Swivel Bar Stools

A stool bar is a tall chair with an in-built footrest built taller than regular stools. There are different types of stool bars, such as folding bar stools, swivel bar stools, backless bar stools, low-back or high-back stools, armchair bar stools, or the common four-legged stool chair.

They are commonly used in bars and restaurants for people to sit and have a bite or a drink, which is the same function as a dining chair. So YES, a stool bar chair can be used perfectly as a dining chair, with a little modification.

How to Turn Bar Stool Chairs Into Dining Chairs

You can turn a bar stool chair into a dining hair, but this is only restricted to a four-legged stool chair built like a dining chair. You can either turn an existing bar stool chair into a modern dining chair or get one that can serve as a modern dining chair, with the former requiring some modifications.

With Modifications

Not all stool bars can serve as dining chairs without some modifications. And suppose you have an existing bar stool you want to use as a dining chair. In that case, you might have to make modifications such as cutting the legs and removing the cross supports (mostly placed in bar stools at the legs to support and stabilize the stool because of its tall height).

Remove the cross support: The cross support has to be removed to modify a bar stool chair into a modern dining chair. Depending on the stool, in some designs, the cross supports are either screwed or dovetailed. If the cross supports are screwed, you can simply unscrew them, and if it is dovetailed, you will have to use a saw to cut it off.

Cut the Legs: Cutting the legs of the stool chair is next after removing the cross supports. You will need to trim the extra length off the bar stool to the standard height of a dining chair. You can compare it with an existing dining chair to get the perfect height or use the standard range of 18-20 inches (from the floor to the top of the seat).

Without Modifications

With the change in times, modern bar stools are now made with shorter lengths, and they can be conveniently used as dining chairs without performing any modifications. The most important factor to note is the height of the Stool Bar. The stool bar height determines if it can be used as a dining chair.

To get the correct bar stool height, measure the dining table height. The standard height of a dining chair should be about 18-20 inches to complement the height of the dining table, which should be 28-31 inches from the top of the table to the floor.

The bar stool height you should get must also fall into this range to fit into the dining table. Dining chairs are built within this range so that the feet can rest comfortably on the ground and the arm can rest on the table. When improvising a stool bar as a dining chair, it is important to make sure the height is within this range to make it comfortable to eat on the dining table with the dining chair.

You can easily turn this Art Rattan&Oak Bar Stool into a dining chair without modifications in your home.

Do Dining Chairs and Counter Stools Have to Match

Dining chairs do not have to match the counter stools; however, they should complement each other.

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Is It Ok To Have Different Dining Chairs?

Miss-matched dining chairs are a trendy, in-vogue, and a “can’t fail way” to spice up your personal space. Miss-matched dining chairs involve mixing various designs to add more colours or tone down the vibrant colours in your space.

Though there is typically no guide or rules on achieving this, it is important to implement some measures to prevent it from becoming weird and disorganized.

Swivel Bar StoolsSwivel Bar Stools

Here are some tips to note when mixing dining chairs:

Tip One: Spice up the Space

Miss-matching dining chairs do one thing well: spicing up a dull, cool, or monochrome space. They are a simple and easy way to add a little bit of colour, drama, and a unique touch of your personality to your space.

These Art Leon Swivel Bar Stool and Art Leon Open Backrest Swivel Bar Stool with similar designs will help spice up your space.

Tip Two: All Heights Must Align

As beautiful and innovative mixing chairs can be, they can easily turn disastrous and disorganized if not properly mixed. And mixing chairs with different heights is the quickest way to make it all seem off. The seat height should be similar when mixing dining chairs to avoid looking a little disjointed.

Tip Three: Color Consistency

The colours of the chairs are also something to look out for to avoid them from seeming off. There are three tips you can use to keep your colour consistency; either you use the same chair design but in a different colour design, or you use different designs with similar colours.

The last tip for keeping the colour consistent is to use the same pillow designs to accessorize the dining chairs.

Consider these Dining Chairs and Art Leon Mid Century Modern Dining Chair for colour consistency in your space.


Do dining chairs have to be the same design? No.
And with the tips mentioned above, you can beautifully mix your chairs with various colours without disrupting your existing home decor theme!
Turning a bar stool into a dining chair is simple and requires fewer resources. Plus, they come out beautifully well.

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