Small Kitchen Design Ideas to Create a Kitchen Space of Your Taste

Designing a small kitchen doesn't mean sacrificing functionality. Smart decisions in layout, furniture, storage, appliances, and paint can create a functional and stylish space.

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  • Published on August 27, 2023

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    Have you got a small kitchen space and are worried if you can get your dream kitchen design? Or do you own a small kitchen space and are lost designing it? Don’t give up yet.

    Having a small kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t have that kitchen layout you have always dreamed of. While size matters, the decisions you make in your kitchen design process are more important in creating a kitchen of your choice. And this is what most homeowners neglect. 

    With a few smart decisions, you can achieve a reliable and efficient kitchen that reflects your style. 


    • Here are Our Tips for Designing your Small Kitchen to Support your Everyday Life:
      • 1.Choose a Layout
      • 2.Choose Your Furniture Wisely
      • 3.Invest In Efficient Storage
      • 4.Choose Compact Appliances
      • 5.Choose the Right Paints
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    Here are Our Tips for Designing your Small Kitchen to Support your Everyday Life:

    1.Choose a Layout

    Your task of transforming your small kitchen into a space you are proud of starts with choosing the right layout. But note that while you are to consider your kitchen size when picking a layout, it is important not to throw all possibilities away.

    For example, your small kitchen shouldn’t stop you from having an island. If you are the type that cherishes an island in your kitchen but wants to eliminate the idea due to lack of space, you can ditch your dining table for a small island of base cabinets with an overhang.

    However, regardless of your layout, designing your kitchen according to the working triangle rule will help make your kitchen easily accessible and more functional. The working triangle emphasizes having three main workstations (the fridge, refrigerator, and cooker) in the kitchen.

    2.Choose Your Furniture Wisely

    Another decision to make when designing your small-space kitchen is to choose the right furniture. When choosing your kitchen furniture, size is an important factor to consider. While big furniture would fit perfectly in bigger kitchens, your small kitchen space requires small furniture.

    However, this doesn’t mean sacrificing your ideal furniture. It only requires choosing compact furniture pieces that don’t take much of your space. Also, equipping your kitchen with compact furniture pieces lets you move them around easily without disrupting the existing arrangement.

    Whether you are investing in dining chairs or bar stools, Art Leon Brand Furniture has got you covered. Check out this Art Leon bar stool with backrest for the comfort it offers.

    3.Invest In Efficient Storage

    Choosing compact furniture pieces is not enough to manage your kitchen space; you also need to consider the storage efficiency.

    While we recommend compact storage options for smaller kitchens, it also makes sense to prioritize efficiency. For example, you can opt for open shelving or drawers, as they can help maximize your space and reduce the need for wall cabinets.

    Note that you can have multiple storage options to ensure adequate storage of all your utensils and sundries for easy accessibility. Also, do away with the idea of keeping your worktop cluttered with items. The worktop is only meant for food prep.

    4.Choose Compact Appliances

    Choosing small appliances for your small kitchen not only maximizes space but also fits perfectly into the space, adding to its aesthetic appeal. When choosing your appliances, choose small ones but don’t neglect functionality.

    For example, instead of buying that big oven and microwave you saw in your friend’s kitchen, opt for a compact oven microwave, which serves the functions of an oven and a microwave, leaving more space for other items and activities.

    5.Choose the Right Paints

    Now that you have an idea of what furniture and appliances to move into your kitchen, what about the paints? Unfortunately, this is where most homeowners get it wrong, as they believe colors have nothing to do with maximizing space.

    Here is the tip: the color you choose for your room has a say in its appearance, and this includes how big or small the room appears. While dark colors are ideal for bigger kitchens, lighter colors are the best for making small spaces appear larger.

    Paint colors to consider for your small kitchen include light grey, pale blue, and cream. And regardless of your choice of light-color paint you choose for your kitchen, you can spice it up with a silk or satin finish, which helps reflect light. This gives you a sense of operating in a bigger kitchen. 

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    Having a small kitchen shouldn’t stop you from having a functional space for preparing your meal. Achieving a functional kitchen is more about the design decisions than the size.

    Choosing compact furniture with maximum efficiency saves you more space in your kitchen without sacrificing functionality. Also, choose your appliances and storage wisely, as these can take up your kitchen space if you are not careful about the decision.

    Are you planning to design your small kitchen but don’t know where to shop for your furniture? Check Art Leon brand furniture for the best kitchen furniture pieces that will help bring out the best of your compact kitchen space. 


    Q1: Can I have an island in a small kitchen?
    Yes, you can have an island in a small kitchen by opting for a small island of base cabinets with an overhang and ditching the dining table.
    Q2: What type of furniture is best for a small kitchen?
    Compact furniture pieces that don’t take much space and can be easily moved around without disrupting the existing arrangement are best for small kitchens.
    Q3: What paint colors are best for a small kitchen?
    Lighter colors like light grey, pale blue, and cream are best for making small spaces appear larger. A silk or satin finish can help reflect light and give a sense of operating in a bigger kitchen.

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