How is a Gaming Chair Different From an Office Chair

This blog post, therefore, seeks to shed light on what makes a gaming chair different from an office chair. Let's get started!

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  • Published on April 16, 2023

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    Many individuals presume that office and gaming chairs are the same. While both offer their own unique benefits to support your back and promote good posture, there are some factors that really differentiate them. This blog post, therefore, seeks to shed light on what makes a gaming chair different from an office chair. Let's get started!


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    When it comes to design, gaming chairs, and office chairs differ significantly. Gaming chairs tend to be much bolder in their appearance, with bright colours, flashy details, and gaming-inspired designs like racing stripes.

    On the other hand, office chairs are typically much simpler and more discrete in their design, often featuring classic colours such as black or grey. In addition, the design of office chairs also tends to be more professional and traditional. Office chairs are usually upholstered, while gaming chairs often feature fabric or leather, which may be more comfortable. Overall, many office chairs are designed with home office use in mind, while gaming chairs are built for longer sessions and more intense gaming.


    When it comes to comfort, gaming chairs and office chairs differ significantly. Gaming chairs are designed with comfort in mind and feature ergonomic designs and generous cushioning. The upholstery is usually made of PU leather or mesh material that contours to the shape of your body and helps you keep a good posture while gaming. In addition, many gaming chairs possess headrests and adjustable armrests that enable you to customize the chair for maximum comfort.

    On the other hand, office chairs are typically more basic, with a flat seat cushion and upholstered arms. An ergonomic office chair is often preferred by those who sit at a desk all day, as it helps alleviate pressure points and ensures a comfortable sitting experience. Nonetheless, the level of comfort offered even by an ergonomic office chair may not equate to that of a gaming chair. What makes a home office not comfortable as a gaming chair is the lack of adjustability, especially when used for a long time compared to a gaming chair.

    Back Rest

    Office chairs generally feature an upholstered back rest which is designed for long-term comfort. These are typically designed to be supportive of your lumbar region and promote good posture. Home office chairs may also come with added features such as headrests or adjustable heights.

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    On the other hand, gaming chairs often offer a more minimalistic backrest design that includes mesh fabric or foam padding. This kind of design is more focused on giving you additional ventilation while still being comfortable enough for an extended period of time when seated. Additionally, many gaming chairs feature adjustable angles, which allow you to recline the backrest to provide even more comfort.


    You'll all agree that gaming chairs have several features that make them better than other office chair counterparts. Some of the most common accessories found on gaming chairs include retractable footrests, speakers, and built-in massage units. These features can make it easier to find a comfortable position while playing or working. On the other hand, office chairs typically lack any kind of special features since they are mainly designed to be functional rather than luxurious. In fact, many office chairs are upholstered with leather or fabric and might possess adjustable armrests but with no extra accessories.


    Heavy-duty metal frames, upholstered fabric, and memory foam padding are common features of gaming chairs, which are typically more expensive than office chairs. With all these fancy features, higher-end chairs that cost from $250-400 are manufactured, as opposed to plastic or vinyl office chairs that cost between $80-$150.

    Which is Better? Gaming or Office Chair?

    A gaming chair is designed with comfort as a priority, including such amenities as adjustable lumbar support, armrests, and padded seat cushions. On the other hand, an office chair is often more upholstered and refined in design, intended for more formal settings and providing a professional look. In short, if you plan to spend prolonged amounts of time seated, a gaming chair will provide better support. However, an office chair provides a more traditional, professional look and more durable fabric options.


    To sum up, gaming chairs are usually more comfortable, offer improved lumbar support, and have several additional features you can select based on your taste. While they tend to be pricier than regular office chairs, they provide a much more enhanced gaming experience. So it is up to you to know your needs and decide if you want an office or a gaming chair.


    Which type of chair is more comfortable, a gaming chair or an office chair?
    Gaming chairs are generally designed with comfort in mind and feature ergonomic designs, generous cushioning, and adjustable features like headrests and armrests. While office chairs can be ergonomic, they are typically more basic and may not offer the same level of comfort as gaming chairs.
    How do the backrests of gaming chairs and office chairs differ?
    Office chairs often have upholstered backrests that are designed for long-term comfort and support for the lumbar region. Gaming chairs, on the other hand, may have a more minimalistic backrest design with mesh fabric or foam padding for ventilation. Gaming chairs also often have adjustable angles for added comfort.
    What kind of accessories do gaming chairs have compared to office chairs?
    Gaming chairs often come with accessories such as retractable footrests, built-in speakers, and massage units, which can enhance the gaming experience and provide additional comfort. Office chairs, on the other hand, typically lack these special features and are more focused on functionality.

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