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If you're considering getting an outdoor furniture set, you will want to ensure that it is protected from the weather and elements. Outdoor furniture sets are generally costly, and they are also made to stand up to the element. Furniture covers could be an excellent way to protect the furniture. However, many people are still determining whether the covers should be cleaned. In this post, we'll cover informative content answering the question of can outdoor furniture covers be washed.

Can Outdoor Furniture Covers Be Washed?

Yes, you can wash your outdoor patio set cover. When washing a patio furniture cover, you need to be careful not to wash it with too much force or water. This could damage the cover's fabric and cause it to fall.

If you want to wash your outdoor furniture cover, it's best to find out how often and how long it will take to dry before making any final decisions about whether or not they should be washed.

Here are some tips on how to wash your outdoor furniture covers:

  • Wash with a mild detergent: You can use regular laundry detergent to clean your covers, but if you want to make sure that they look their best, choose a cleaning product designed specifically for outdoor furniture covers instead of one designed for general household items like towels or clothes.
  • Wash them in cold or warm water and dry them immediately after washing: Warm water is the best way to clean your covers because it will loosen any dirt and debris on the fabric while also softening the cover material. On the other hand, using hot water can cause damage to these materials and make them more prone to wear and tear over time. If you live in a humid area or have plants in your yard, then you should use a cool temperature setting when washing your outdoor furniture covers so that there are no chances of mould forming inside them over time.
  • Always rinse them in cold water before drying: When washing your outdoor furniture covers, rinse them in cold water. This will help prevent any dirt or debris from getting trapped inside the fabric and causing damage over time.
  • Do not use bleach when washing: Bleach is commonly used in many homes as an agent that can remove stains from various surfaces, such as clothing and carpets. However, when used on outdoor furniture covers, it will cause discolouration or even damage over time due to oxidation caused by this chemical compound. Additionally, bleach can be harmful to plants if used near them.
  • Do not use harsh chemicals like acetone when washing: If you want to ensure that your covers last a long time, you mustn't use harsh chemicals like acetone when cleaning them. Acetone can damage the fabric over time and make it more prone to wear and tear. Instead, choose a mild detergent.
  • Use the right amount of water: You may need to adjust the water used when washing your outdoor furniture cover depending on whether it has a plastic or metal frame. Water will penetrate crevices where mould could form if not cleaned properly. It is also important that you do not overfill rinse cycles as this could cause damage to your vinyl material or possibly pull up certain fibres in the material, causing rips or tears over time. This can be especially problematic with metal frames because they often have little holes where water collects, which makes it harder to clean than plastic frames if you overfill them during the rinsing/soaking cycle.
  • Drying your furniture cover will help prevent mildew from forming over time: It is essential to dry your furniture cover after washing it. If you leave it wet, the mildew will start to grow and cover your furniture cover. You can use a hair or clothes dryer, but ensure that you do not leave them too long on high heat as this can damage the material.
  • Store your covers in a dry place to prevent mildew and mould after washing and when not in use: Mildew and mould can grow on furniture covers if they are not properly stored. For this reason, keeping your covers dry after washing and when not in use is important. If you store your furniture cover indoors, ensure that the area has good ventilation so that moisture doesn't build up inside the room.
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Ways Of Washing Outdoor Furniture Covers

Want to know the best ways to wash outdoor furniture covers? Then you are at the right place. Here are some ways of washing your outdoor set covers.

Hosing Down or Wiping Down Your Covers

If your covers are dirty, hosing them down or wiping them down with a damp cloth is another option. This works best for fairly clean covers that still have some dirt on them. It's also perfect for removing any grass stains lingering on your covers from when they were outside in the garden!

Washing the Covers in the Washing Machine

Washing your covers in a washing machine is a great way to get rid of loose dirt and debris. You can wash your outdoor furniture covers in a washing machine, but you should only do this if they are made of canvas or similar material. Cotton is not suitable for cleaning and will not withstand the washing machine.

Spraying Your Covers With a Garden Hose and Use a Soft Bristle Brush to Scrub Them Off

You can spray your covers with a garden hose and then use a soft bristle brush to scrub them off. Ensure you do not spray it too much, as this may cause damage to the cover itself. Brushing helps to get rid of all the dirt and debris that may be stuck in the seams and corners. You must repeat this process several times until the dirt is removed completely.

Using a Power Washer

If you want your covers cleaned quickly and easily, you can use a power washer to clean them quickly. However, this can be damaging if not done correctly. Make sure you use the proper cleaning solution for the cover so that it does not get damaged in any way during the cleaning process.

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Final Word

Outdoor furniture covers are a great way to protect your furniture from the elements. Can Outdoor Furniture Sets Be Left In The Rain? They're lightweight and easy to move and look great on your patio or deck! But what about washing them? Do you need to wash them? This article has covered engaging content on whether you should wash your cover, washing tips, and some reasons why you should wash the outdoor sofa set covers.

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