Outdoor Grill Ideas for Summer Entertaining

It is important to choose the right furniture for outdoor use, and outdoor wicker and rattan are not only comfortable but durable for use wherever you happen to live.

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  • Published on June 28, 2023

    Summer Classics Outdoor Sectional

    Summer is here, so why not purchase some beautiful outdoor wicker sectional furniture and extend your living space for the warm nights ahead? Being outdoors in summer gives us the advantage of entertaining long into the night, and with a few simple strategies you and your friends can remain outdoors until Autumn. It is important to choose the right furniture for outdoor use, and outdoor wicker and rattan are not only comfortable but durable for use wherever you happen to live.


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    • Outdoor Couch Sectional
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    A Modern Outdoor Sectional Set

    To enhance your outdoor living space include, outdoor sectional lounges to lie on, and gaze at the stars at night. This way you can move them around into different configurations to suit various occasions. if you are short on space, measure the size of the area to determine what will best fit there, and don't overcrowd it and purchase an outdoor set. The good thing about sectionals is that they can be easily moved into different configurations to suit any gathering, whether it is formal or casual there is a sectional that will be perfect. If your choice is a minimalist or modern design, when styling your outdoor space, you will find it in the Summer collection.

    Outdoor Couch Sectional

    One of the top-selling pieces is the Art Wicker Outdoor Sectional Corner Sofa ( 7 pieces)

    This is easily moved around to accommodate the guest list and the corner section is a useful space-saving idea that works brilliantly both indoors and out.

    Once you have determined the size of your area you can order some appropriate pieces to fit the space. If you only have a tiny courtyard, start out with a couple of chairs and a table the Art Leon ribbon outdoor set is an excellent choice. To make the outdoors more comfortable, an array of colourful cushions is available. When placing your order, it is a good time to select the cushions that go with your chosen pieces. They add colour and texture to your outdoor area and enliven what often is a bland space.

    Fire Pits

    Outdoor Set Fire Pits create an ambience and warmth that nothing else can bring to your space. As summer drifts into fall you will be much more comfortable with the radiant warmth of your fire pit. Art Leon has a selection of fire pits to choose from, with electronic ignition systems made from weatherproof materials. The fire pits are perfectly safe, however, it is best not to leave them unattended especially if children are around and may throw things into the flames. You can cook on a fire pit, and prepare a whole range of foods. Don't stop at grilling meat, roast some vegetables with it to get an amazing flavour. All you need is to have a simple grill grate that will go over the fire pit, and the hot coals in the pit will do the rest. During the long summer break, it is so much nicer to eat outdoors and feels like being on a holiday at home.

    Position your fire pit at a safe distance from shrubbery and furniture, and make sure that the fire is extinguished when you go inside for the night. Take a look at the range: https://artleon.com/collections/fire-pits. The Art Leon outdoor wicker fire pit table and the Piano Fire Pit Table, are both reasonably priced and really useful fire pits. The Wicker Fire Pit table is a classically elegant piece of furniture and is well constructed and features a durable wicker frame and a faux-concrete tabletop. Its removable ceramic tiles make cleaning easy, and the stainless-steel burner provides heat. This is one of the easier fire pits to operate, as it is safe and secure.

    Setting the Scene

    Having recently hosted an 18th Birthday Party for 100! I can attest to the necessity of the fire pit. If the night happens to be chilly, everyone gathers around the fire pit to tell stories and enjoy the food. There is something about firelight that puts everyone at ease, and no one wants to go home at the end of the night.

    Some fairy lights threaded through the trees add to the night magic, and if you like them you can leave them up all year round.

    Rattan Sectional Outdoor Furniture

    The Right Outdoor Furniture

    Entertaining outdoors is not going to be possible without the right furniture so visit the Art Leon Furniture today. If you are planning a party you will want to have some cosy throws and cushions for your new sectional lounges. Most of the outdoor furniture is reasonably weatherproof and can stay outside until winter. Some of us can entertain outdoors all year round depending on where you live. Enhance your outdoor living space with Art Leon's comfortable and beautiful furniture options for your garden, or backyard. You can always purchase extra accessories and have them shipped to your address.

    Purchase the Art Leon outdoor set as the furniture's durability is another standout feature, with the frame made from robust materials such as aluminium and steel that are resistant to rust and don't corrode, ensuring that your sectional furniture remains sturdy and reliable for several years. The furniture appears to be very robust withstanding family wear and tear. When you have your outdoor space set up for entertaining, you will never want to entertain indoors again. There is far less fuss attached to eating outdoors as it doesn't entail hoovering or cleaning. A quick pickup of any dropped food bits is all you need to do, and if you have a dog, he will probably do it for you.


    If you have recently retired you will have a lot more time to enjoy your outdoor space and have your family over for cookouts and family gatherings. Start a project to improve your outdoor space by ordering your sectional outdoor furniture today. When we work, many of us hardly ever go outside so this makes a nice chance for you to relax all year round.


    Q1: What are some outdoor grill ideas for summer entertaining?
    Some ideas for summer entertaining include creating a designated grilling area with a built-in grill and counter space, incorporating a smoker or wood-fired oven for added flavour, and setting up a grill station with a variety of grilling tools and accessories.
    Q2: How can I enhance my outdoor grill area for summer entertaining?
    To enhance your outdoor grill area for summer entertaining, consider adding outdoor seating and dining options, incorporating shade or a pergola to provide relief from the sun, and decorating the area with string lights or outdoor lanterns for a festive atmosphere.
    Q3: What are some creative recipes I can try on my outdoor grill for summer entertaining?
    For summer entertaining, you can get creative with your outdoor grill by trying recipes such as grilled pineapple and shrimp skewers, BBQ chicken pizza cooked on a pizza stone, and packets with your favourite marinades. Don't be afraid to experiment and try new flavors and combinations!

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