A sofa is one of the essential pieces of furniture in a room. It is where people rest their heads when they come home, lounge on them during long hours of television, and enjoy their friends when they are around. When selecting the perfect sofa chair for your home, you want to ensure that it complements all aspects of your interior design. A well-designed living room sofa chair can turn a hodgepodge of mismatched furniture into a grand room set.

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How to Match a Sofa and Chair?

First of all, determine what colours you have in your living room. If you have many colours in your living room, this may require a different sofa and chair set. You want to avoid matching colours because it is challenging to blend the colours. If you have only one or two colours in your living room, sticking with them will make it easier.

Choose patterns that go well together or complement each other. This will also help you choose the colour for your sofa and chair set. For example, selecting complementary colours for the chairs and pillows will be challenging if you have a striped sofa. However, if you have a patterned sofa, this will be easier to match your chair and pillows.

Select a sofa and chair set that harmonizes with the overall appearance of your living room. The fabric of the sofa and chair should not be too similar or dissimilar to other furniture pieces in your room. Look for a sofa and chair set already in your living room. If you still need to purchase it, select a sofa and chair set that complements the colour scheme of your room. When you have your sofa and chair set, you will be able to know the colours that complement or match your existing furniture.

What Type of Chair goes with a Leather Sofa?

Luxurious leather furniture is on the higher end, but you should always try to keep your living room in good condition. The sofa and chair set will be used frequently, and the leather quality will impact your life. Pick a chair that goes well with your sofa. Choose a chair with high-quality padding. Avoid buying a small, tiny chair for your large, tall sofa.

You want to avoid replacing the cushions from time to time as it can cost more money and require more effort. A carpeted chair will work better with a leather sofa chair. If you have a fur rug on your floor, choose furniture that matches the rug's colour. For example, if you have a deep brown carpet on your floor, go for soft reddish-brown chairs that complement the room's colouring. This will serve as a good match.

How to Reupholster a Sofa Chair?

Reupholstering is always an option. It can be tricky since it involves a lot of work. However, you will avoid replacing the entire furniture piece when reupholstering. You will only replace the old cloth with new cloth, which costs less than purchasing a new sofa and chair set.

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The following are the steps that you can follow to reupholster your furniture:

1. Remove the staples and hammer nails.

After removing the springs, flip over the chair and remove any staples or nails used to secure the springs on the bottom. Use a claw hammer and pliers to remove nails or staples. Also, check for other hardware attached to it, such as handles, hooks, etc. Pry off this hardware on the chair if any hardware is attached to it with a screwdriver or pliers.

2. Remove the fabric covering.

After removing the staples, nails, and hardware from the chair, remove any fabric covering it. Several layers of cloth might be used to cover the springs or furniture frame. Use a screwdriver or pliers to remove these layers of fabric. Use a hammer for stubborn areas that have been nailed or stapled heavily.

3. Measure and cut new fabric covering.

After removing all the layers of fabric, measure it to determine how long it should be. After that, cut that length on your new piece of cloth. The chair length would measure from the seat to the top part of the chair.

4. Attach the new fabric to the frame.

Place your newly-cut piece of cloth on the seat or other surfaces of the chair where you removed all the fabric or springs. You can use a staple gun to secure it in place but do not overdo it as you might damage your new fabric covering. Remember that you need a comfortable space between staples and hammer drives to avoid damaging your new covering by accident.

5. Place the springs in their original place on the chair.

Once the chair is reupholstered, place the springs back in their original position on your chair. Use a hammer for ease of movement and speedier peeling off of cloth covering. In some instances, you might also attach your newly-cut piece of material to the springs or frame edge to stay on when you remove your old fabric covering.

6. Place your cushions back on the chair.

After re-upholstering the chair, you can place your cushions and pillows back on it. The cushions or pillows should be in the right places to offer a good sitting position. If you want to add extra comfort and make the chair more comfortable for sitting, you can also use extra padding underneath the cushions to make it snug.

7. Clean and organize the area.

After successfully reupholstering your sofa, you will have difficulty keeping your room clean, so organize it properly to keep the dust-out. You can use furniture covers or plastic bags to remove dust and dirt from your freshly-reupholstered furniture pieces. If you have a large area for your living room, consider investing in furniture that comes with storage space. You can use it as another seat or storage space for other things in your living room.

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When preparing for a new sofa and chair set, select the best type of furniture that will complement your decor. Buying the best quality furniture is essential because it can last for many years. Reupholstering your old sofa and chair set can improve its look and texture. 

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