Why Does My Desktop Chair Keep Going Down

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  • Published on March 30, 2023

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    Studies show that an average worker spends more time at office desks than in the fields. The long duration on the desk makes a comfortable desk chair inevitable. You need a good office desk for your various tasks. Why is a comfortable office desk important? It helps reduce discomfort and prevent poor posture effects. Despite the benefits of an ergonomic desk chair, a sinking chair might be too frustrating. It's usually frustrating and dangerous if your desk chair keeps going down. What causes the chair to keep going down? This article explores the top reasons why your desktop chair keeps going down.


    • Poor Quality Chair
    • Worn Out Pneumatic Cylinder
    • Air Leaks in Pneumatic Cylinder
    • Loose Screws
    • Incorrect Adjustment
    • Broken Base
    • Worn-out Wheels
    • Broken Chair Mechanism
    • Overloaded Chair
    • Your Posture and Seating Habits
    • Conclusion
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    Poor Quality Chair

    Most desk chairs may start sinking due to poor-quality materials. How can poor quality cause your office desk chair to start sinking? Poor quality increases the wearing-out process. Thus, your chair will have various worn-out parts. For instance, you'll have faulty gas lifts, poorly designed bases, and worn-out pneumatic cylinders. These issues increase the risk of your chair sinking. In addition, low-quality materials results in lower durability and increased chances of the chair going down.

    Worn Out Pneumatic Cylinder

    The most common reason why your chair keeps going down is because of a faulty pneumatic cylinder. The cylinder uses air pressure to enhance various functions of the chair. For instance, it uses pressure to adjust the chair's height. Nevertheless, the air may start escaping after the cylinder seals wear out. Thus, your chair may start sinking. Reduced or lack of air pressure causes the chair to keep sinking. You need to get a professional service to help you replace the worn-out cylinder.

    Air Leaks in Pneumatic Cylinder

    The pneumatic cylinder is a vital component of an ergonomic desk chair. This component helps to control the height of the chair. However, air leakages in this part may result in various issues. For instance, it causes the chair to sink slowly over time. You may start your chair starting to go down easily over time due to the air leaks. You can fix this issue by replacing the pneumatic cylinder. Ensure you get the compatible one from the manufacturer or a reputable manufacturer.

    Loose Screws

    Loose screws are another popular reason why your chair keeps going down. Screws help to hold the chair and its parts in a proper position. However, the screws may become loose or fall off after some time. The loose screws start making the chair wobble. Your chair may wobble for some time before eventually sinking. You can solve this problem by tightening all screws on your chair.

    Incorrect Adjustment

    Besides the problems, incorrect adjustment can also result in your chair going down. Improper adjustment may cause your chair to start sinking slowly. Manufacturers create these chairs with various properties and features. These features help you to adjust them properly. Experts advise that you get measurements suiting your weight and height. It may start going down if you don't adjust the chair properly. Ensure you adjust the chair' fit and height before using it. It helps you get the correct position of your body type.

    Broken Base

    Experts have linked some cases of desk chairs going down to the broken base. The base is an important part of an ergonomic desk chair. This part helps support the chair and keep it stable. The stability prevents the chair from sinking or moving down. A broken base makes the chair start going down. Why does an office desk chair with a broken base start going down? The chair will start going down as the base is no longer supporting the chair's weight.

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    Worn-out Wheels

    Worn-out wheels can be another reason that can make your office desk chair start going down. The best desk chair has wheels on the base. These wheels allow you to move to another point easily. However, over time the wheels start wearing out. The worn-out wheels make it hard for you to move with the chair. In addition, the chair may start going down as you sit on it. Heavyweight or excess force makes it sink even further.

    Broken Chair Mechanism

    Top ergonomic desk chairs have a top chair mechanism. The chair mechanism helps to allow your chair to recline. However, your chair may start going down if this mechanism becomes faulty. A faulty chair mechanism makes it hard for the other parts to support the chair's weight. Thus, you may start seeing your chair sink as you sit on it. In addition, a broken chair mechanism makes it hard for the chair to remain upright. This complication causes it to start going down.

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    Overloaded Chair

    Manufacturers design office desk chairs with various features and specifications. These features help the chair hold a certain amount of weight. However, placing heavy loads on the chair makes it start going down. For instance, using it as a step stool frequently increases the amount of weight on it. In addition, overloading heavy items on it reduces its durability. These activities cause the cylinder to wear out more quickly. Thus, you'll start seeing the chair going down after some time.

    Your Posture and Seating Habits

    Your posture and seating habits remain a major cause of your desk chair sinking. For instance, constant leaning back or slouching in your chair can cause this issue. These sitting postures put undue pressure on the gas lift cylinder. Thus, it starts wearing out faster. You prevent this issue by sitting upright with your feet flat on the floor. Experts advise placing your back against the chair back. Ensure you adjust the seat's angle and height. Proper adjustment helps you find a supportive and comfortable body position.


    A sinking chair can be uncomfortable and frustrating. Understanding the reasons why it's happening is important. It helps you take the appropriate steps to fix the issue. Faulty pneumatic cylinders, broken bases, overloaded chairs, and incorrect adjustments are the major reasons. Replacing faulty parts, practising good posture habits, and investing in a high-quality desk chair help prevent these issues. Thus, it ensures your chair stays supportive and comfortable for years.

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