How to Choose a Comfortable and Fitting Bar Stool Pitch?

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  • Published on November 27, 2022

    Folding Bar Stools 

    Bar stools, also known as highchairs, gained popularity during the industrial revolution when they were mostly used in restaurants, and later on bars, as a way of maximizing the number of available seats.

    As more and more people were able to spend more time in bars and restaurants, manufacturers had to find new ways to improve the bar stool so that its main purposes, practicality and space-saving, were not compromised.

    During the 50s and 60s, there were so many designs available that they transitioned to kitchen use.

    Over time, they became one of the most commonly purchased pieces of furniture for domestic use.

    Their styles, colours and materials vary and, if you are shopping for one, chances are that you might be overwhelmed by the abundance of choices.

    The best way to start when choosing a bar stool is the size, not only in terms of width but, equally important, in terms of height.

    Whereas the width of the bar stool is essential in determining how many fit on your counter, the height of the seat will help you determine which designs are suitable for it. 


    • Three standard counter heights are the most commonly found in houses
      • The 36-inch counter
      • The 30 inch
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    Three standard counter heights are the most commonly found in houses

    The 36-inch counter

    This is the perfect choice for a kitchen island that also serves as a cooking station.

    It is usually found in the middle of the kitchen and can either have storage space underneath, oven, and hob or just an extension of its top especially designated for eating.

    The height is the same as kitchen counters and is found to be the most comfortable for people as it allows them to cook or wash without bending over or reaching upwards. The best height option for this is 24 – 26 inches.

    The 30 inch

    This is the average height found in dining tables (which usually range between 28-31 inches).

    This is standardised amongst manufacturers so that they can be matched with different design chairs which may or may not be from the same shop.

    A popular kitchen design is the continuation of the 36-inch kitchen island into a lower 30-inch one using bar stools instead of chairs.

    This provides visual interest in the space but also makes it more accessible to children or people with mobility issues. The best seat height option for this is 18 – 20 inches.

    The 42 inch

    Finally, this height is mostly used for bar tables both indoors and outdoors.

    These are taller than the ones in the kitchen and can be used independently.

    Having a bar table instead of a kitchen island makes it easier to move, if needed and can be used at parties for a more relaxed gathering for drinks and discussion. The best height option for this is 28 – 30 inches.

    Generally speaking, for maximum comfort when using them, the height difference between your counter or table and the seat should be between nine and eleven inches. Anything more or less than that will be awkward.

    Therefore, before browsing online or visiting a store you should measure your counter’s width and height.

    In many cases, the bar stools are filtered by height as well, and this will help you focus on the ones that best fit your space.

    For more accuracy measure after your counter or table has been installed or assembled completely, and make sure that you measure from the floor to the top and then the available space underneath for the width.

    The height will let you know which barstool suits you best, and the width of how many. Ideally, the bar stools should be 5 or 6 inches apart for the people to sit.

    Once you have narrowed down your options, the next step is to find the one that not only looks great style-wise but is also comfortable enough for daily use.

    Unlike dining tables, which are mostly used when we have guests over, bar stools are meant to be used daily since they are more practical. A badly chosen bar stool can hurt your back.

    To that end, aim for bar stools with backs since they are more comfortable and good for your back.

    Check that they are not too deep or inclined backward. Usually, the 16-inch depth is ideal.

    Finally, choose the one whose colour and style compliments your space, whether you are looking for modern bar stools or traditional ones.

    We at Art Leon are proud to have in our collection a barstool that not only encompasses all of the above qualities but more.

    Our faux leather swivel bar stool is the perfect addition to your kitchen and lifestyle. The elegant-looking faux leather on the back and seat is soft, and wear-resistant, making it suitable even for families with children.

    Underneath, its high-density form with sponge filling provides an unmatched soft and comfortable seating experience. Moreover, the ergonomic open back allows it to breathe as it supports your back, whereas the footrest made of sturdy metal can easily withstand the weight of an adult person who seeks support for their feet.

    Our favourite aspect however lies in its black powder-coated metal base. It is large enough to hold it upright and stable and has an anti-slippery rubber rung that prevents it from scratching your floor in case you need to move it.

    Its swivel function allows it to rotate 360 degrees thus giving you immediate access anywhere on the counter. Using a gas lift function you can adjust the height of the seat not only according to your counter’s height but also to yours.

    Children and adults come in many sizes so having a bar stool that can accommodate them will make you and your family love spending time together in your kitchen.

    For the most comfortable bar spacing, refer to the Bar Stool Spacing Guide.

    Available in two neutral colours that are part of any interior style’s colour palette, black and brown, this bar stool makes a positive impact anywhere it is placed.

    Bar Stool Chair

    The main aspect of our philosophy at Artleon is to offer everyone the chance to create the house of their dreams by offering them furniture that is stylish, durable, and comfortable. A house is meant to be lived in, therefore your expectations when buying furniture should be high.

    Our expertise is present every step of the way. From the manufacturing process at our highly acclaimed factory to the selection of high-quality materials, the inspection of the final product and the delivery to your house, we make sure that you are content with what you are purchasing.

    Our journey however goes beyond our products.

    As members of our community, we feel we must protect the environment by using sustainable materials, not only for us but for future generations.

    Our values can be summarized in four concepts. Quality, Function, Comfortable Living and Sustainability.


    Q1: How to spray paint a bar stool?
      To spray paint a bar stool, follow these steps:
    • Start by preparing the surface of the bar stool by cleaning it thoroughly and sanding any rough areas.
    • Use painter's tape to protect any parts you don't want to be painted.
    • Apply a primer to ensure better adhesion of the paint.
    • Once the primer is dry, apply several thin coats of spray paint, allowing each coat to dry before applying the next.
    • After the final coat, let the bar stool dry completely before removing the painter's tape.
    Q2: What are the different heights of bar stools?
      The most common standard heights for bar stools are:
    • 24-26 inches: Suitable for kitchen islands and counters that are 36 inches in height.
    • 18-20 inches: Ideal for lower 30-inch kitchen islands or counters, often used with bar stools instead of chairs.
    • 28-30 inches: Typically used for bar tables, both indoors and outdoors.
    Q3: What are some ways to incorporate bar stools into your home decor?
      Here are a few ideas to incorporate bar stools into your home decor:
    • Use them at a kitchen island or counter for additional seating and a casual dining area.
    • Place them in a home bar area for a designated space to enjoy drinks and conversations.
    • Use them in a game room or entertainment area for a comfortable seating option.
    • Place them in a breakfast nook or high table for a cozy and informal dining experience.
    • Use them in a study or home office as alternative seating options for a more relaxed working environment.

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