How Wide Is A Dining Side Chair?

This blog post will help you see how your choice of seats will affect your seating arrangements in your dining room. Our spotlight will be on dining side chairs and how wide they should be.

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  • Published on March 01, 2023

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    Your dining set is not complete without a set of dining seats, which can be side chairs or armchairs.

    Depending on your preference, your dining room space, and the size of your dining table, you can have as many dining chairs as you want. You can choose your dining sets based on the beautiful design available. 

    However, the number of seats you want for your set will depend on how many seats the table can accommodate. 

    Most homeowners prefer to go for side chairs for more seats on the dining table as they can seat more guests. How wide is a dining side chair? How many of them can you have in your dining set, and how do you get accurate measurements to help you ascertain that?

    This blog post will help you see how your choice of seats will affect your seating arrangements in your dining room. Our spotlight will be on dining side chairs and how wide they should be.


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    Side Chair Explained

    A side chair is a chair that has no arms. That implies that when you sit on it, you cannot rest your arms on any part of the chair, as you would with an armchair. A dining side chair is a side chair you can sit on in the dining or, differently put, a dining chair without arms.

    The armless profile of a dining side chair makes it fit into any corner or position around the dining table. Homeowners particularly love this armless dining room chair because it can fit into small spaces. 

    A perfect situation is when more guests come over for dinner, and the circumstance doesn’t allow you to provide an extra dining table set. 

    The most brilliant move you can make under this circumstance is to get additional dining table chairs that require just a small space to fit in properly. What you should get are extra dining side chairs.

    A typical side chair is made of wood, though they come in different materials. You can get those that comprise lumber all through to use as dining table chairs. That means the back, seat, and legs are all made of wood. How to change the back of the dining chair?

    You can also opt for the upholstered side chair. These have the back and seat padded with upholstery material such as leather or velvet, while the legs are wood. Such a piece will make an excellent leather dining chair. 

    You can choose from different styles when using a side chair as your dining chair. You can have a mid-century dining chair look which is quite elegant. You can also opt for a more contemporary style or mix-and-match styles.

    It would be best to consider your comfort when planning your dining set chairs. You can throw some side chairs into your comfortable dining chair arrangement to help you and your guests enjoy their meals better. High-back dining chair sets also come with some side chairs. 

    Sometimes you would like to spend more time in your dining room, probably when your friends are over for games night. You’d need some comfortable side chairs for this purpose. Leather dining chairs would be your best bet. 

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    For your tall friends and family, you should consider the comfort of their backs while seated on the dining side chairs. Including high-back dining chairs in your set will be a good option.

    Your typical dining table set can come with only dining side chairs. That way, you can arrange all your dining table chairs without special consideration for any of them. However, the case differs for sets with armchairs and side chairs. 

    To arrange this dining set, you should put the armchairs at the table heads while the side chairs go around the remaining spaces. 


    How Wide Is A Dining Side Chair

    As a rule of thumb, every guest should have a space of at least 24 inches around them when seated at the dining table. A typical dining side chair has a width of between 16 and 24 inches.

    They help you conserve your space better than dining table chairs with arms covering as much as 30 inches. For the comfort of your guests, you give an additional allowance of 6 inches added to the width of the side chair. 

    That will prevent guests from knocking their elbows when they sit to eat.

    Because of the wider space that arm dining chairs occupy, having a dining set with only armchairs won’t be a good idea if you’re expecting more people for dinner. 

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    The best option is to use only side dining table chairs or includes just one or two armchairs at the table heads for the host and hostess. 

    To get a more accurate measurement for your dining room chair, it’s best you measure it at its widest point. 

    For many dining table chairs, their most comprehensive point is the seat; for others, it’s back. For high-back dining chairs, how high their backs are don’t necessarily influence their width. It only adds to the aesthetics and comfort of your guests.


    The width of a side chair is a significant determinant of how many guests your dining table can comfortably seat. 

    When you next purchase a dining set, you should know how many dining seats can fit in your dining room. Take time to measure your available space and do the necessary calculations to see how many guests you can seat comfortably for dinner. 

    Remember to factor how wide the dining side chairs are into your measurement.

    Do you need a dining chair with a width that supports comfort? Regardless of your choice of height, we have the right dining chair for you at Atleon. 

    Visit our dining chair catalogue to check which dining side chair is best for you, your family, and your guests. Using the search box will quickly display your choice of dining chair. 


    Q1: How do you get accurate measurements for dining side chairs?
    To get accurate measurements for dining side chairs, measure them at their widest point, which is usually the seat or back.
    Q2: What materials are dining side chairs made of?
    Dining side chairs can be made of various materials, including wood, upholstered with leather or velvet, or a combination of materials.
    Q3: How do dining side chairs compare to armchairs in terms of width?
    Dining side chairs are generally narrower than armchairs, which makes them more space-efficient and allows for more seating options at the dining table.

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