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Taking care of your furniture is one of the easiest ways to make a room look fresh and new. One way you can take care of your furniture is by replacing the fabric insert on a dining chair. You're not just painting a piece or putting a new cushion in when you are changing out fabric on the back of dining chairs, but in many cases, both options are available to you. In this article, we shall discuss the steps to take while replacing the fabric insert on the back of a leather dining chair. 

Materials you will need

You'll need linen, a sewing machine or sewing needles and thread, scissors, clean cloth or paper towel, fabric glue/sewing glue (please take into consideration that it might damage your fabrics), scissors to cut out the fabric to cover the chair's back, and water. You can get all these materials from your local fabric store or home improvement centre. You can also use any spare fabric scraps you may have lying about your home for this project. 


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You can select any fabric you want to cover the back of your modern dining chair, as long as it's the right size. Before you get started, cut the fabric out to be a little bigger than the chair's back. You'll only have to make small cuts later on, but big cuts take more time. Be sure not to sew the fabric until you have it on the chair and in place. This way you can cut away any excess material beforehand. Also, make sure that you use a needle or some other small and sharp object to poke holes in the fabric so that it will be easier to sew later on.

Place the fabric over the chair's back. Be sure to smooth it out. Now, begin to put a few stitches into the fabric at various places on the back of the chair. Try not to make very noticeable holes or stitches this time around, as you will want them to be hidden later on. Now, wait for the fabric to dry and be sure not to move the chair until it's completely dry.

Poke holes into the fabric before you begin to sew them up. As you sew, keep pushing out some of the fabric and push your needle through a few times. Push hard enough so that your sewing will become a little rough. You want this look to happen with each stitch that you sew. Once you've sewn all the holes, cut away any excess material from around the back of your chair.

Lastly, take your fabric glue, and put a drop of glue in each hole and on the chair's back. Be sure not to get any glue on the fabric area you just sewed. Now, smooth the fabric out again on both sides of the chair's back while pushing it into its place at the same time. Now, hang or lean your chair up against something and let it dry overnight or for a few hours. Why Should you Consider Changing the Fabric on your Dining Chairs Instead of Painting them?

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Here are a Few Reasons:

1. Covers more area than just the chair's back.

You have options when it comes to buying new fabric; you can choose a pattern, certain colours, etc. Temperature control There is a possibility that your fabrics may shrink when they are dry. You may also need to let your fabrics dry completely before you let them out of storage or use them as they will not be able to withstand the hot, humid climate in and around your home.

2. It doesn't take as much time to do.

You don't need to wait for the dry painting to be complete. You can begin sewing up the seat and the back of your chair the very same day that you bought them. If you are looking for a quick fix, this is the way to go!

3. It is less expensive than painting and refinishing the dining chair.

If you decide to paint your chair, before you process the order, it will take approximately 4 weeks for you to receive your item. If you decide to change the fabric on your dining chairs, there will be no such wait time. You can purchase fabric at your local fabric store or home improvement store and begin stitching your chair up as soon as possible after buying it.

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4. It looks good and brings a touch of elegance to the home.

This is why many people choose to change the fabric on their dining chairs. They want to bring a touch of modern appeal into their home, and changing the fabric on their furniture is one step toward doing so.

5. Changed fabric can help conceal damage.

If your chair is damaged, but you love the design, changing the fabric can be a way to make both the damage and the chair look new again.

6. It brings variety to your dining room.

If you have many chairs that all look identical, changing their fabric can make them all different and bring back (or give) variety to your dining room. Variety is important because it allows people to see things in a new light; they won't just notice what they normally do.

7. It's easy to change.

The steps and the materials required are simple and easy to use. You don't need a professional or a set of tools, so you can do it on your own, even if you haven't seen it in years.

8. It brings new life to a worn-out piece of furniture.

If you are looking for a way to alter your furniture, whether it be by changing the fabric or painting it, you can do so and make it new again. Changing the design will change the entire look of your furniture, which is good if you are looking for a way to give your home a quick facelift.


If you think changing the fabric on your dining chairs is a good idea, then by all means go for it. If you decide to do it, be sure to check with your local home improvement store to assist you in making the changes.

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