What Do You Do With Bar Stools Without Bars

There are several methods to breathe new life into your old bar stools, whether you want to utilize them as functional furniture or for décor.

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  • Published on December 30, 2022

    Hight Back Bar Stools

    Whenever you think of or visit a bar, you usually get the mental image of tall bar stools lined up along a countertop.The barstools give it the impression of a bar, whether it is a small corner bar or a large restaurant-style bar. They are flexible pieces of furniture because they are available in a range of forms, dimensions, and aesthetics.

    But what if there isn't a bar nearby? Can you still use bar stools in your home or business space for decor or seating? Ways to incorporate bar stools into your home decor. Absolutely! I'm going to give you some inventive uses for those stools today, though! There are several methods to breathe new life into your old bar stools, whether you want to utilize them as functional furniture or for décor.


    • Creative Ways to Use Bar Stools
    • Beyond the Bar: Other Uses for Bar Stools
    • Reasons Why Bar Stools are a Kitchen Essentia
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    Creative Ways to Use Bar Stools

    1. Use them as plant stands!

    You can repurpose a tall bar stool as an elevated plant stand for a small potted plant. A tall bar stool can provide more height for your plants, allowing them to be seen better in the room and adding more visual interest. For indoor plants such as orchids and succulents, a bar stool can also help provide more light and air circulation, allowing the plants to flourish.

    2. Work desks and library tables:

    Bar stools are not limited to just kitchen or dining areas; they offer a multitude of possibilities. Explore their potential in home offices, libraries, or study rooms. With bar stools, you can effortlessly fashion a standing desk or a library table without the need for extra furniture. Simply arrange the bar stools in a line and place a longboard or tabletop on them. Voila! You now have a sturdy and elevated workstation or study table, ideal for writing, studying, or browsing. For maximum comfort, opt for bar stools with adjustable heights.

    3. Repurpose as a coffee table:

    If your living room needs more style, why not try repurposing one of your bar stools as a coffee table? Reupholster a bar stool guide. All you have to do is locate an ottoman top or complementing tray that will fit over your barstool. You'll end up with a distinctive and fashionable coffee table that will undoubtedly spark conversation. You can even add your decorative touches for an extra decorative touch. It will also be practical, as you can also use the barstool for sitting on. With this, you can have both a stylish coffee table and additional seating for guests.

    4. Use them as nightstands:

    Use bar stools as nightstands if you're seeking for an original method to spice up a bedroom. If you don't have much workspace, this is incredibly helpful. To store your books and other belongings, you can place baskets or wooden shelves below the stool. This gives more storage space in addition to being a fun way to spruce up a bedroom. The stools are also easy to move out of the way for making beds.

    5. Use them as outdoor seating:

    Bar stools aren't restricted to the kitchen or bars alone. For gatherings, picnics, and other outdoor events, they can also be used as outdoor seating for visitors and family members. Select bar stools that are water- and UV-resistant and made of materials that can withstand the elements, such as metal or plastic.
    Choose colorful or uniquely patterned stools that will stand out in any outdoor area for an extra touch of flare. Bar stools with backrests are particularly comfortable and supportive for outdoor use. Arrange them around your patio or deck for instant seating with a stylish flair.

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    6. Use them for art projects:

    My favourite DIY project is using bar stools in art projects. Adding paint, fabric, or other materials can repurpose a stool into nearly anything. It may be a fantastic method to incorporate personalized details into your home decor that express your personality. A stool can serve as the foundation for a sculpture, be transformed into a stylish side table, or even be used to make landscape art. The possibilities are endless!

    Bar Stools With Backs

    Beyond the Bar: Other Uses for Bar Stools

    • Create an elevated seating area in your kitchen
    • Use in the garage or workshop for quick seating
    • Turn into a clothing rack
    • Add to your entertainment area for extra seating
    • Use as a step stool
    • Create an extra seat for the bathroom vanity
    • Use them as a display rack for plants or books
    • Repurpose into an accent table or side table
    • Use as plant stands on the patio or in the garden
    • Use as a magazine rack in the living room
    • Create an extra seat for the entryway
    • Add to your home office for extra seating
    • Create an outdoor salad bar or buffet table

    Reasons Why Bar Stools are a Kitchen Essentia

    There are many reasons why bar stools are a kitchen essential. They give you extra counter space, a place to sit while you enjoy your food, and you may utilize them to set a welcoming mood. But the ability to converse with your visitors as you cook is one of the most crucial benefits of having bar stools in your kitchen.

    While you cook, you can have a conversation with loved ones while sitting on a bar stool. You can spend time together simply talking or catching up on the most recent rumors and news. Additionally, they make it simple to serve visitors without having to leave the kitchen if you're hosting them.

    Spend money on swivel bar stools to freshen up and make even more appealing your bar area. Swivel stools not only make eating and socializing with friends more comfortable, but they can also be turned to provide you and your guests a little more space. This can enable you to maximize the space you have, which is especially useful if your kitchen is small.

    In addition to their social and comfort benefits, bar stools also offer practical advantages by providing extra counter space. Whether you need to knead dough, chop vegetables, or wash dishes, bar stools can serve as convenient surfaces for these tasks. This is particularly useful when kitchen counter space is limited, as bar stools enable you to maximize the available area. Counter-height bar stools are especially beneficial as they allow you to perform these activities without straining or stooping. Furthermore, they can be easily tucked away when not in use, freeing up additional space.


    Any kitchen must have bar stools, but they don't have to be plain. There are many inventive ways to use bar stools, whether you want to add extra seats, more storage, or simply a distinctive style accent. Bar stools are a distinctive and adaptable way to add some character to any home, from using them as coffee tables and nightstands to art projects. So go ahead, use your imagination, and see what you can think of!


    Are Bar Stools Good for Posture?
    Bar stools can provide varying levels of support for posture, depending on their design. Stools with backrests can offer better lumbar support and promote a more upright sitting posture. Additionally, adjustable bar stools that allow you to find a comfortable height can contribute to better posture. It's essential to choose bar stools that provide adequate support and comfort for your individual needs.
    How to Spray Paint a Bar Stool?
    To spray paint a bar stool, start by cleaning the surface thoroughly and removing any existing paint or finish. Sand the surface to create a smooth and even texture. Apply a primer next to improve the paint's adhesion. Using a spray paint specially formulated for the material of your bar stool (such as metal, wood, or plastic), apply thin, even coatings after the primer has dried. Let each coat dry completely before adding the following coat. Finish with a clear protective coat for durability.
    What Are the Different Heights of Bar Stools?
    Counter height (24–26 inches), bar height (28–30 inches), and extra-tall (34–36 inches) are the three standard heights for bar stools. Counter height stools are suitable for kitchen counters or islands, while bar height stools are designed for higher bar tables or bars. Extra-tall stools are often used for elevated surfaces or commercial settings. It's essential to measure the height of your counter or table to determine the appropriate bar stool height.

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