How Much Is a 4 Piece Rattan Outdoor Furniture Set?

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  • Published on January 31, 2023

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    There are many materials for making fantastic furniture. However, rattan is undoubtedly one of the best to beautify any place, indoors or outdoors. Meanwhile, as a lover of rattan, you may be curious to know how much it costs to own a four-piece rattan outdoor furniture set.

    This piece explains all you need to know about 4-piece rattan outdoor furniture sets, such as how much they cost, how durable they are, and if they are worth the price.


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    • Is a 4-Piece Rattan Outdoor Furniture Costly
    • How Much Is a 4-Set Rattan Outdoor Furniture
    • Is Rattan Furniture Worth Having
    • Why 4 Rattan Outdoor Furniture Set
    • What Is the Lifespan of a 4-set Rattan Outdoor Furniture
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    What Is Rattan

    Of course, you want to know how much a 4-piece rattan outdoor furniture costs and your curiosity is worth it. But, before we answer your question, what is even rattan?

    For there are many different kinds of trees, there are as well different species of rattan. The total amount has been estimated at around 600. Although the species vary, they all have a common structure. They all grow like vines and have thin but long stems. More so, it is not uncommon to compare rattans to bamboo. Meanwhile, while rattan plants have strong stems, bamboo plants have weak ones.

    Rattans can be found in many places, but they are more common in Malaysia, Bangladesh, and the Philippines. Besides the naturally growing rattans, many companies now make synthetic materials that look like rattans. Moreover, whether natural or synthetic, rattans are materials used in making furniture that add beauty to any place.

    Is a 4-Piece Rattan Outdoor Furniture Costly

    Given its impending characteristics, one may conclude without hesitation that rattan furniture would be very costly. Of course, natural and genuine rattan furniture is more expensive than its synthetic counterpart. Making rattan into four finished sets of outdoor rattan furniture requires different stages of tedious work.

    However, it doesn't readily imply that you have to break the bank to have one since rattan is not the most costly outdoor furniture in the market.

    Enough of the suspense; how much does a four-piece rattan outdoor furniture cost?

    How Much Is a 4-Set Rattan Outdoor Furniture

    Now, let's end your curiosity. What is the exact amount of a 4-set rattan outdoor furniture? The first thing to remember is that there are different brands of 4-piece outdoor rattan furniture, which influences the price a lot. 

    Hence, it is quite challenging to pinpoint how much this furniture costs.  

    However, as a guide, 4-piece outdoor rattan furniture can cost anywhere between $600 and $1500. Therefore, you can obtain a 4-set rattan outdoor furniture according to your budget.

    Look at this cheap 4-piece art wicker outdoor sectional.

    Is Rattan Furniture Worth Having

    There are many materials to make quality and attractive furniture. Therefore, what could be particular about having furniture made from rattan? You will consider it worthy if you glance at the aesthetic appeal rattan furniture creates for gardens. Interestingly, the beauty of rattan furniture withstands the test of time. It doesn't get outdated due to long time usage.

    Furthermore, rattan furniture appears to be weatherproof. It doesn't get easily susceptible to adverse weather conditions. Its skin is the skin of the plant it is made from. Therefore, they have natural protection against ultraviolet rays. They are as well, to an extent, self-protecting against rain. However, to be safer, it would be best if they were manually protected against rain.

    In addition, you will want to avoid trading your comfort for anything during your leisure. Fortunately, the convenience offered by rattan furniture is immeasurable. So far, the rattans are properly knitted so that you won't have any hindrance to having maximum comfort.

    Rattans usually grow in a very hot environment. Therefore, they have excellent durability potential. Apart from protecting against extremely hot conditions, they also survive the daily touches and knocks that create marks on household furniture. Rattan furniture usually can last for several years. 

    Another essential advantage of rattan furniture is its low-cost maintenance. Unlike maintaining some outdoor furniture made from materials like wood and metal, you do not have to spend a fortune to maintain rattan furniture. You just have to do a seldom simple wipe with soapy water. Nevertheless, despite having low-cost maintenance, they are also eco-friendly. You can recycle rattan furniture to your taste anytime in the future.

    White Single Sofa

    Why 4 Rattan Outdoor Furniture Set

    Rattan can be made into different shapes and sizes, but the four-rattan outdoor furniture set is the most common and desirable. They are easy to rearrange. By effect, new ideas are always welcomed regarding the best layout for the set of furniture.

    Usually, a 4-piece rattan furniture set consists of four armchairs and a centre table. The table is typically rectangular, while on rare occasions, one could find them in circular or square forms. However, in many cases, if not always, the tables are covered at the top by glass.

    The chairs and the table are light in weight and can be easily moved in and out. The table would weigh around 20kg, be 750mm tall, and be 800mm wide. On the other hand, each of the chairs usually weighs 7.5kg while being 860mm tall and 590mm wide. Lastly, the depth of the sitting area in the chairs usually is around 600mm.

    Consider this Art Leon outdoor set for your outdoor space.

    What Is the Lifespan of a 4-set Rattan Outdoor Furniture

    After spending such an amount to procure furniture, you would like to know that it has a long lifespan.  

    However, several factors contribute to this. The first thing is how well you maintain the furniture. It will help if you take to the manufacturer's advice on maintenance. The materials' quality and how properly they are made also affect their lifespan. Moreover, four sets of outdoor rattan furniture are known to span between 5 to 10 years. The above factors will determine the exact duration.

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    An excellent decision to make for your outdoor furniture is the 4-set rattan outdoor furniture. It has aesthetic appeal, low-cost maintenance, comfort, durability, and the ability to withstand adverse weather conditions. Despite all these, it is not the most expensive outdoor furniture. Importantly, it can be used for many years. All you need to do is to give it proper maintenance and take to the guidelines issued by the manufacturer.

    Check our outdoor furniture set section for more rattan outdoor sets of different pieces.


    Q1: Is rattan furniture worth having?
    Yes, rattan furniture is worth having for several reasons. It adds aesthetic appeal to any outdoor space and is weatherproof, meaning it can withstand adverse weather conditions. Rattan furniture is also durable and can last for several years with proper maintenance.
    Q2: Why choose a 4-piece rattan outdoor furniture set?
    A 4-piece rattan outdoor furniture set is popular because it is easy to rearrange and offers flexibility in terms of layout. The set usually includes four armchairs and a center table, making it a convenient and versatile option for outdoor seating.
    Q3: What is the lifespan of a 4-set rattan outdoor furniture?
    The lifespan of a 4-set rattan outdoor furniture can vary depending on factors such as maintenance and quality of materials. However, on average, it can last between 5 to 10 years with proper care and maintenance.

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