Enjoyment Your Outdoor Shower Space

In this guide, we will walk you through the process of building your outdoor shower.

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  • Published on June 21, 2023

    Outdoor Corner Sectional

    An outdoor shower can be a fantastic addition to your home, providing a refreshing and convenient way to cool off during hot summer days or rinse off after a swim. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of building your outdoor shower. To create a stylish and comfortable space, we will incorporate outdoor wicker sectionals, modern outdoor sectionals, outdoor couch sectionals, and wicker outdoor sectionals into the design. You can find a range of options for outdoor sectionals at Art Leon Furniture.


    • Materials and Tools:
      • Step 1: Planning and Preparation
      • Step 2: Design and Layout 
      • Step 3: Building the Frame
      • Step 4: Plumbing Installation
      • Step 5: Drainage
      • Step 6: Flooring
      • Step 7: Walls and Privacy
      • Step 8: Seating Area
      • Step 9: Finishing Touches
      • Step 10: Enjoy Your Outdoor Shower
    • Final Thoughts
    • FAQs
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    Materials and Tools:

    Before you start building, gather the necessary materials and tools. Here's a list of items you'll need:

    • PVC pipes and fittings
    • Showerhead and faucet
    • Waterproof shower curtain or screen
    • Concrete mix
    • Shovel
    • Level
    • Screwdriver
    • Saw
    • Drill
    • Sandpaper

    Step 1: Planning and Preparation

    Start by selecting a suitable location for your outdoor shower. Consider privacy, accessibility to water supply, and proximity to a drainage system. You want to choose an area that provides a sense of seclusion while being convenient to access. Additionally, ensure compliance with any local regulations or building codes about outdoor showers.

    Step 2: Design and Layout 

    Decide on the size and shape of your outdoor shower. This will depend on the available space and your personal preferences. Consider the number of people likely to use the shower simultaneously and ensure there is ample room for movement. By incorporating outdoor wicker sectionals, modern outdoor sectionals, or outdoor couch sectionals, you can create a comfortable seating area within the shower space, providing a spot to relax and enjoy the outdoors. Explore the options at Artleon to find the perfect outdoor sectional that complements your shower design.

    Step 3: Building the Frame 

    Constructing a sturdy frame is essential for the stability and durability of your outdoor shower. PVC pipes and fittings are a popular choice for building frames as they are lightweight, weather-resistant, and easy to work with. Cut the PVC pipes to the desired lengths using a saw and connect them with the fittings. Make sure the frame is level and securely anchored to the ground, ensuring it can withstand various weather conditions.

    Step 4: Plumbing Installation 

    Installing the plumbing components correctly is crucial for the proper functioning of your outdoor shower. Connect the showerhead and faucet to the water supply using PVC pipes and fittings. It's recommended to hire a professional plumber for this step if you're not familiar with plumbing work. They will ensure proper connections, preventing leaks and ensuring a steady flow of water to your outdoor shower.

    Step 5: Drainage

    To prevent water from pooling around the shower area, it's important to create a suitable drainage system. Start by digging a trench adjacent to the shower area. Fill the trench with gravel, which will act as a drainage medium and help redirect the water away from the shower space. Ensure the slope of the trench allows for proper water flow, preventing any potential waterlogging issues.

    Step 6: Flooring 

    Choosing the right flooring material for your outdoor shower is essential for safety and aesthetics. Consider materials that provide good traction even when wet, minimizing the risk of slipping. Options such as tiles, concrete, or natural stone are popular choices for outdoor showers. Ensure proper sloping of the flooring towards the drainage area to facilitate water runoff.

    Step 7: Walls and Privacy 

    Installing walls or privacy features around your outdoor shower not only adds to the aesthetics but also provides the necessary privacy. A waterproof shower curtain or screen is a practical and versatile option that offers both privacy and functionality. It helps contain water splashes and prevents them from spreading to other areas. Choose a curtain or screen that complements the style of your outdoor shower.

    Outdoor Modern Sectional

    Step 8: Seating Area 

    Creating a comfortable seating area within your outdoor shower allows you to relax and enjoy the space fully. Art Leon outdoor set, modern outdoor sectional, or outdoor couch sectional can enhance the ambience while providing a cosy spot to unwind. Visit Art Leon Furniture to explore a variety of options and choose the outdoor sectional that matches your design preferences and space requirements.

    Step 9: Finishing Touches 

    With the major construction work completed, it's time to focus on the finishing touches that will elevate the look and functionality of your outdoor shower. Take a moment to inspect the frame and seating area for any rough edges. Use sandpaper to smooth them out, ensuring a polished and comfortable surface.

    To further enhance the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor shower, consider painting or staining the frame and seating area. Choose colours that harmonize with the surrounding outdoor environment or match your existing outdoor decor. A fresh coat of paint or stain can make a significant difference in the overall appearance, giving your outdoor shower a cohesive and stylish look.

    In addition to aesthetics, think about the practical aspects of your outdoor shower. Installing hooks or shelves near the shower area is a convenient addition. Hooks can be used to hang towels, robes, or even bathing suits, allowing them to dry easily and keeping the space tidy.

    Step 10: Enjoy Your Outdoor Shower 

    With all the construction and finishing work complete, it's time to turn on the water and enjoy your outdoor shower. Sit back, relax, and savour the refreshing experience in your newly built outdoor oasis. Whether you're cooling off on a hot summer day or rinsing off after a swim, your outdoor shower, complete with the cosy seating area provided by the outdoor wicker sectional, modern outdoor sectional, or outdoor couch sectional, will be a delightful addition to your home.

    Final Thoughts

    Building an outdoor shower is a rewarding project that enhances the functionality and enjoyment of your outdoor space. By incorporating outdoor wicker sectionals, modern outdoor sectionals, outdoor couch sectionals, or wicker outdoor sectionals, you can create a stylish and comfortable atmosphere. Remember to explore the options available at https://artleon.com/collections/all-outdoor-furniture to fulfil your sourcing requirements and find the perfect outdoor sectional for your outdoor shower design. With careful planning, attention to detail, and the use of quality materials, your outdoor shower will become a cherished retreat, providing a refreshing escape in the great outdoors.


    Q1: What materials do I need to build an outdoor shower?
    The materials you need depend on the design and type of shower you want. But, some common materials for building an outdoor shower include PVC pipes or copper tubing for plumbing, concrete or wooden posts as support, a showerhead, valves, and fixtures, among others.
    Q2: Do I need a permit to build an outdoor shower?
    The regulation and permit requirements for outdoor showers vary by city or municipality. Therefore, it's advisable to check with your local building code office to know the specific requirements for your area. In some areas, you may need to have a permit, meet certain plumbing codes, and comply with zoning ordinances.
    Q3: Can I build an outdoor shower without a professional?
    Yes, it's possible to build an outdoor shower without hiring a professional. However, you need some DIY skills and basic plumbing knowledge to get the job done. Moreover, you need to follow the safety guidelines and regulations when installing plumbing and electrical components. If you're not confident in your skills, you may want to consider hiring a professional plumber or contractor to install the outdoor shower for you.

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