How Do you Style an Accent Chair

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  • Published on November 28, 2022

    Blue Accent Chair


    • What is an Accent Chair Used for
      • Aesthetics, Art, Function: what is an accent chair used for?
      • Picking the Right Seat: what is the most comfortable accent chair style
      • Mix, Not Match: why your sofa and chair should not match
      • Keeping it Clean - how to clean accent chair fabric
      • Multifunctional seating - can I use an accent chair for a dining chair
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    What is an Accent Chair Used for

    An accent chair is a single-person seat that draws the eye. Used as a decoration rather than a regular seat, they can be instrumental in tying together the look of a space.

    At Art Leon, we provide a diverse range of the finest contemporary accent chairs to suit any space. Whether you’re looking to bring a pop of colour into your living room or add a futuristic edge to your office, our collection has something for everyone. Explore just how an accent chair can be used to improve your space.

    Aesthetics, Art, Function: what is an accent chair used for?

    Designing a new space can present a challenge when it comes to choosing the right accent chair that caters to your specific needs. Accent chairs serve multiple purposes and are often viewed as works of art rather than mere furniture. Despite their small and portable nature, they still provide comfort for occasional users in various settings such as living rooms, bedrooms, and offices.

    In neutral or dark spaces, the right accent chair can provide a much-needed focal point - drawing the eye with bright cushioning or unique material and fixings. For example, in a room where the majority of furniture is wooden, an accent chair with a stainless steel framing can create a satisfying contrast in colour and texture - introducing industrial design motifs onto a natural palette.

    Plus, as the stand-out piece, living room accent chairs can be used to draw attention away from other areas.

    This can be particularly useful where technology, like TVs and consoles, struggles to blend with a room’s aesthetic. A bright yellow tone, like our pyramid swivel accent chair with beech wood legs, is perfect for this as it can contrast brilliantly against the black and white of modern living room devices. Giving the sense of a more cohesive style.

    For maximalists, the right accent chair can reinforce your eclectic style, easily integrating into a colourful environment that feels truly one of a kind. Or, a muted tone, like our soft and delicate velvet accent chair, can blend with the background while allowing eyes to focus on nearby artwork, plants, and architectural features.

    White Accent Chair

    Picking the Right Seat: what is the most comfortable accent chair style

    Comfort is influenced by various factors, with the primary one being the choice of material. Our collection of chairs is carefully crafted using skin-friendly fabrics and foam padding to ensure maximum comfort. Commonly used materials such as linen, suede, and leather offer both comfort and a distinct finish. The material you ultimately choose will depend on your personal aesthetic preferences and specific requirements. Keep in mind that there is no one-size-fits-all chair when it comes to comfort.

    Rest assured, regardless of your selection, we guarantee superior quality and attention to detail. Our range of swivel chairs, available in linen and suede options, are expertly constructed using top-grade materials. Designed with a stable base consisting of four outwardly protruding legs, these chairs provide long-lasting stability. Additionally, they are equipped with foot padding to prevent any scuffs or marks on your floors.

    For those dealing with limited space or seeking a chair for office environments, our multifunctional swivel accent chairs offer a convenient 360° swivel function, granting you complete access without needing to move an inch.

    In addition to their visual appeal, our chairs are meticulously designed to deliver both visual and tactile comfort. Exploring simple, clean, and aesthetically pleasing designs, our seating options are not only captivating to look at but also boast exquisite stitching. Furthermore, they are available in a range of statement colors to complement various interior design styles.

    Mix, Not Match: why your sofa and chair should not match

    An accent chair should be distinct from other large textile furniture like your sofa. If the pattern, material, or colours are too similar between the pieces, the space can end up feeling flat. Instead, you should use your accent chair to introduce a contrasting shade, texture, or interior design style, to balance and bring life to the space.

    With this, consider what else in the space is doing that job. Do you have a bold gallery wall or intricate wallpaper? Patterned cushions or a colourful rug? Explore the colours and shapes that have already been introduced into the space as accents and pull inspiration from them to choose your accent chair.

    For example, fabric grey sofas are often paired with blue cushions to create a cool colour foundation. For this space, an accent chair can feed into those cool tones, like our swivel accent chair in Off-White, allowing the blue to take centre stage. Or, it can be used to contrast and reinforce the darker tones, like with our swivel accent chair in royal blue.

    Blue Accent Chair

    Keeping it Clean - how to clean accent chair fabric

    Modern accent chairs come in a range of fabrics, including linen, suede, and leather. And, although your accent chair is not likely to see as much action as other furniture, it will still require regular cleaning. How can I clean the dining chair cushions? To maintain the best condition, we recommend following cleaning instructions especially tailored to the chair’s material.

    Linen is very durable and can be vacuumed or brushed as part of your weekly cleaning routine. However, should something spill, we recommend that you blot the stain with a clean, slightly dampened cloth to gently ease the stain out. If you have a lighter linen chair, use a light-coloured cloth to avoid any colour transfer.

    Suede chairs can be refreshed regularly with a damp cloth. Just wipe down the material to remove any dirt or dust sitting on the surface. Stains will require the use of specialist cleaning products to safely remove marks.

    Leather, on the other hand, can be dusted with a dry cloth as part of your regular cleaning routine. To tackle mild stains, we recommend using a damp washcloth and warm soapy water.

    Multifunctional seating - can I use an accent chair for a dining chair

    Accent chairs are perfect for when you need that extra bit of seating. Whether hosting a meeting in the office or having an extra guest over for dinner, our chairs are lightweight and easy to transport.

    Plus, with the 360° swivel function, our chairs are easy to access without the need to pull them in and out.


    Whether you’re designing a new space or looking to breathe new life into your room, an accent chair offers the perfect combination of design, functionality, and comfort.

    At Art Leon, our catalogue houses the finest quality products to rejuvenate your space. Small, comfortable and portable, we offer a catalogue of accent and lounge chairs to suit any aesthetic. Pick and choose from a range of materials and leg fittings to find the ideal combination for your space.


    What is the most comfortable accent chair style?
    The comfort of an accent chair depends on various factors, including the material used. Commonly used materials like linen, suede, and leather provide comfort and a unique finish. The choice of material depends on personal aesthetics and preferences, as no one chair fits all. However, at Art Leon, they guarantee the best quality and finish for their chairs, ensuring maximum comfort.
    How to clean accent chair fabric?
    Cleaning instructions for accent chair fabrics vary based on the material. For linen chairs, regular vacuuming or brushing is recommended, and stains can be gently blotted with a clean, slightly damp cloth. Suede chairs can be wiped down with a damp cloth, and specialist cleaning products may be needed for stains. Leather chairs can be dusted with a dry cloth and mild stains can be treated with a damp washcloth and warm soapy water.
    Can an accent chair be used as a dining chair?
    Yes, accent chairs can be used as dining chairs, especially in situations where extra seating is needed. The lightweight and portable nature of accent chairs, along with their 360° swivel function, make them convenient for use in various settings, including dining areas or office meetings.

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