The New 2023 Furniture Collection from Art Leon

The article introduces the new 2023 furniture collection from Art Leon, highlighting various pieces such as swivel bar stools, accent chairs, desk chairs, and dining chairs.

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  • Published on July 14, 2023

    Leather Accent Chair Set Of 2 | Art Leon

    Before furnishing your outdoor area, you need to consider a lot of factors. But the major factor to consider is your space. There are chairs designed for small patios and those designed for large gardens. 

    Beyond this, you also want to consider aesthetics. Getting the right furniture pieces helps your space look better and blend in naturally. The new 2023 furniture collection from Art Leon is what you need to give your space a look you've always admired.

    More so, these pieces of furniture are made with unique materials that make them long-lasting and comfortable.

    Art Leon's 2023 new arrivals are made with the best designs and patterns. We work with expert craftsmen and designers who work whose aim is to provide innovative and stylish pieces that reflect the latest materials, functionalities, and aesthetics. So, when you invest in one of these, you can rest assured to get your space more elegant and up-to-date.


    • Here is a List of Some of Art Leon's New Furniture Collection:
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      • You can check our new furniture collection for more options for new 2023 furniture pieces
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    Here is a List of Some of Art Leon's New Furniture Collection:

    This swivel bar stool has a unique stitching design in a leaf shape, which gives it a sleek and luxurious look. So, if you're thinking of upgrading your kitchen, restaurant, or bar and giving it a mid-century modern appeal, this swivel stool is the real deal.

    The new design includes an upgraded cushion, an ergonomic curve for improved comfort, adjustable height, and a 360° rotation feature for better usage and viewing experience. This swivel bar stool is also covered in durable faux leather and

    high-density foam for durability, even after long-term use. So, you're rest assured of getting value for your money.

    Trust us, investing in this Accent Chair is one of the best decisions you'd ever make! With PU Leather, 360° swivel, up to 160° tilt, thick sponge padding, extendable footrest, and split design make it the perfect chair for any room.

    Whether it's for relaxation, taking a nap, or reading, this chair is built for better relaxation and comfort. It has an elegant and modern appeal, and it comes with strong heavy-duty feet and a sturdy steel frame. It also features non-slip foot pads for firmness and safety. If you're looking at prolonged and comfortable use, you should invest in this chair.

    If you're thinking elegance, mid-century and exquisite, the Art Leon Swivel Chairs with Square Buttonless Stitching are the right choice.

    The stable and strong oak wood legs and comfortable padding make it an excellent choice for daily use. The beautiful thing about this chair is that it can serve as an accent, office desk, or dining chair. So, you can get this chair to suit your many needs. The buttonless stitch padding gives it a modern look that blends with any room style. It also features a 360° swivel, sturdy frame with oak legs and non-slip pads.

    This Art Leon accent desk chair with fleece upholstery is made with a blend of three colours to give it a modern appearance. The fleece upholstery and high-density sponge ensure comfortable seating, and the strong steel metal legs and wood frame provide durability and stability.

    This chair also boasts a cosy fleece interior with a short fluff layer for comfort and warmth. This chair will surely bring out the attractiveness of your space, regardless of how it looks. So, get this beauty for better relaxation, comfort, and durability.

    Lovers of vintage pieces will love the Art Leon Rattan Chairs. The Art Rattan and Oak Bar Stool with Metal Legs combines modern craftsmanship and vintage style. The seat and curved backrest ensure stability and comfort, and the black metal frame has oak accents and handwoven rattan adorned. 

    The curved edges and black Oak frame give it a stylish look, and the backrest is elastic and breathable, providing excellent support for your back.

    The synthetic leather used in making the seat surface is durable and soft; you can choose any colour you love best from the three available colours.

    Do you want to give your kitchen an exquisite look with incredible functionality? You should consider getting the Art Poplar Open Backrest Swivel Chair!

    It has excellent features such as sleek PU material, a durable base, a slightly curved open backrest, and a water-resistant textured finish, making it a great addition to any kitchen or bar area.  

    All these features ensure stability and support, breathability, and durability. The Poplar material used adds visual interest to the furniture to prevent monotony. 

    The upholstered seat also swivels 360°, and the gas lift function helps to ensure easy height adjustment. 

    Do you want to improve your dining room and give it a beautiful look? The Art Leon Rattan and Oak Dining chairs with Ash Wood Legs will improve your dining room and give it a modern look. This mid-century dining chair features a rattan interwoven design and a beautiful ash frame that exudes sophistication and elegance.

    It comes in three different fabrics and high-density foam for better comfort and ventilation. The sleek design without armrests comes in different colours to better enhance and complement your home's aesthetics. Invest in this furniture piece, and you won't regret it.

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    The Art Leon Arm Dining Chair is your best bet if you want your accent chair with wooden legs! This chair gives your space a touch. The fabric used is upholstered in linen for breathability, comfort, and durability. The chair's armrests and cushion are padded with high-density foam that conforms to your body shape and provides a more relaxing and comfortable seating experience.

    The 360° swivel base ensures easy movement and better flexibility to help you turn and adjust your chair in any direction.

    The chair legs are made of sturdy beech wood for a robust feel, and the smooth finish and light brown colour give the chair a touch of elegance. Additionally, the beech wood legs make the chair able to support up to 256 lbs.


    The furniture world is evolving, and new innovations are emerging daily. Hence, you want to follow the trend and choose the last styles for your furniture. 

    This piece has provided you with the new 2023 furniture collection from Art Leon Furniture. Depending on what catches your interest from the list, you can make your choice and place an order. 

    You can check our new furniture collection for more options for new 2023 furniture pieces. 


    Q1: Are Art Leon's new furniture pieces durable and comfortable?
    Yes, Art Leon's new furniture pieces are designed with durability and comfort in mind. For example, the swivel bar stool features a durable faux leather cover and high-density foam for long-lasting use. Similarly, the accent chair incorporates thick sponge padding, PU leather, and a 360° swivel for optimal comfort and relaxation. These furniture pieces are built to provide both style and functionality.
    Q2: Can the Art Leon furniture collection be used in different settings?
    Absolutely! The versatility of Art Leon's furniture collection allows it to be used in various settings. For instance, the armless swivel desk chair can serve as an accent, office desk, or dining chair, making it suitable for multiple purposes. The dining chairs with ash wood legs can enhance the look of any dining room, while the swivel bar stool is ideal for kitchens, restaurants, or bars.
    Q3: What are the key features of Art Leon's rattan chairs?
    Art Leon's rattan chairs combine modern craftsmanship with a vintage style. The seats and curved backrests offer stability and comfort, while the handwoven rattan adds an elegant touch. These chairs feature oak accents, metal frames, and synthetic leather seat surfaces that are both durable and soft. Customers can choose from a range of colors to suit their preferences.

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