Advantages of Armless Sofas

  • By YL CHEN
  • Published on January 17, 2023

    Leather Sofa Chair

    A sofa chair with no arms is ideal for a bedroom, often fitting snuggly into a corner out of the way. Sometimes called a slipper chair it has four short legs and can be used as a convertible sofa chair. It is an extremely versatile piece of furniture and is used for different purposes.

    When covered in soft fabric, it makes a comfortable place to sit and read a book. Purchasing the right sofa chair depends on the size of your room, and there are some amazing designs to choose from, including the office sofa chair.


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    Create a Cozy Corner

    You actually don't need arms to be comfortable on a sofa, as long as the sofa supports the lower back it is perfectly comfortable to sit and read a book. Encourage your child to read by purchasing them a convertible sofa chair for the corner of their room. When they have a friend to stay it converts to a comfortable bed.

    Good Ergonomic Design

    Proper ergonomic design distributes your weight across the sofa, and the height of the sofa chair is low. The French call a sofa without arms a 'Chaisse', and when people had more spare time they would rest in their Chaisse Lounge for several hours after lunch. It was a perfect solution for the elderly and infirm who could recline all day in a supine position in the lounge room. Chairs without arms are also used around the dining table for the family to gather and eat a meal together.

    A Sofa with no Arms

    Purchasing a sofa with no arms is much more comfortable for people who are overweight, and those who are obese can sit back in the chair without feeling squashed by the presence of arms. It is a good idea to have a matching Ottoman or footstool to keep the feet elevated while reading.
    An armless sofa is suitable for any room in your house and when decorating your home, they look great not just in the bedroom but in the living room or study as well. Sometimes we may just want to fill a corner in a hallway or at the bottom of the stairs, and this is a perfect spot for your new sofa.

    A Convertible Sofa Chair

    When a friend stays for the night, just pull out your chair and it is easily converted into a bed. The great ergonomic design makes it extremely comfortable and in the morning it can be once again folded away. When space is at a premium it makes the ideal spare bed for guests to stay over at your home. We are constantly searching for space-saving tricks and the convertible sofa chair is a perfect choice when you don't have a spare room. Furniture is much more versatile than it once was, and an office sofa chair can be easily moved around the house.

    Sofa Chair Arm Rest

    Corner Sofas

    The corner sofa also pulls out into a bed and is comfortable and well-padded with enough leg room for a good night's sleep. The corner sofa is beautifully designed. So many lovely materials are now available for your selection, so choose a design that fits your home decor.

    The Slipper Chair

    The slipper chair or armless sofa fits into the living room without taking up too much space. The slipper chair has been fashionable for the last 100 years, and if it appears to be wearing out they are extremely easy to recover and continue using.

    Purchasing new furniture is always an important choice, and you will find that the corner sofas are now much more comfortable than they were in times past. This is because the best designers and craftsmen work to make them functional and beautiful pieces of furniture for your home and because they are so well made they will last for years.

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    Antique to Modern Design

    The convertible sofa chair had its origins 150 to 200 years ago, as dressing chairs for ladies' bedrooms. Made in well-upholstered sofas with no arms that were pulled in front of the fireplace on cold winter nights. Mothers sat on the armless chairs with their crying babies, feeding long into the night, as the chairs were easy to access and perfect for nursing a newborn. Whenever we see a sofa chair it draws us to it as it is so very comfortable. So get one for your nursery as they are perfect for baby rooms.

    Benefits of the Slipper or Armless Chair

    They are extremely comfortable
    They take up less space, you can even have a couple in the hallway between rooms
    Light to move around to different areas of need at home
    Easily customized to suit your home decor, they can be totally modern or antique in looks.
    Two children can easily fit on one chair when watching TV
    They are made from stable internal materials by artisans, covered with durable material
    Because they take up less space they make your home look wider.
    Place them in the living room to accommodate extra visitors
    Not very high off the ground and if a child is pushed off they won't be hurt


    Because they are low to the ground they are sometimes difficult for the elderly to get up from. Older people need a higher chair. Alternately raise the height with a couple of cushions.

    The Office Sofa Chair

    When using your sofa chairs in the office it is extremely comfortable. However, you may need to put some castors under the wooden legs for easy manoeuvrability. When you are in the office the client will be able to sit comfortably on the chair, and you can move it around to any angle that suits your needs.


    When furnishing your home you will need several armless chairs because they are so useful. Once your visitors see them everyone will want to purchase one or two. There are standards to be followed in chair making, and you will find that your bespoke chairs are extremely comfortable to sit on and sleep on.


    Q1: What is a slipper chair?
    A slipper chair is a type of sofa chair with no arms. It is often used in bedrooms and can fit snugly into a corner.
    Q2: Are armless sofa chairs comfortable?
    Yes, armless sofa chairs can be comfortable as long as they provide support for the lower back. They are also versatile and can be used for various purposes such as reading or sleeping.
    Q3: Are armless sofa chairs suitable for overweight individuals?
    Yes, armless sofa chairs can be more comfortable for people who are overweight or obese. Without arms, they can sit back in the chair without feeling squashed.

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