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  • Published on July 03, 2023

    Art Leon Resale Furniture


    • What I Look For In Second-Hand Furniture
    • Are you Worried about Bed Bugs?
    • To minimize the risk of bringing bed bugs into your home, you can take the following steps:
    • Look For In Second-Hand Furniture From Art Leon Furniture
    • Here are some tips to guide you when buying second-hand furniture from Art Leon:
      • Inspect for Quality
      • Consider the Size
      • Examine the Condition
      • Check for Comfort
      • Think About Your Style
      • Look for Brand Names
      • Plan for a Little TLC
    • In Conclusion
    • FAQs
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    What I Look For In Second-Hand Furniture

    When it comes to second-hand furniture, there are a few keys that I look for. First and foremost, I want the furniture to be in good condition. While it's expected that there may be some signs of wear and tear, I want to ensure that the furniture is still sturdy and functional.

    Another important factor for me is the overall style and design of the furniture. I like to find pieces that fit well with my existing décor and personal taste. Whether it's a vintage mid-century modern chair or a rustic wooden table, I want the furniture to add character to my space.

    Durability is also a top priority. I want furniture that is built to last and can withstand everyday use. Checking the quality of materials, such as solid wood or strong upholstery, is important in determining if the furniture will hold up well over time.

    Additionally, I consider the price when buying second-hand furniture. I aim to find pieces that offer good value for their quality. If I can find a well-made, stylish item at a fraction of the cost of buying a new one, it's a win-win situation.

    Lastly, I also take into consideration the size and dimensions of the furniture. It's essential that the piece well in my space and complements the layout of my room. Measuring the furniture and considering how it will fit into my home is an important step before making a purchase.

    Are you Worried about Bed Bugs?

    However, when it comes to bed bugs, it is always important to take precautions when purchasing second-hand furniture. Bed bugs can be a potential issue when buying used items, especially those that have fabric or upholstery.

    To minimize the risk of bringing bed bugs into your home, you can take the following steps:

    • Inspect the furniture: Thoroughly check all areas of the furniture, especially seams, crevices, and hidden corners, for any signs of bugs, eggs, or faecal stains. Look for small, rust-coloured stains, shed skins, or live bugs.
    • Ask questions: If you're buying from an individual or a second-hand store, inquire about the furniture's history. See if they have taken any preventive measures against bed bugs or if they have had any pest control treatments.
    • Treat the furniture: If you want to be extra cautious, you can treat the furniture before bringing it into your home. There are various methods to kill or remove bed bugs, such as steam cleaning, encasing the furniture in a bed bug-proof cover, or using appropriate insecticides.
    • Monitor for signs: After bringing the furniture home, continue to monitor for any signs of bed bugs. Regularly inspect the furniture and keep an eye out for bites or unexplained itching.

    It's important to note that while the concern about bed bugs is valid, not all second-hand furniture will this issue. By being vigilant and taking necessary precautions, you can reduce the risk of encountering bed bugs when buying used furniture.

    Resale Furniture | Art Leon

    Look For In Second-Hand Furniture From Art Leon Furniture

    When it comes to furniture shopping, second-hand items can offer great style and quality at a fraction of the price of new pieces. But what should you look for when buying second-hand furniture? And how can you ensure that you're making a worthwhile investment?

    Here are some tips to guide you when buying second-hand furniture from Art Leon:

    • Inspect for Quality

    When buying second-hand furniture, it's essential to look for high-quality pieces. Art Leon Funiture offers a variety of pre-loved items that don't skimp on quality. Look for furniture made of solid wood, as it's typically more durable than particleboard or plywood. Check the construction too – dovetail joints are a good sign of well-made furniture.

    • Consider the Size

    Always measure your space before purchasing second-hand furniture. This can help ensure that the piece will fit in your room. Art Leon Funiture provides detailed measurements for all its second-hand pieces, so you can be sure the furniture will suit your space perfectly.

    • Examine the Condition

    Although some wear and tear can add character to a piece, it's crucial to thoroughly examine the furniture's condition. Look for any significant damages that could affect the item's use or longevity. Art Leon guarantees that all its second-hand furniture is in excellent working condition, so you can purchase it with confidence.

    • Check for Comfort

    Comfort is key, especially when buying seating or bedding. Make sure to test out sofas, chairs, or mattresses to ensure they're comfortable. Art Leon Funiture encourages customers to feel comfortable asking about the comfort and feel of second-hand items.

    • Think About Your Style

    While quality and condition are critical, the piece should also match your style. Art Leon offers a wide range of second-hand furniture in various styles, from modern and mid-century to traditional and rustic. Choose a piece that complements your existing décor and reflects your personal style.

    • Look for Brand Names

    Brand names can be a good indication of quality. Art Leon Funiture is a trusted name in the furniture industry, and its second-hand items are no exception. When you buy a used piece from Art Leon Furniture, you can trust that you're getting a high-quality, stylish item.

    • Plan for a Little TLC

    Some second-hand furniture might need a bit of tender loving care. Don't be put off by a piece that needs minor repairs or a new coat of paint. These projects can be a fun way to make the item your own. Art Leon Funiture can provide advice on caring for and updating their second-hand pieces.

    In Conclusion

    buying second-hand furniture from Art Leon can be a great way to find unique, high-quality items for your home. By considering the quality, size, condition, comfort, style, brand, and potential for updates, you can find second-hand pieces that you'll love for years to come.


    Q1: Is second-hand furniture a good investment?
    Yes, second-hand furniture can be a great investment. It offers the opportunity to find high-quality pieces at a fraction of the cost of new furniture. By choosing carefully and considering factors such as quality, condition, and style, you can find unique items that add character to your space and last for years.
    Q2: How can I ensure the quality of second-hand furniture?
    To ensure the quality of second-hand furniture, it's important to inspect the piece thoroughly. Look for signs of durability, such as solid wood construction or sturdy upholstery. Check for any damages or defects that may affect the functionality or lifespan of the furniture. Buying from reputable sellers like Art Leon Furniture can also give you confidence in the quality of the items.

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