Summer 2023 Home Decor Trends and Design Styles You'll Love

Change in seasons gives you the right opportunity to mix up things in your home, bringing in fresh ambience and style.

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  • Published on July 04, 2023

    Mid Century Upholstered Dining Chair | Art Leon

    Change in seasons gives you the right opportunity to mix up things in your home, bringing in fresh ambience and style. While you hang lights during the winter holidays in the windows, you can have some fun celebrating the summer sun, too. The summer 2023 home design styles and decor trends will make your indoors refreshing and warm.

    If you enjoy bright sunny days outdoors, you can bring the same design aesthetic into your indoors as well. Want to upgrade your abode with sizzling décor styles this summer? Follow these top summer design styles and trends to make your home more inviting.


    • Bring back the classic look
    • Replace white with bold colours
    • Opt for a warm minimalist design
    • Give your living space a soft, modern design
    • Bold patterns don't go out of fashion
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    Bring back the classic look

    Sometimes, a vintage look can bring out drastic changes to your home. In short, the classic look doesn't seem to get old. So, why not incorporate the style this summer and tweak a few things here and there? The worn-in, cosy design style of the interiors will bring something new for you this summer.

    To introduce this summer trend, try making the furniture look like antiques. Wooden chairs and tables that have distressed, worn-out paint finish give a pleasantly bright look. Additionally, it gives your home a comfortable, rustic feel. Also, you may consider buying a few items for your home like Art Leon swivel lounge chairs

    Furthermore, complement the vintage look with earthy-coloured rugs and couch cushions such as mauve or olive green. Mix this design style with summer interior trends while finding out what's new and shiny.

    Camel Leather Dining Chair | Art Leon

    Replace white with bold colours

    Bold colours for your home are one of the best interior design trends and styles that you get to see in 2023. Moreover, bold colours will lift your spirits high. White has been associated with many things and is the most popular choice for people. However, it's high time that you change track and introduce bold, bright colours to your home.

    You don't need to change the colour palette of the whole house, though. Add a few vibrant accents to elevate the layout while making it less boring. It is good to opt for the bright colour palette, drawing inspiration from beach vacations and sunny days. You can choose pastels, blues, and earthy hues to recreate a more refined vibe that white fails to deliver. 

    Also, you can choose baby blue, pale yellow, mint green, turquoise blue, or dark navy blue. These colour palettes have emerged as some of the best choices for people more recently. Having the colours in your home will bring memories of beach holidays.

    Opt for a warm minimalist design

    Gone are the days when you would see lots of furniture and other things in an attempt to make the home beautiful or unique. There has been a shift in how people design their homes. One prominent change in home décor is the rising concern for minimalist design.

    Because of its simple, clean aesthetic, a minimalist home décor will provide open spaces, muted palettes, and straight lines. As such, it makes the living space more inviting and soothing. A minimalist design blends the ideas of minimalists with exquisite organic textures, natural materials, and warm, earthy tones. 

    This new way of minimalism, which is gaining a lot of attention from people, warms your space instantly without losing the sense of comfort and straightforwardness. Besides, you can add toned-down, soft colours while decluttering the space. To keep things minimal, consider using an Art Leon oak dining chair

    Oak dining chairs are a wonderful addition to keep things clean and organized while giving your home the perfect look for this summer. Apart from these, try to incorporate layered textures such as rugs and throw pillows. Place indoor plants to make your home look and feel more vibrant.

    Give your living space a soft, modern design

    Just like the warm minimalist design, a soft modern design is making rounds this summer. The soft modern design is reflected by its pattern, texture, use of colour, warmth, comfort, and intricacy. This home décor trend utilizes pieces with rounded and soft lines while adding a bold touch.

    Additionally, this design style doesn't support clutter and embraces simplicity in every form. Although many people have little knowledge about interior design styles, they can always find something worthy. 

    Incorporate straight lines while adding neutral colours such as cream, taupe, or brown to obtain minimal decoration in your home. Also, use furniture that is crafted from light-coloured wood that comes with fabrics or slight graining rich in texture to improve your interior. A mid-century modern sideboard could be the right addition for this kind of home décor.

    Bold patterns don't go out of fashion

    Whether it's animal prints or florals, the right pattern has everything that can make a drastic change to your living space. The summer 2023 home décor styles and trends support prints that focus more on colour contrasts. The best thing to do is to think boldly.

    Consider options such as a close-up print of flowers or dual tone rug. If you are in confusion, choose pillow cushions that have pineapples or palm trees decorating the surface. Because it's summer, don't be in doubt to add something extra to get the perfect feel of a beach environment. 

    However, ensure that you don't overdo things and keep them minimal. Keep in mind that they are seasonal styles and putting them for a long time makes you feel like having cartoon characters in your home. The right choice of colour palettes can help elevate the home décor without compromising simplicity. 

    If you are ready for the challenge, you may consider using a variety of mixed patterns in other similar colour palettes. You can choose a tropical print that could match the subtle, thin print as well. Keep on experimenting with things until you find what you are looking for.


    It is good to change the layout of our home following the stagnancy of the winter season. If you want to achieve a fresh, summery look, you don't have to change everything. All you have to do is make changes here and there by following the above-mentioned trends to make your home refreshed and bright.

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