8 Best Farmhouse Dining Tables of 2023 and Where to Buy Them

The article discusses the best farmhouse dining tables of 2023, their features, and where to buy them online.

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  • Published on July 20, 2023

    Rustic Farmhouse Dining Table | Art Leon

    There is nothing like a farmhouse dining table that transforms your dining room into an iconic space. Not only do farmhouse dining tables look classy, but they also give the dining room that cozy feel. 

    However, while farmhouse dining tables are from different brands, they are also of different types, and choosing one can be challenging. Hence, it is wise to know the best dining farmhouse dining table to help bring out the best of your dining space. 

    We've done our research, and here are our best farmhouse dining tables of 2023. Also, you can easily find great dining chairs that will tie the look together in our dining chair section.


    • Best Farmhouse Dining Tables
      • Miles Dining Table
      • Abasi Pedestal Dining Table
      • Eminence Extendable Dining Table
      • Emmett Pine Solid Wood Trestle Dining Table
      • Linden Round Wood Dining Table
      • Jameson Dining Table
      • Splayed Legs Dining Table
      • Toscana Extending Dining Table
    • Where to Buy the Best Farmhouse Dining Tables?
      • Amazon
      • Esty
      • OverStock
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    Best Farmhouse Dining Tables

    Miles Dining Table

    If you are looking for a farmhouse dining table that looks sturdy yet elegant, then the Miles Dining Table is just for you. It features a solid foundation that shows that it was built to last. This classy table is made from solid acacia wood and has a whitewashed finish. 

    The finished product is a masterpiece that can fit in a lot of dining rooms. Besides that, it comes in two different sizes, showing that this table can fit in small and large dining rooms.

    Abasi Pedestal Dining Table

    Adding a farmhouse feel to your dining room is not as difficult as it seems, and the Abasi Pedestal Dining Table is living proof of this statement. 

    The Abasi Pedestal Dining Table is a solid farmhouse dining table that is built to have an X-shaped footprint and diagonal supports. Not only does this add some character and life to the table, but it also helps to make the dining table sturdier. An oak dining chair will transform the table into a perfect dining set.

    Eminence Extendable Dining Table

    A farmhouse-style dining table can still be classy and elegant. The Eminence Extendable Dining Table is a farmhouse dining table that still shows off a classy flair. Its rectangular frame makes it perfect for large dining rooms, and it can easily seat up to eight people. 

    It possesses a plank tabletop that gives off a rustic and cozy feel. On the other hand, its white finish makes it look fancy and elegant. The Eminence Extendable Dining Table is the perfect compromise between rustic and fancy.

    Emmett Pine Solid Wood Trestle Dining Table

    The Emmett Pine Solid Wood Trestle Dining Table is a unique farmhouse-style dining table. What makes it unique is that it is usually made from trees that are sourced from renewable forests. This makes the trees perfect for people who love eco-friendly homes. 

    The table's trestle frame is large enough to seat up to six people comfortably. The Art Leon Rattan Chairs are great dining chairs that will surely go well with this unique table.

    Linden Round Wood Dining Table

    If you love small-sized furniture, then you'll love the Linden Round Wood Dining Table. This farmhouse-style dining table may be small, but it is still cozy. 

    The Linden Round Wood Dining Table is perfect for eat-in kitchens with little space. Its four flared legs show elegance and style despite being small. You can piece the look together with various dining chairs, including the Rattan Dining Chairs.

    Jameson Dining Table

    One essential part of a farmhouse-style dining table is its weathered design. Thankfully, the Jameson Dining Table is one of the few that still follows this principle. This dining table is created in such a way that it looks like an antique. 

    However, the weathered design does not affect it at all, as it is still as functional as ever. This table is perfect for both old and new homes, thanks to its stylish and intricately-designed legs. What's more, it is large enough to comfortably fit up to six adult chairs.

    Splayed Legs Dining Table

    The Splayed Legs Dining Table is a farmhouse-style dining table with a plain and rustic vibe. 

    Although it features an oversized frame, this is easily balanced by its light and airy design and iconic splayed legs. This table can easily seat up to eight people, making it perfect for family dinners and small occasions. 

    If you want to liven up the dining room subtly yet effectively, then the Splayed Legs Dining Table is just for you. Plus, pairing this table with Art Leon dining chairs will help bring out the best of your dining area.

    Toscana Extending Dining Table

    If you're going for an Italian farmhouse dining room, the Toscana Extending Dining Table is perfect. This farmhouse-style dining table offers a distressed, hand-planed surface that gives it a salvaged wood look. It features a large yet cozy frame that helps give it that Italian farmhouse feel. 

    Although large enough, its drop-in breadboards allow it to comfortably seat up to eight people. It goes well with a wide variety of dining chairs.

    Farmhouse Style Dining Table | Art Leon

    Where to Buy the Best Farmhouse Dining Tables?

    There are many ways you can purchase the right farmhouse dining table. One of these is going to a trusted physical store to purchase the dining table. Many physical stores offer a wide selection of farmhouse dining tables to suit the tastes of different farmhouse enthusiasts. 

    However, visiting physical stores for your farmhouse dining tables can be quite stressful. Hence, it makes sense to shop online. Here are some of the best places to buy farmhouse dining tables:


    Amazon is one of the leading online retail shops for farmhouse dining tables. One reason you want to consider this online store is its reputation. Amazon is an established store that has been in business for decades. Hence, you can trust them for your dining table. 


    Are you looking for the best farmhouse dining table and need a store with various options? Consider Esty. The American e-commerce store focuses on handmade items. Hence, this is a good place for you if you cherish the natural look of handmade furniture. 

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    OverStock is yet another store to shop for your farmhouse dining table online. Regardless of your choice of dining table, this store has something that meets your needs and style. 

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    Living in a modern home doesn't mean letting go of your love for farmhouse-style living. You can easily transform your dining room into a rustic space with some of our listed best farmhouse-style dining tables.

    And remember to purchase the perfect dining chairs with your table to create an amazing furniture combo.


    Q1: What makes a farmhouse dining table different from other dining tables?
    A farmhouse dining table typically has a rustic and charming appearance. It often features a solid, sturdy construction, natural wood finishes, and sometimes weathered or distressed details. These tables are designed to evoke a cozy, countryside feel and are often larger to accommodate family gatherings.
    Q2: What factors should I consider when choosing a farmhouse dining table?
    When choosing a farmhouse dining table, consider the size of your dining space, the number of people it needs to seat comfortably, and the overall style and decor of your dining room. Look for tables made from durable materials like solid wood and consider the finish that best complements your space.
    Q3: What are some eco-friendly options for farmhouse dining tables?
    If you're looking for eco-friendly options, consider farmhouse dining tables made from reclaimed or sustainably sourced wood. These tables are crafted from recycled materials, reducing their environmental impact. Look for certifications or information from the manufacturer about their commitment to sustainability.

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