How to Buy the Perfect Outdoor Depth Seat

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  • Published on December 20, 2022

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    Outdoor sofas or chairs are great pieces in the home, as they are great for hosting friends and family when they come around.

    However, when relaxation matters, no option takes the place of deep seating. Deep seating pieces are designed to offer optimal comfort, thanks to their upholstery and cushion.


    • But how do you choose the perfect outdoor deep seating
      • This piece gives you an insight into what matters when picking the perfect outdoor deep seating:
      • Prioritize the Right Materials
      • Let's take a look at these materials and what they have to offer:
        • Softwoods
        • Hardwoods
        • Teak
        • Wicker
        • Aluminium
        • Consider Durability
        • Consider Your Space
        • Consider the Cushions
    • Here are two major factors to consider about furniture cushions:
    • FAQs
    • You may want to know:

    But how do you choose the perfect outdoor deep seating

    Different factors play into choosing the right deep seating sofas. While you want to choose one that promises durability, you want to choose the right mix of colours and don't want to skimp on quality.

    This piece gives you an insight into what matters when picking the perfect outdoor deep seating:

    Prioritize the Right Materials

    Choosing the right materials is crucial when it comes to prioritizing your furniture. Therefore, it is important to make careful selections.

    There are several options to consider when deciding on the appropriate material for your outdoor seating. These options include hardwoods, softwoods, aluminum, and wicker.

    Keep in mind that your choice of materials will impact the quality, price, and comfort of your deep-seating furniture.

    Let's take a look at these materials and what they have to offer:


    Softwood should be avoided when selecting materials for outdoor deep seating. While softwoods are readily available and affordable, there are better alternatives for outdoor furniture.

    Softwoods are susceptible to the elements that outdoor furniture is exposed to. If you choose softwood, expect your furniture to have a shorter lifespan. Your sofa may easily dent or scratch, and preventing this would require additional expenses for regular varnishing and staining.


    Hardwoods are a better choice of outdoor furniture materials as they are more durable than their softwood counterparts. However, this doesn't mean they are the best for outdoor seating.

    While they outperform softwoods, hardwoods come with higher maintenance requirements to preserve their appearance, which adds to the overall costs. Keeping hardwood furniture in top condition involves varnishing and staining every couple of years. Additionally, even with proper maintenance, hardwood furniture is still vulnerable to harsh weather conditions.


    Teak is a good material to consider for outdoor seating. Although it might be more expensive than softwoods and other hardwoods, its returns overwhelm its cost, as it will serve you for several years.

    However, this doesn't mean teak doesn't have its downsides. While this material produces its oil to eliminate the need for varnishing and staining, it is prone to "silver patina", a condition that spoils the look. Considering this issue with the high price of teak furniture, you may want to consider another material.


    Wicker makes one of the best materials for indoor furniture. However, this cannot be said of wicker when taken outside. Wicker furniture doesn't perform excellently well outdoors as it easily degrades in value when exposed to outdoor elements.

    For example, when used outside, wicker easily gets dirt stuck between the strands, which steals its appearance.


    When it comes to durability, you can count on aluminium as a great choice of material for outdoor furniture. Aluminium is on the list of the best materials for outdoor seating for its weather resistance, durability, and low cost.

    However, you won't get enough comfort from aluminium like other materials. Aluminium is not ideal for luxurious seating. But other than this, aluminium easily resists outdoor elements, making it a durable deep seating material for your yard or garden.

    Check out this Art Leon outdoor set made from aluminium.

    Consider Durability

    Durability is important when picking an outdoor deep-seating sofa or chair. Since you will often use your seat to accommodate your loved ones, it makes sense to make your choice with durability.

    Of course, your choice of materials will determine your chair's durability, but the build and design also contribute to this. How the manufacturer puts the components together has a say in how the sofa behaves in the long run.

    Here is a hand-crafted swivel rocker chairs Ribbon Outdoor Set to consider for your outdoor space.

    The best way to know what to expect from your outdoor deep-seating sofa is to check for reviews. Past customers return to drop reviews on their purchases after some use.

    Consider Your Space

    One common challenge people face with furniture is picking one that doesn't suit their space usage. How you use your space should contribute to your choice of outdoor deep seating. You don't want to choose your furniture only to find out it takes all your available space, leaving no inch for other activities.

    The point here is to carefully plan how you will use your space before deciding to buy those pieces. During your plan, measure the available space and assign a portion to every activity that will take place in the space. The remaining space will give you an idea of what size to choose.

    Do this by drawing your space on a sheet of cardboard and placing each piece where it will belong when you finally bring it in.

    The bonus idea here is to provide convenient pathways of about two to three feet between furniture to aid easy movement.

    Consider the Cushions

    While the cushion of your furniture might not reflect the overall look, it contributes largely to comfort. Since your priority is finding pieces that provide support and comfort, it is essential to ensure an adequate number of cushions are included.

    Here are two major factors to consider about furniture cushions:

    The Upholstery Material: since you are shopping for this furniture to place in your open yard, it makes sent to ensure that the cover upholstery can withstand outdoor elements too. Outdoor performance fabric is the best option for this purpose. It is specially designed for weather resistance- and fade- resistance. Plus, since it can repel rain, outdoor performance fabric gives you peace of mind when you leave your furniture outside all year.

    This art ribbon outdoor set features water-repellent fabric.

    Cushion Components: The cushion component will determine the comfort you get when using your furniture. The idea is to avoid cushions with just standard foam and choose a higher-density option with built-in bounce back.

    Here is a 2 Pieces loverseat outdoor set with high-density fabric.

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    What materials are suitable for outdoor deep seating?
    There are several materials to consider for outdoor deep seating, including softwoods, hardwoods, teak, wicker, and aluminum. Softwoods should be avoided due to their vulnerability to outdoor elements, while hardwoods require more maintenance. Teak is a good choice for durability, but it may develop a "silver patina." Wicker is not recommended for outdoor use. Aluminum is a durable and cost-effective option but may not provide as much comfort.
    How important is durability when selecting outdoor deep seating?
    Durability is crucial when choosing outdoor deep seating, especially if you plan to accommodate friends and family frequently. The durability of the seating is influenced by both the materials used and the overall build and design. Checking reviews from past customers can provide insights into the long-term durability of a specific product.
    What should I consider regarding the cushions for outdoor deep seating?
    When it comes to cushions, consider the upholstery material and the cushion components. Opt for outdoor performance fabric that is weather-resistant and fade-resistant. It should also repel rain, allowing you to leave your furniture outside all year. Additionally, choose cushions with higher-density foam for better comfort and built-in bounce back.

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