How to Use Art Leon Furniture for Built-In Storage

This article is a quick guide on how to use Art Leon Furniture sideboards for built-in storage, providing tips on understanding storage needs, choosing the right design, and maximizing storage space.

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  • Published on July 20, 2023

    Traditional Sideboards | Art Leon

    Sideboards are versatile furniture pieces that provide storage and aesthetic appeal to any space. From offices and small apartments to expansive houses, a well-crafted sideboard can bring out so much more functionality and style to the interior. This quick guide explains how to use Art Leon furniture for built-In storage and maximize your living space efficiently with their range of modern sideboards.


    • Understanding Your Storage Needs
    • Choosing the Right Sideboard Design
      • Art Leon Sideboard, Rattan Design
      • The Art Leon Sideboard in Spiral Design
      • The Art Leon Fir Bump Design Sideboard
      • Art Leon Sideboard, 2 Drawers, and Bottom Shelf
      • Art Leon Sideboard, 3 Drawers, and Bottom Shelf
    • Maximizing Storage Space
      • Adjustable Shelves
      • Dividers and Inserts
      • Utilizing Vertical Space
    • Integrating Sideboards Into Different Spaces
      • Dining Room
      • Living Room
      • Home Office
      • Bedroom
    • Styling and Displaying Items
      • Balanced Arranging
      • Decorative Containers
      • Placing Artwork or Vases
    • Conclusion
    • FAQs
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    Understanding Your Storage Needs

    Before adding a sideboard to a space, evaluating your storage needs is essential. Consider what items need storing - such as tableware, linens, books, or electronics. Estimate their quantity and size so you can select an ideal type and dimension of the sideboard to meet the exact storage requirements.

    Choosing the Right Sideboard Design

    Sideboards can come in an assortment of designs, including traditional, contemporary, rustic, and minimalist styles. When choosing a sideboard, make sure to go for a design that complements the existing decor of your space, while also considering materials, finishes, and hardware options that suit your specific preferences.

    Art Leon Sideboard, Rattan Design

    This versatile rattan sideboard is an affordable yet modern piece of furniture, suitable for multiple uses ranging from kitchen buffet and console bar to bookshelf or bathroom cabinet. Divided into two compartments to provide plenty of storage space and constructed from a high-grade medium-density fireboard, this mid-century modern sideboard is resistant to mold and insects. Its capacity to absorb moisture is ideal for bathrooms - thanks to its rattan decorations. It features an additional support leg to ensure stability and prevent wobbling or toppling over.

    The Art Leon Sideboard in Spiral Design

    Boasting an MDF frame with pine veneer and an eye-catching spiral-patterned door, this sideboard won't fail to meet all your storage needs easily with its ample storage capacity. Its gold metal leg includes adjustable leveling feet that remove any need for makeshift supports. It's amazing how the interior cabinets can easily be transformed from a two-drawer configuration to one using the removable shelf feature. You can utilize it as a modern sideboard buffet, entryway storage, bedroom side cabinets, and more!

    The Art Leon Fir Bump Design Sideboard

    This model boasts a sleek MDF frame with pine veneer and stunning fir bump grain doors, while its solid wood legs come equipped with adjustable leveling feet, eliminating makeshift solutions. A removable shelf allows flexible storage and those black metal door handles add an elegant touch. The checkerboard design sideboard featuring gold metal door handles makes an equally stunning statement piece in dining rooms or entryways alike.

    Art Leon Sideboard, 2 Drawers, and Bottom Shelf

    This small sideboard provides ample storage with its two rattan-designed top drawers and open bottom shelf made of MDF with willow bark veneer, exuding elegance. Each drawer boasts advanced buffering and anti-collision technology while its solid wood legs come equipped with adjustable leveling feet - eliminating makeshift supports altogether. 

    Art Leon Sideboard, 3 Drawers, and Bottom Shelf

    An amazing variant of the above model, 3 drawers & bottom shelf small sideboard features three top drawers adorned by retro handles. An open-design bottom shelf offering large storage capacity provides plenty of storage options!

    Maximizing Storage Space 

    Once you have chosen an ideal sideboard, the next step is to maximize the storage capacity of the unit. Use these strategies to make use of every available inch.

    Adjustable Shelves

    Many sideboards feature adjustable shelves to let you customize their interior arrangement to accommodate a range of items with different sizes and shapes.

    Dividers and Inserts

    Utilizing dividers or inserts within your sideboard can help organize small items such as cutlery, office supplies, or media devices more efficiently. If your sideboard contains drawers, use drawer dividers or organizers to bifurcate items on the basis of categories to avoid clutter.

    Utilizing Vertical Space

    Take advantage of your sideboard's vertical space by installing hooks or racks along its edges or back to hang items such as cups, towels, or aprons.

    Integrating Sideboards Into Different Spaces

    You can double up sideboards as storage solutions in various spaces around the house. The range of sideboards by Art Leon Furniture has something for you Whether you are looking for a bookshelf, a modern sideboard buffet, a console bar, or a kitchen buffet, the vivid range of sideboards by Art Leon Furniture has got you covered. You can place them anywhere indoors, including the living room, the kitchen, the hallway, the bathroom, and more! 

    Dining Room

    Utilize a sideboard in the dining room to store tableware, linens, and utensils. You may even consider using its top surface as an area for buffeting during gatherings or displaying decorative pieces.

    Living Room

    Add a sideboard as a media console in the living room to store electronic equipment, books, and board games. Decorate its top with artwork, candles, or small lamps for an aesthetic finish.

    Home Office

    Install a sideboard in your home office to store paperwork, stationery, and office supplies while its top surface doubles as a desk or display space for awards or photographs.


    Keep a sideboard in your bedroom to store clothing, accessories, and extra bedding. It can also serve as a vanity area with a mirror and small organizers for cosmetics and jewelry storage.

    Styling and Displaying Items

    Sideboards not only offer storage solutions but are an opportunity to showcase some of your favorite decor pieces. Here are a few tips to style and display items with utmost grace:

    Balanced Arranging

    Arrange items on the sideboard in a way that is both aesthetically pleasing and balanced. It's a good idea to try mixing tall and short objects to add visual interest and diversity.

    Decorative Containers

    Use decorative boxes, baskets, or trays to store and display smaller items - this not only keeps them organized but adds an elegant touch to their overall presentation.

    Placing Artwork or Vases

    Hang art or place mirrors above your sideboard to make it visually appealing and create an eye-catching focal point in the room. Adding plants or flowers in vases brings out a natural element that gives the storage corner life, further adding some color and freshness to the overall arrangement.

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    Sideboards provide a practical storage solution, while also improving the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your space. Carefully considering your storage needs, selecting an appropriate sideboard design, optimizing space utilization and styling items are all you need to create an organized yet visually appealing space. Check out the different sideboards by Art Leon Furniture and grab what suits you best!


    Q1: Are the sideboards from Art Leon Furniture easy to assemble?
    Yes, Art Leon sideboards are designed for easy assembly. They come with clear instructions and all the necessary hardware, making the assembly process straightforward and hassle-free.
    Q2: Can the Art Leon sideboards be used in bathrooms, given their resistance to mold and moisture absorption?
    Yes, the rattan-designed sideboard from Art Leon is ideal for bathrooms due to its resistance to mold and ability to absorb moisture. It can be used as a bathroom cabinet to store towels, toiletries, and other essentials.
    Q3: Can you use Art Leon sideboards in multiple spaces throughout the home?
    Absolutely! Art Leon sideboards are versatile and can be integrated into various spaces in your home. They are suitable for the living room, dining room, home office, bedroom, and more. Whether you need a media console, a bookshelf, a kitchen buffet, or a storage solution for any other area, Art Leon sideboards have a range of designs to choose from.

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