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  • How to Clean a Fabric Couch
    • Vacuum the Chair
    • Wipe Down Wood and Metal
    • Determine the Type of Fabric on your Sofa Chair
  • How to Clean Couch Cushions
  • How to Deep Clean a Couch
  • Conclusion
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How to Clean a Fabric Couch

Cleaning a Fabric couch, like the Art Leon Sofa Chair, requires a specific technique if you’d like to keep your sofa looking fresh and clean for as long as possible. Follow this easy step-by-step guide to easily achieve a perfectly clean sofa chair!

Vacuum the Chair

Every single sofa chair cleaning process should start with a good vacuum, especially if you eat on your furniture. This step will remove any larger debris like crumbs, dust, and lint from throw blankets, etc. Use a small handheld vacuum or vacuum attachment, as these are gentler with the fabric, which prevents pilling, and they’re easier to fit into the nooks and crannies of your sofa chair.

Since the Art Leon Sofa Chair converts from chair to chaise lounge, to bed, we recommend unfolding the sofa chair into the bed position first. This allows easy access to all areas of the chair with the vacuum.

Wipe Down Wood and Metal

The Art Leon sofa chair has a solid pine wood frame and legs, with unzippable metal legs for converting the single sofa chair into a bed. To clean, unzip the metal legs and wipe down all visible wood and metal with a disinfectant wipe, or microfiber cloth and multipurpose cleaner.

Determine the Type of Fabric on your Sofa Chair

On the sofa chair, as on all fabric furniture, there will be a tag with directions for cleaning that specific type of fabric. These tags usually have codes, which look like this:

S: Use only dry, solvent-based cleaners on this fabric.
W: Use water to clean this fabric.
W/S: Use either water-based or solvent-based detergents to clean this fabric.
X: Only vacuum this fabric. Stain removal will require a professional.

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How to Clean Couch Cushions

Some couch cushions are removable, and even have zippers to remove the fabric covers. If this is the case, simply use a stain remover on any visible stains, then wash these covers in your washing machine and let them air dry.

If your couch or sofa chair does not have removable cushions, clean it the same way as you would the rest of the couch.

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How to Deep Clean a Couch

The type of deep cleaning needed on your sofa chair depends on the fabric. Follow the above directions for which cleaning solution to use on your fabric single sofa chair.

For stains, grab an absorbent rag and dab the stain as soon as you can. Dab the stain first with a damp rag and whatever soap or cleaning solution is allowed on your sofa chair fabric, then a damp rag with no cleaning solution to absorb any soap residue. Lastly, dab the stain with a dry rag to absorb excess moisture, and let air dry the rest of the way.


Once you purchase the Art Leon Sofa Chair, you’ll want to keep its 100% polyester, skin-friendly soft and breathable fabric clean. Follow these easy steps to ensure that your single sofa chair stays looking as beautiful as the day you unboxed it for years to come!

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