What Are the Different Heights of Bar Stools?

These styles of bar seats come with backrests for added comfort. They're perfect for persons having back pain as they can rest their back and reduce pressure on their spine. 

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    • Are you looking for how to make your guests comfortable at your bar
    • How to Choose A Bar Stool Height
    • Different Heights Of Bar Stools
      • Bar stools mostly come in four different sizes:
    • Best Bar Stool Style
    • Bar Stools With Backs
      • Backless Bar Stools
      • Wishbone Bar Stools
      • Swivel Bar Stools
      • Adjustable Swivel Bar Stools
      • Upholstered Bar Stools
      • Rattan Bar Stools
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    Are you looking for how to make your guests comfortable at your bar 

    One effective approach is to prioritize their comfort when they are seated on your bar stools. The height of the stools plays a significant role in enhancing their overall bar experience.

    They'll love to return once they know they'll always be comfortable sitting at your bar. It's funny how guests notice any slight difference in stool heights, but that's how it is. They know when they're comfortable or not. 

    This blog post enlightens you about the different heights of bar stools and how you can maximize them to provide a comfortable seating arrangement for your guests.

    Moreover, bar stools are not limited to commercial bars alone; they can also be utilized in home bars or kitchen areas. Whether it's a dedicated bar or a simple counter, the presence of bar stools is essential in elevating comfort for anyone seated there.

    How to Choose A Bar Stool Height

    The most important task when choosing a bar stool height is to know your bar height. What's your bar height measurement? How to choose a comfortable and fitting bar stool pitch?

    You should know the height measurement of your bar or counter where you plan to use the stools. That should be your first task before viewing bar stool catalogues online. You can measure from the top of the counter to the floor using a measuring tape to get this measurement.

    There are standard ranges for bar heights. A typical residential bar should measure 42 inches high, while a normal kitchen counter should be 36 inches tall. 

    There are common bar stools specially designed for these standard heights. Despite these standard measurements, many bar owners choose different custom heights for their counters, some higher or lower than the standard measurements. 

    That is why you should take measures before purchasing bar stools rather than assuming. You don't want a "misfit situation" when your seats finally arrive.

    After getting the correct dimension of your bar height, next, you should reduce the figure by 10 inches to arrive at the most appropriate measurement for your bar stool. That means that your bar stool must be 10 inches shorter than the height of your counter. 

    The reduction in the counter height gives you sufficient room to sit comfortably. With that allowance, you can move from side to side and even cross your legs without discomfort.

    Different Heights Of Bar Stools

    Bar stools mostly come in four different sizes:

    Short StoolA short bar stool has a standard height between 22 and 23 inches. It is suitable for bars that are between 32 and 33 inches high.

    • Counter Stool

    Counter stools are slightly higher than short stools. Their height ranges between 24 and 28 inches. You'll find them best fit for bars 34 to 38 inches tall.

    • Standard Bar Stool

    The next standard bar stool higher than short and counter stools is the standard bar stool. It typically measures about 29" to 36" inches in height. You should purchase standard bar stools if your bar is between 39 and 46 inches tall.

    • Extra-Tall Stool

    The tallest among bar stools is the extra-tall stool which measures between 37" and 40" inches in height. This stool is best fit for 47 to 50 inches high bars.

    For quick reference, the table below summarizes the different bar stool heights.




    Short Stool

    22”- 23”

    32”- 33”

    Counter Stool

    24”- 28”

    34”- 38”

    Standard Bar

    29”- 36”

    39”- 46”

    Extra-Tall Bar Stool

    37”- 40”

    47”- 50”

    White Bar Stool

    Best Bar Stool Style

    Knowing the different bar stools and their standard heights, next you should decide on what bar stool style to get for your bar. Bar stools come in different shapes and styles; below are some classic styles.

    Bar Stools With Backs

    These styles of bar seats come with backrests for added comfort. They're perfect for persons having back pain as they can rest their back and reduce pressure on their spine. 

    Bar stools with backs are also preferable for children as the backrest help to support and keep them secure while seated. You should also buy a bar stool with a backrest if you spend a lot more time at the bar. It'll help you sit for extended periods without hurting your back or sides.

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    Backless Bar Stools

    Backless bar stools do not have any backrest; hence they can't support your back. They are lighter, and you can better conserve space with them. You should get them if you're trying a more casual look for your bar.

    Wishbone Bar Stools

    These are more modern bar stools with a touch of mid-century design. They, however, take up a lot of space in your bar.

    Swivel Bar Stools

    You can swing in all directions while enjoying your drink at the bar with a swivel bar stool. This bar stool is best for guests who want to enjoy a hearty conversation. You're connected with everyone as you can swing to maintain eye contact with them all.

    Take a look at this Art Leon swivel bar stool.

    Adjustable Swivel Bar Stools

    You won't be bothered about the height problem with adjustable swivel bar stools. You can easily adjust them to suit your height; hence they'll fit properly into any bar or counter space.

    Upholstered Bar Stools

    These are bar stools that are covered in upholstery. They come in different materials, such as leather, velvet, and fabric. 

    Rattan Bar Stools

    Rattan bar stools are more expensive than other bar stool styles. They mostly have hand-woven backrests that provide you with added support and comfort. You can use rattan bar stools with soft seat pads. 

    Bar stools also come in different colours. Common among them are black bar stools and white bar stools. Depending on the colour of your counter, you can purchase any of these colours because they're neutral and will match any bar colour. 

    Upholstered bar stools, however, come in more colour varieties due to the different fabrics they can be made in.

    This art rattan&oak bar stool will make a difference in your bar. 


    When next you purchase bar stools for your bar, don't just decide on anyone, so you don't buy seats unsuitable for your bar. 

    Ensure to know the dimension of your bar as that will determine the size of bar stools to go for. You can use the size chart above as a guide. View various online catalogues for different styles and colours.

    Visit our bar stool catalogue for your choice of bar stool. 


    How do I choose the appropriate bar stool height?
    To choose the appropriate bar stool height, you need to measure the height of your bar or counter. Subtract 10 inches from that measurement to determine the ideal height for your bar stool. This allows for comfortable seating and movement.
    What are the different heights of bar stools?
    Bar stools come in four different sizes: short stools, counter stools, standard bar stools, and extra-tall stools. Short stools are around 22-23 inches high, counter stools range from 24-28 inches, standard bar stools are about 29-36 inches, and extra-tall stools measure between 37-40 inches in height.
    What are the best bar stool styles to choose from?
    There are various bar stool styles to choose from based on your preferences. Bar stools with backs, bar stools without backs, wishbone bar stools, swivel bar stools, adjustable swivel bar stools, upholstered bar stools, and rattan bar stools are a few common kinds. Each style offers unique features and benefits. Can bar stools be mixed and matched?

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