9 Design Choices That Can Make Your Home Look Dated

Uncover nine design missteps that can inadvertently age your interiors. Embrace strategies to ensure your home remains both contemporary and enduringly elegant.

  • By abby tian
  • Published on August 25, 2023

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    Designing your home is an exhilarating journey, enabling you to articulate your individuality and fashion a sanctuary that mirrors your preferences. Nonetheless, certain design preferences, when unwittingly incorporated, can inadvertently bestow an antiquated aura upon your living spaces, rather than the contemporary and timeless ambience you aspire to create. This article delves into nine design choices that have the potential to relegate your home to the past, instead of ensuring its relevance and allure over time. Familiarizing yourself with these pitfalls can empower you to cultivate an environment that exudes both chic modernity and timeless charm.


    • Neglecting Lounge Chairs in the Living Room
    • Overly Trendy Pink Accent Chairs
    • Ignoring the Power of Lighting
    • Outdated Kitchen Hardware
    • Too Much Open Shelving
    • The Beige Accent Chair Conundrum
    • Over-The-Top Wall Decals
    • Ignoring Flooring Trends
    • Neglecting the Entryway
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    1. Neglecting Lounge Chairs in the Living Room

    Within the tapestry of your home, the living room emerges as a crucible of relaxation and social interaction. The orchestration of furniture within this domain, particularly living room lounge chairs, orchestrates a pivotal role in shaping the room's essence. While the spotlight often falls on the sofa and coffee table, relegating lounge chairs to the periphery can be a design faux pas. Infusing your living room with carefully chosen lounge chairs is akin to weaving threads of sophistication and comfort into the very fabric of your space. These chairs not only augment seating options but also bestow an additional layer of aesthetic opulence.

    1. Overly Trendy Pink Accent Chairs

    The ever-evolving ebb and flow of colour trends parallels the cyclical nature of fashion. Succumbing to the allure of ultra-trendy pink accent chairs may grant instant gratification, yet its prolonged visual resonance can prove evanescent. The key lies in discerning where to invest in transient colour trends. Rather than entwining bold colours within foundational furniture pieces, such as sofas or dining tables, consider reserving them for decorative elements like throw pillows, rugs, and artwork. This approach ensures that your décor remains adaptable to metamorphosing trends without necessitating a comprehensive overhaul.

    1. Ignoring the Power of Lighting

    Illumination is an art form that holds the ability to redefine a room's character and ambiance. A complacent stance toward outdated lighting fixtures can inadvertently relegate your home's aesthetic to yesteryears. Embracing the transformative potential of modern lighting alternatives-ranging from pendant lights and chandeliers to floor facilitates an instantaneous metamorphosis of your interior. In this metamorphosis, an ambience infused with modernity and hospitality emerges, enveloping your family and guests in an inviting embrace.

    1. Outdated Kitchen Hardware

    Kitchens, the epicentre of culinary creativity and familial camaraderie, demand design cohesion that transcends temporal limitations. An oversight in updating kitchen hardware-drawer pulls, cabinet handles, and faucets can inadvertently encase your culinary haven in a retrospective time capsule. To circumvent this, a deliberate shift toward contemporary hardware finishes, such as brushed nickel or the sleek allure of matte black, engenders a rejuvenation of your kitchen's aesthetics. Such a transformation preserves a contemporaneous allure that reverberates throughout your home.

    1. Too Much Open Shelving

    Open shelving is a coveted trend celebrated for its dual capacity to showcase prized possessions and facilitate practical storage. Yet, an overindulgence in open shelving can precipitate an atmosphere that is visually cluttered and decidedly outmoded. Striking equilibrium between the dichotomy of open and closed storage solutions is imperative for maintaining an environment that is both functional and visually harmonious. Thoughtfully curating open shelving to spotlight meticulously selected items can transform your space into an epitome of organizational elegance.

    1. The Beige Accent Chair Conundrum

    Beige, a classic and versatile hue, occupies a distinguished place within interior design's palette. However, overindulgence in beige accent chairs can inadvertently construct an atmosphere that is monotonous and bereft of visual dynamism. Harnessing the captivating power of colour is pivotal in circumventing this pitfall. By interspersing your décor with accent chairs sporting vibrant colours or patterns, you infuse a vibrant pulse into your living spaces. This strategic infusion of colour ensures that your home evades the trap of monotony and consistently radiates a fresh and contemporary aura.

    1. Over-The-Top Wall Decals

    In the realm of interior design, wall decals emerge as a contemporary and dynamic substitute for traditional artwork, granting homeowners a unique avenue for personal artistic expression. Nonetheless, as with any design choice, moderation and synergy with the overarching aesthetic are crucial. An inclination towards intricate or excessively bold decal designs has the potential to disrupt the cohesive design narrative of your home, diverting attention from other carefully curated elements. To navigate this terrain successfully, it's prudent to opt for wall art that seamlessly integrates with your established design schema and architectural nuances. This cohesive approach transforms your living space into a symphony of visual harmony.

     Moreover, the pursuit of high-quality artwork holds significance beyond mere aesthetics. Art works with enduring appeal contribute to an atmosphere of timelessness, adding layers of sophistication and charm that transcend the transient nature of trends. By thoughtfully selecting wall art that strikes a balance between personal expression and aesthetic cohesiveness, your décor becomes a canvas that showcases both your creativity and your ability to curate a visually captivating environment.

    Flooring is the bedrock upon which your home's design narrative unfolds. Parallel to sartorial fashion, flooring trends also traverse cycles of popularity. Shag carpets and obsolete tile motifs can inadvertently shackle your home to a particular era. To transcend the ephemeral nature of trends, embracing classic flooring choices such as enduring hardwood or perennial tile designs is advisable. These choices furnish an underpinning that harmonizes effortlessly with diverse design sensibilities and perpetually retains its allure.

    1. Neglecting the Entryway

    The entryway serves as the prologue to your home, unfurling the welcome mat to guests and setting the tone for their experience within. Disregarding this pivotal space might inadvertently perpetuate an antiquated first impression. Reviving your entryway with a fresh doormat, meticulously organized furnishings, and elements of timeless aesthetics can elevate your home's allure. A meticulously conceived entryway not only beckons guests but serves as a prologue to the contemporary elegance that resonates throughout your abode.


    Navigating the journey of home design to create an abode that withstands the ebb and flow of time necessitates prudent design decisions. By eschewing ephemeral trends, harmonizing design components, and incorporating elements of timeless allure, you foster an environment that is perpetually inviting and relevant. The equilibrium struck between personal expression and design principles resistant to temporal fluctuations ensures that your home is an enduring testament to your taste and sophistication. Through these deliberate design choices, your living spaces continue to emanate vitality and grace across the expanse of time.


    Q1: Why are lounge chairs essential in a living room?
    Lounge chairs add sophistication and comfort, enhancing seating options and the room's overall aesthetic.
    Q2: How can one avoid the pitfalls of overly trendy pink accent chairs?
    Reserve bold colors for decorative elements like throw pillows and rugs, ensuring adaptability to changing trends.
    Q3: What's the significance of updating kitchen hardware?
    Contemporary hardware finishes rejuvenate the kitchen's aesthetics, preventing it from looking outdated.

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