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  • Is your Room Missing that Finishing Touch?
  • Have you thought about an Accent Chair?
  • How is an Accent Chair Related to Interior Design?
  • How does an Accent Chair Affect Interior Design?
  • Where to Put an Accent Chair in the Living Room?
    • 1. How to find the perfect accent chair for your sofa?
    • 2. How to place one sofa, two chairs, and two accent chairs?
  • What Accent Chair Should I Put Where?
  • How to Make Your Accent Chairs Look Good?
  • Where to Buy Outdoor Sectional Furniture?
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Is your Room Missing that Finishing Touch?

Are you unsure of what is missing that will make your room feel and look amazing?

Have you thought about an Accent Chair?

If you feel like something is missing in your home that will make your living space stand out and look and feel amazing, you may be missing an accent chair. In the interior design world, you will hear a lot about the power of an accent chair, they are designed to bring focus to any room, to be visually pleasing, and to a topic of interest within your home. If you haven’t got one yet, it may be time to think about getting one.

Accent chairs are not just simple chairs within a room. They can either make a room spectacular, or dull. Your accent chair can dictate the colour of your room, making it vibrant and bright or calm and comforting. Think bold floral or polka dot patterns to add boldness to a plainer room. Choosing the right material and placement can make your room feel cosy, relaxed, elegant, stylish, or ooze luxury. A chunky and soft, light-coloured chair looks amazing next to a bay window, allowing the warm light to bounce off into the room making it appear and feel comforting and homely, or a lounging accent chair next to a free-standing bath insinuates wealth and luxury. Choosing the right chair can make a room go from empty and hollow to full and finished and is the go-to piece of furniture for any interior designer.

How does an Accent Chair Affect Interior Design?

An accent chair can be a focus in any room, adding interest and a focal point as well as being a practical piece of furniture. When you walk into a room you can instantly either feel comfortable or you can feel unwelcome, this can often come down to the texture within the room, for example, placing a leather chair in the middle of a room filled with soft and fluffy couches would clash with materials and make the room feel mismatched and unwelcoming, but place that same leather chair in a home office and it radiates class. Adding one of these multi-functional pieces of furniture can add a variety of textures that can welcome your guests and add interest and another dimension to the design.

Accent Swivel Chair

Where to Put an Accent Chair in the Living Room?

The versatility of the design means that you can put an accent chair in any room, from the living room to the bedroom, or even a comfortable and functional chair for your home office. They are a perfect choice if you have minimal space, allowing you to have all the furniture you want whilst creating the illusion of space. If you love to entertain, an accent chair gives you the versatility of more seating whilst avoiding large and bulky chairs. Why not try an exciting swivel accent chair? Research shows the most common place to put an accent chair is in your living room. Let’s look at the best ways to style one.

1. How to find the perfect accent chair for your sofa?

It is important that your accent chair compliments your room, although you want your chair to be a focal point you don’t want it to be one because it looks awkward and unattached from the rest of the room, so first, think about the colours of the room. What is the current overall tone? Is it light and airy or does it have hints of warmth? You can then use a colour wheel to determine the right colour combinations for what you already have.
Then think about the pattern. Is your sofa patterned or plain? This will determine what you choose for your accent chair. Going for a bold pattern can seem like the best option but it could be too much for the room to handle. Try not to clash patterns, if you have a flowery sofa, it may be too much if you then go for a flowery accent chair. Opting for a bold block chair could be a better placement. The same if you have a plain sofa, don’t then opt for a plain accent chair as this will blend in with the room and become lost, look at a bold floral pattern or clashing colour to make the room pop. You can also balance the room out by matching accessories to the chosen colour of your accent chair

2. How to place one sofa, two chairs, and two accent chairs?

The placement of your sofas and chairs is a crucial part of dressing your room. If an accent chair looks like it has been placed in a room carelessly, it will throw the whole room off and make it feel hectic and chaotic. First, you need to decide where your main sofa is going to sit, you can then place your two chairs around the central spot, this leaves space for your accent chairs to sit accordingly. It is best to face the chairs in opposite diagonals from each other to create a more even feel to the room. If you have special nooks or areas in your room, like bay windows or alcoves, these can also be perfect spots for an accent chair. Experiment with the layout until it fits and feels like home.

Accent Chair For Living Room

What Accent Chair Should I Put Where?

Accent chairs can go in any room, from the living room to the bedroom, to the study. To find the perfect fit, you need to think of the four most important aspects:

  • Colour
  • Style
  • Material
  • Function

Decide what tone you want for your room and the colour of your accent chair. You then need to decide on the style, do you want comfy and chunky, perfect for any living room, stylish and elegant next to French doors, or sturdy and solid for your home office? Think about the height and width of the accent chair as this plays an important role in how well it fits in the room. The next thing to think about is material, this can be a surprisingly important aspect as some materials may not be the right fit. Lastly, think of the function, is it multifunctional? Do you need it to double as dining chairs or extra chairs for guests? Maybe a swivel accent chair with sturdy metal legs would be the most suitable. Or do you want it to fit in a cosy corner of your home? If so a chunky chair may be more suitable.
If you keep these four aspects in mind you will be sure to find the perfect accent chair for any room.

How to Make Your Accent Chairs Look Good?

You can make an accent chair look better by putting them by windows to add light and depth. You can also add accessories and cushions in other parts of the room that match the colour of the accent chair, for example, if your chair is a bright colour, add that same colour in other areas of the room, in picture frames, cushions, or ornaments. If you have certain colours or materials on parts of the chair, like metal or wood, add these textures to other parts of the room. This helps to tie everything together.

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Accent chairs are the ideal finishing touch for any budding interior designer to make a room stand out and come together. They are adaptable to any room and create a great focal point as they come in various colours, textures, and styles. From a swivel accent chair to a bold you will find something for any room. A favourite of ours is Art leon accent lounge chair whose versatility makes them perfect for any room. It has an amazing 360-degree swivel function and beautiful gold-plated metal legs bringing fashion and luxury to any home. What is your favourite accent chair look?

Velvet Accent Chair

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