The Rustic Charm of Modern Farmhouse

As the Modern Farmhouse style has been around for ages, most homeowners are now looking for a more sophisticated style but with the same friendly and rustic vibe of a Modern Farmhouse.

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  • Published on June 19, 2023

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    • The Modern Prairie Aesthetic Is a Rustic-Yet-Refined Spin on Modern Farmhouse
    • nderstanding the Modern Farmhouse Aesthetics
    • Why is the Modern Prairie aesthetics the talk of the town?
    • Modern Prairie Vs Modern Farmhouse
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      • Associated Materials
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    • Bringing a Modern Prairie Vibe to your home
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    The Modern Prairie Aesthetic Is a Rustic-Yet-Refined Spin on Modern Farmhouse

    The Modern Farmhouse style has stood the test of time because it is effortlessly warm-hearted, stylish, and inviting. Thus, for years now, this aesthetic has been the most accessible and affordable option to go with when it comes to interior design. However, if you are looking for a fresher and more refined version of Modern Farmhouse with that signature vintage and rustic vibe, check out the currently trending - Modern Prairie. The aesthetic is all about nature-inspired, rural, and country-style design that gives off a charming vibe. The massively popular rattan dining chair that can be seen in everyone's home and office is a classic example of the Modern Prairie aesthetic. The style is easily achievable and can transform a room (especially your dining room) into a welcoming, functional, and aesthetically pleasing haven. 

    Next, a bit more on this popular and functional interior design style has been discussed so that you can differentiate it from the Modern Farmhouse style for proper revamping of your lovely home. So, do keep on reading! 

    Understanding the Modern Farmhouse Aesthetics

    Installing a sleek apron sink in your kitchen or dining area is one the easiest methods of adding a Modern Farmhouse vibe to the room. This style has all the classic Farmhouse style elements which makes the home look more relaxed and comfortable. However, some unique added characteristics that separate the Modern Farmhouse style from the traditional Farmhouse style are the following:

    • Neutral Color Schemes
    • Natural Wood with Glossy Accents
    • Minimalism, Modern, and Industrial touches
    • Smooth Lines on Furniture
    • Sleek yet Rustic/Farmhouse-styled Appliances
    • Traditional/Vintage Fabrics

    The Modern Farmhouse aesthetics include a less rustic look with a more sophisticated design. The style has a contemporary vibe, hence, it is easily achievable. You can go for a Modern Farmhouse vibe in your dining room by adding sleek farmhouse-style lighting, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances in vintage design, and a beige colour palette. 

    Why is the Modern Prairie aesthetics the talk of the town?

    Modern Farmhouse was a trendy interior design style for many decades. However, everyone is now inclining more toward another rustic style, the Modern Prairie. Everyone is recommending the Modern Prairie aesthetic; from popular celebrities to famous interior designers to tending home decor bloggers. As this style can transform a dining space in an instant and give it a more cosy vibe, oak dining chairs have become a best-selling product worldwide. An oak dining chair can effortlessly provide the Modern Prairie aesthetic which is all about:

    • Natural Materials
    • Earth Tones
    • Vintage Accents
    • Simple and Clean Lines on Furniture

    Modern Prairie style was inspired by the American Midwest's stunning and vast open prairies. This style first became the talk of the town when legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright's prairie-style architecture became popular. As it uses modern elements with the country style that the Farmhouse aesthetic is loved for, the designs do not feel inauthentic and/or outdated which is common in Modern Farmhouse style when not designed accordingly. 

    Modern Prairie aesthetic is trending worldwide currently because of its cosy and welcoming vibe, functionality, stunningness, and affordability. With the best oak and rattan dining chairs achieving this vibe is a straightforward and inexpensive process. Some other staples of this style are stone decor, woven blankets/rugs/table settings, leather elements, and rustic-looking wood beams. 

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    Modern Prairie Vs Modern Farmhouse

    If you are well aware of the differences between the Modern Farmhouse style and the Modern Prairie style, achieving the vibe of your liking will become much easier. So, here are some major differences between the two for your better understanding.

    • Origin

    Modern Prairie has been around since the late 19th and early 20th centuries while the Modern Farmhouse style made its way into the US interior design culture during the 1700s. So, Modern Farmhouse is more of a traditional (antique) style, while Modern Prairie is somewhat vintage and rustic in design.

    • Associated Materials

    In the case of Modern Prairie, the typical materials used are earthy such as stucco, wood, and stone. On the other hand, the materials associated with the Modern Farmhouse style are metals along with natural materials like wood or stone. This style will have more textures in the design than Modern Prairie which is more refined and sophisticated.

    • Color Palette

    Neutral tones like Gray, Beige, White, and muted Pastel shades are commonly used to bring the Modern Farmhouse aesthetic. Modern Prairie uses more earth tones than neutral colours. Some colours with Modern Prairie aesthetics are green, brown, sand yellow, and other similar muted earth-tone colours. 

    • Associated Furniture 

    Invest in exposed beams, open floor plans, and reclaimed or shiplap wood accents to get the Modern Farmhouse aesthetic. In the case of the Modern Prairie style, you should consider incorporating the mentioned oak and rattan dining chair along with exposed beams, intricate masonry, and built-in furniture like a bench or bookshelf. 

    • Overall Vibe or Feel

    Modern Farmhouse style is a mix of vintage and modern elements. It is cosy and functional at the same time with the incorporation of classic Modern Farmhouse style elements such as large kitchen islands, open shelving, and farmhouse sinks. The vibe is relaxed. However, if you are looking for a perfect harmonization between your home and its natural surroundings, go for Modern Prairie which has a homely and rustic aesthetic with a hint of minimalistic metalwork. The overall vibe is warm and friendly with a proper connection to earth elements with a modern twist. 

    Bringing a Modern Prairie Vibe to your home 

    An easy and affordable way to achieve a Modern Prairie aesthetic in your home is by investing in chairs in this style. As discussed, oak dining chairs that ooze a Modern Prairie vibe have become a go-to choice for most interior designers and homeowners looking to achieve this style. Oak dining chairs are sturdy, durable, and stunning in construction. While rattan chairs with Modern Prairie design will have a more modernized look to them. 

    If you want affordable dining chairs that are filled to the brim with Modern Prairie aesthetics, consider decorating your home with modern dining chairs. A modern dining chair is classy yet trendy with a rustic and cosy vibe. They are also functional and durable in construction and feature leather elements, modern lines, earth-tone colours, and woodwork. 

    To Conclude

    As the Modern Farmhouse style has been around for ages, most homeowners are now looking for a more sophisticated style but with the same friendly and rustic vibe of a Modern Farmhouse. If you are also one of them, consider the crowd-favourite Modern Prairie. The Modern Prairie aesthetic is much more refined than Modern Farmhouse and is extremely versatile, functional, and easy to achieve. Simply, upgrade your current dining chair with an oak, rattan, or modern dining chair in this style and see how your home gets effortlessly transformed in an instant!


    Q1: What is the modern prairie aesthetic?
    The modern prairie aesthetic is a design style that blends the rustic charm of a farmhouse with a refined modern sensibility. It is characterized by warm, natural materials such as wood, stone, and leather, and features clean lines and uncluttered spaces.
    Q2:  How can I achieve a modern prairie look in my home?
    To achieve a modern prairie look in your home, focus on incorporating natural materials such as reclaimed wood, stone, and leather. Use a neutral colour palette with accents of warm, earthy tones. Choose furniture and decor with clean lines and simple, geometric shapes. You can also add texture through the use of woven fabrics, natural fibres, and rustic accents.
    Q3: Is the modern prairie aesthetic only suitable for homes in rural areas?
    No, the modern prairie aesthetic can work in a variety of settings, from urban apartments to suburban homes. It is a versatile style that can be adapted to suit any space. You can incorporate elements of the modern prairie aesthetic into your home, even if you don't have a rural or rustic setting.

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