

accent chair swivel

What Kind of Accent Chair Should I do?

Leon presents you with wide series of accent chairs to choose from. With highly functional mobile, decorative chairs, to comfortable ones. Our chairs are multipurpose and can be added to any vicinity like a bedroom, living room, restaurant, office, library, study room, etc.
There are two categories of accent chairs available at ArtLeon and the first category has three types:

  • Art Pyramid Swivel Accent Chair - Beech Wood Legs
  • Art Pyramid Swivel Accent Chair - Gold Plated Legs
  • Art Pyramid Swivel Accent Chair - Oak Wood Legs

All the above-mentioned accent chairs are small compact and well-built for any type of place and they can be categorized as modern accent chairs. The pyramid chairs are good for easy and informal settings like on a dinner table, outside the door, beside a window, in a lounge, in a drawing room, living room, with a computer table, on a work table, etc.
The second type of chair includes:

  • Art Leon Swivel Accent Chair with Ottoman, Velvet
  • Art Leon Swivel Accent Chair with Ottoman, PU
  • Art Leon Swivel Accent Chair with Ottoman, Linen

In contrast, the Art Leon Swivel Accent Chair with Ottoman is built for a more comfortable environment like in a study room, beside a bed, in the middle of the living room, etc.


The purpose of an accent chair is to provide depth to the design in addition to function, utility, and comfort. One should be thoughtful while choosing the selection of accent chairs. A person should keep in mind the quality of the product, its use, comfort, space, and proper materials before finalizing their decision. What is the Most Comfortable Accent Chair Style?

Accent chairs provided by Art Leon are fine for bedrooms, living rooms, dinner tables, restaurants, offices, and study rooms. After making your choice, we suggest you place it where it enhances your background view and with a place with proper lighting, you should make sure about no restrictions to be around like your cupboards, bookshelves, stools, tables, vases, etc. These chairs are small comfortable and portable, so you can also arrange them around your dining table or your bedroom. These small accent chairs look fantastic beside your small windows with some other decors for an additional look.

swivel accent chair

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