Interior Color Schemes: How to Choose the Right One for Your Home

Choosing a home color scheme involves balancing mood, room function, and personal preference. Incorporating accent furniture can elevate aesthetics and create harmony.

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  • Published on August 23, 2023

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    • How to Choose Interior Color Schemes You'll Love?
      • Start with Inspiration
      • Consider the Mood
      • Think About Function
      • Test
      • Balance and Contrast
      • Don't Forget Neutrals
      • The 60-30-10 Rule
      • Consult a Color Wheel
      • Incorporate Accent Furniture:
      • Seek Professional Help
    • The Role of Accent Furniture
      • Start with Inspiration and Accent Furniture
      • Functional Color Schemes
      • Test in Context
    • In Conclusion
    • FAQs
    • Reading Recommendations:

    How to Choose Interior Color Schemes You'll Love?

    The colour scheme you choose for your home can set the mood, impact your comfort level, and influence the overall vibe of your space. Making the right choice can feel overwhelming, especially with countless shades and tones to pick from. This guide aims to simplify the process for you. Follow these steps to create an interior colour scheme that you’ll fall in love with time and time again.

    Start with Inspiration

    Look for inspiration from various sources—magazines, social media, or your own life experiences. Consider elements that resonate with you, whether it's a tranquil beach setting, the colours of your favourite dress, or the aesthetics of a café you frequent.

    Consider the Mood

    Different colours have the power to evoke different emotions. Blues are often calming, while reds are invigorating and passionate. Decide on the mood you want for each room and select colours accordingly.

    Think About Function

    Each room in your home serves a unique purpose. Your living room is a space for entertaining, while your bedroom is a place to relax and unwind. The function should influence the colour scheme you choose.


    Once you've narrowed down your choices, it's crucial to test them in the environment they will be used. Lighting can dramatically alter how a colour appears, so make sure you love your selection in all lighting conditions.

    Balance and Contrast

    Opt for a balanced approach by selecting a mix of light and dark shades. You can use dark colours for accent walls or furniture and lighter shades for larger areas.

    Don't Forget Neutrals

    Neutrals aren't just fillers; they can be stars in their own right. A neutral palette can stand alone or serve as a backdrop for bolder hues.

    The 60-30-10 Rule

    Designers often follow this rule for a balanced colour scheme: 60% dominant colour (walls), 30% secondary colour (upholstery), and 10% accent colour (decor).

    Consult a Color Wheel

    When in doubt, a colour wheel is an excellent tool for finding complementary and contrasting colours. This can help you build a cohesive and visually pleasing palette.

    Incorporate Accent Furniture:

    Accent chairs and pieces of furniture can become focal points that add life and personality to your space. They are an effective way to introduce a pop of color, pattern, or contrast. For instance, black wood dining chairs can make a bold statement against a pale-hued room, creating a striking and sophisticated contrast. The use of black helps ground the room and act as an anchor. Likewise, accent chairs in vibrant colors or unique patterns can break up an otherwise neutral color palette, adding visual interest and offering a bit of surprise in the scheme. Remember to align your accent furniture colors with the overall room color scheme to create harmony and balance.

    Seek Professional Help

    If you find it too challenging to decide, there's no harm in consulting with a professional interior designer. They can offer personalized advice tailored to your preferences and the specifications of your home.

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    The Role of Accent Furniture

    Start with Inspiration and Accent Furniture

    Whether it's the cool blues of the ocean or the rustic greens of a forest, your inspirational palette can extend to accent furniture. Imagine blue accent chairs complementing a marine-themed room or a black wood dining chair echoing the deep tones of an earthy environment.

    Functional Color Schemes

    If your living room is primarily for entertainment, choose colours and furniture that are inviting. In such settings, comfort is king, so opt for living room lounge chairs that are not just eye-catchy but also comfortable.

    Test in Context

    Colours can look different in varying light conditions and alongside other hues. Place your selected accent furniture in the room, if possible, to see how they interact with wall colours. This step is crucial if you are considering bold choices like blue accent chairs or black wood dining chairs.

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    In Conclusion

    Choosing a colour scheme is a combination of understanding the psychology of colour, knowing the function of each room, and personal preference. Armed with this knowledge, you're well on your way to picking the perfect palette for your home.


    Q1: How can I find inspiration for my home's color scheme?
    Look for inspiration in magazines, social media, or personal experiences like favorite places or items.
    Q2: What is the 60-30-10 rule in interior design?
    It's a design principle where 60% is the dominant color (walls), 30% is the secondary color (upholstery), and 10% is the accent color (decor).
    Q3: How does accent furniture impact room aesthetics?
    Accent furniture can introduce pops of color, pattern, or contrast, becoming focal points that add life and personality to the space.

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