How To Arrange Living Room Sofa Chair Coffee Table?

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  • Published on February 23, 2023

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    Who has not seen those over-the-top home makeover shows? They will put the craziest thing in the room just for a shock factor; once an artificial waterfall was added right in the living room. It might look intriguing, however, it is not practical. When it comes to decorating a living room, you can make a phenomenal layout using just a living room sofa chair and a coffee table. Yes, it is that simple! Just follow the golden rules for arranging sofa chairs with coffee tables in a living room, and you are good to go.


    • Getting familiar with the golden rules
    • Conversation Starter Arrangement
    • L-Shaped Arrangement
    • Lounging Arrangement
    • Must-know tips for sofa chair and coffee table arrangement
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    Getting familiar with the golden rules 

    You probably must be wondering what are these golden rules. Don't beat yourself up for not knowing; these were the industry's trade secrets for decades. The truth is a sofa chair and a coffee table accompanying it is the heart of a living room. It is a powerful focal point, and thus, the most vital section of a living room. A wrong arrangement will not only be an eye sore, but the furniture will also lose its practicality and aesthetical appeal. 

    To overcome the complexities in the task of arranging a sofa chair (or armchair) with a coffee table in a living room, expert interior designers have pinpointed some easy-to-apply, simple design principles that can make every element in the room complement each other. Some of the most well-known interior designers follow these simple tricks and recommend others to use them too. If you stick to these rules and arrange both pieces of furniture accordingly, your living room will become your favourite.

    Conversation Starter Arrangement

    So, you invested in an office sofa chair because the concept of work-from-home became the new office culture when Covid engulfed the entire world just a few years ago. Now that work-from-home is slowly becoming a thing of the past, you must be wondering how you can arrange your office armchair in the living room to get the most out of it. You can take the help of the conversation starter layout in this scenario.

    • Benefits of the method

    This arranging method will be perfect for you if you have guests coming over often. The layout works because the placement of the furniture ensures none of your guests has to shout or crane their necks to have a conversation.

    • How to use the layout? 

    Go ahead and pull all seating pieces close to the middle of your living room. The trick is to position your sofa, office sofa chair, and chairs to face each other. For a more natural and relaxed vibe, make sure they are not kept straight on.

    • Incorporating the coffee table

    The coffee table plays an important role here. A large coffee table for this layout is ideal. Place the coffee table in the middle of the seating piece arrangement. It will bring everything together. Your guests can keep their drinks on it and keep them within easy reach. The drinks and snacks on the table must be easily accessible from every seating piece.

    L-Shaped Arrangement

    Most homeowners invest in sofa chairs as they make a great statement piece. Thus, a single sofa chair is one of the most bought furniture of all time. But the problem with single armchairs is that they feel out of place as they do not match the sofa set or other seating pieces. The L-Shaped layout can be your saviour if you cannot figure out what to do with your single sofa chair.

    • Benefits of the method

    If you are working with a small space, the L-shaped furniture arrangement method for the living room will ensure you can make the most out of the space and have ample space to move around freely. 

    • How to use the layout? 

    Usually, the L-shaped layout is created by using two adjacent walls. For sofa chairs with a coffee table arrangement, experienced interior designers recommend positioning the sofa, single sofa chair, and coffee table to form an L-shaped arrangement. 

    • Incorporating the coffee table

    Use the above-mentioned trick to tie in the coffee table with this kind of living room sofa chair arrangement. You can use a coffee table of any size and design to apply this furniture arrangement method. 

    Lounging Arrangement

    The living room is built for lounging and entertainment purposes primarily. Thus, most homeowners want to create a cosy and relaxing vibe in the room. A folding sofa chair is essential to create the perfect lounging atmosphere. However, arranging the furniture can be nightmarish. If you are wondering how you arrange your folding armchair in the room without it getting in the way, try e lounging arranging method.

    • Benefits of the method

    This living room arrangement method takes into consideration large pieces of furniture and traffic flow. If you use this method to arrange the furniture, nobody will bump into it, and y will have your own comfy section to enjoy your quality time.

    • How to use the layout? 

    One of your main goals when arranging pieces of furniture in a living room is to ensure easy traffic flow. No one should be tripping over anything when passing around the room. As folding sofa chairs are generally bulky in design, a wrong placement can lead to a serious tripping accident. To ensure proper traffic flow, ensure there is at least a distance of a few inches (a couple of feet) between the sofa, sofa chair, chairs, and coffee table. Figure out the most prominent/visible pathway, and make sure it is clear.

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    • Incorporating the coffee table

    Make sure the folding armchair is paired with a sleek yet spacious coffee table. Maintain the mentioned distance and try to keep the coffee table at an angle for a more aesthetically pleasing arrangement. Keep the coffee table close to the folding sofa chair to ensure you have a space to keep things like the remote, wine glass, snack bowl, or your phone.

    Lounge Chair Sofa Chair Arm Rest Table

    Must-know tips for sofa chair and coffee table arrangement

    • Ideally, the height of the coffee table and sofa chair should be the same.
    • There should be at least an arm's length distance between your sofa chair and the coffee table so that you do not have to move yourself or any piece of furniture to retrieve something from the table.

    • At least a 10-inch wide coffee table is recommended for proper functionality and aesthetic arrangement.

    So, go ahead and use what you learned here to arrange your living room sofa chair with a coffee table perfectly. 


    Q1: What are the golden rules for arranging a sofa chair with a coffee table in a living room?
    The golden rules for sofa chair and coffee table arrangement include ensuring the height of both furniture pieces is the same, maintaining at least an arm's length distance between the sofa chair and the coffee table, and using a coffee table that is at least 10 inches wide for functionality and aesthetics.
    Q2: What is the L-shaped arrangement for sofa chairs and coffee tables, and how can I use it?
    The L-shaped arrangement is a method to make the most out of a small space in your living room. To use this layout, position the sofa, single sofa chair, and coffee table to form an L shape, usually against two adjacent walls. This arrangement helps create ample space to move around freely while incorporating your single sofa chair seamlessly with the rest of the seating pieces.
    Q3: What are some must-know tips for arranging a sofa chair and coffee table?
    Some important tips for sofa chair and coffee table arrangement include maintaining the same height for both furniture pieces, keeping at least an arm's length distance between them for easy access, using a coffee table that is at least 10 inches wide, and ensuring proper functionality and aesthetic appeal. Additionally, consider the advantages of reclining sofa chairs, sofa chairs with leg support, how to reupholster a sofa chair, how to clean a sofa chair, and outdoor living room seating options for further information and ideas.

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