What are the Most Popular and Comfortable Accent Chairs?

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  • Published on February 20, 2023

    Living Room Accent Chair
    Comfort and aesthetic appeal are the main goals of furniture purchases, and accent chairs deliver both easily. Accent chairs are very multipurpose furniture consisting of various varieties that complement all other furniture in the seating area and add a splash of colour to the room's overall decor. 

    Various accent chairs are available for purchase, each with its unique style and comfort level. 

    This is a guide on popular comfortable accent chair types in no particular order.


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    What Is The Most Comfortable Accent Chair Style

    Armrest Chairs

    Armrest chairs are one of the most popular and comfortable accent chairs available. They appeal greatly and add the finishing touch to a home setting. They are built with an upholstered material and are designed to be very comfortable for the user. 

    Recliner Chairs

    The recliner is one of the most comfortable accent chairs, and this is due to its reclining feature. With this chair, you can sit down properly and tilt or rest your back backwards. It also includes a footrest which you can elongate to rest your foot properly.

    Wingback Chair

    Wingback chairs are characterized by their high backrest and heavily padded armrest, giving users a wrap-around feeling of comfort. In addition, they are usually made with soft upholstery fabric to provide additional comfort to the user.

    Chaise Lounge

    One thing we love about a chaise lounge is its versatility. It comes in different styles, which allow it to be used in different settings. It can be used in an office, outdoor patio, or placed indoors in the sitting room or bedroom. A chaise lounge allows you to stretch out, relax and take a nap comfortably.

    Chesterfield Chairs

    Chesterfield chairs are similar to an armchair but are more formal, with armrests just the same height as the backrest. They are built in a wide, broad, and very deep manner, which makes the user very comfortable. Chesterfield is known for their classic good looks and is available in different styles, and goes in just about any home decor.

    Accent Swivel Chair

    How to Choose the Most Comfortable Chair for Relaxing

    The Pre-existing Decor

    The existing design in your space partially determines the accent chair that is perfect for your home. Choosing a chair that does not match the pre-existing design or material in the house can create a weird and unmatched room. An example is using a modern chic accent chair in a dominant boho-style room, which will create an odd style; instead, a rattan accent chair will go best in a boho-style room.

    Your View on Comfort

    Your view on comfort and what you need the chair for should determine which type will work best for you. Do you like curling up into the chair? Then an armchair is perfect.

    Do you prefer stretching all out? A recliner or chaise lounge is perfect for you.

    Or do you prefer sitting down when reading or conversing? Then a chair with great back support is advisable, which includes wingback chairs.

    Available Space

    Some chairs require a larger space than normal due to their large build; an example is the wingback chair, a recliner, or a chaise lounge with a long length. Placing these chairs in an enclosed space may not allow them to work to their optimal function.

    Upholstery Fabrics

    The fabric you choose for your chair also provides comfort to the user. It is common knowledge that materials used in building a piece of furniture provide, to some extent, a feeling of comfort. The comfort of furniture coverings is not limited to the feeling felt when used, but other factors also contribute to it, such as durability, ease of cleaning, and repellant property. 

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    It is also worth noting that several upholstery fabrics are used in furniture production and the most common ones include velvet, cotton, silk, leather, wool, silk, linen, synthetic fibre, polyester, microfiber, etc.

    • Velvet

    Velvet is one of the most common materials used for furniture coverings because of its aesthetic appeal, regal and majestic look, staining resistance, and long-lasting characteristics. Velvet covers are very expensive and are highly absorbent; liquid spills are absorbed quickly. They are exclusively used as indoor furniture coverings due to their high porous qualities.

    • Leather

    Leather is also one of the most common materials used for furniture coverings because of its many wonderful features. It gives off a luxurious and majestic look and is suitable for public places. It Is resistant to water and durable, though it can be very sticky and peel off in hot regions. 

    The leather covering is a little silky in nature, making it resistant to stains and durable. However, they are very expensive, do not absorb any sweat, are not a breathable material, and may be very uncomfortable to lie on, on very hot days.

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    • Cotton

    Cotton is also very commonly used because of its soft and smooth feel, especially when premium cotton is used. Cotton fabric is durable and safe and may be hard to clean because of its high absorbent characteristics, especially for liquid stains. It is a breathable material making it very relaxing and highly comfortable, but a big red flag with cotton is its HYPOALLERGENIC nature. 

    • Wool

    Wools are not commonly used, but they are a perfect choice for people living in cold northern areas as it is very comfy and warm. Wool is a moisture-repellent material, making the furniture fungus-free and, therefore, durable. However, wool coverings come in very limited colour choices, and it is very hard to clean, making them more suitable for offices rather than home.

    • Linen

    Linen is one of the easiest-to-clean upholstery fabrics, and it is safe for kids.

    Linen is not very durable, gets rumpled easily, and must be steam-ironed regularly to look presentable. It is also very absorbent and may smell of sweat, spilt drink, or food. 


    There are different types of accent chairs, with each one giving its user different luxurious comfort with an excellent aesthetic appeal. When choosing an accent chair, be sure it is built to provide comfort for the user rather than focusing on aesthetic appeal only. 


    Q1: What are some popular comfortable accent chair styles?
    Some popular comfortable accent chair styles include armrest chairs, recliner chairs, wingback chairs, chaise lounges, and Chesterfield chairs.
    Q2: How do I choose the most comfortable chair for relaxing?
    Factors to consider when choosing a comfortable chair for relaxing include the pre-existing decor in your space, your personal preference for comfort, the available space in your room, and the upholstery fabric used on the chair.
    Q3: What are some common upholstery fabrics used for accent chairs?
    Some common upholstery fabrics used for accent chairs include velvet, leather, cotton, wool, and linen. Each fabric has its own unique characteristics in terms of comfort, durability, and cleaning requirements.

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