Leather Bar Stool

Yes, there is a single difference between the two stools–their height! What height you require for your stool depends on your island, counter, bar, or table height.  

Finding the ideal bar stools for your home can be daunting, with many factors and features to consider. Luckily, our furniture experts love to share all the information you need to choose and enjoy those oh-so-perfect stools.

What are Bar Stools

Bar stools, a type of high or tall chair, allow the user to sit comfortably in situations requiring a higher seat. Bar stools are made for both commercial and residential applications.

This includes kitchen islands and counters, bars, and pub tables. You'll find various colours, heights, sizes, styles, and bar stools for sale online and in stores.

Is there a Difference Between a Bar Stool and a Counter-height Bar Stool

  • Bar stool typically ranges between 28 to 32 inches.
  • Counter stools usually sit between 22 to 28 inches.

 Learn more about the differences between these two stools and how to determine the best one for your space on our Art Leon blog.

Why Should I Get a Bar or Counter Stool

Bar and counter stools bring beauty, comfort, convenience, and function to your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Imagine you and your loved ones sitting around the kitchen island for a family breakfast.

Or, think how much fun it would be to sit with your friends at your outdoor bar having drinks, food, and enjoyment while sitting comfortably on beautiful bar stools. This is why you need bar stools for your home and in your life.  

What are the Different Types of Bar Stools

  • Bar height stool
  • Counter height stool
  • Swivel bar stools with backs
  • Swivel bar stools without backs
  • Bar stools with backs
  • Bar stools without backs
  • Outdoor bar stools
  • Stools with/without arms

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What Type of Stool is the Most Comfortable

 A top consideration when shopping for bar and counter stools is comfort. Uncomfortable bar stools detract from our enjoyment of our meals, conversations, and relaxation and cut our time doing so short.

The most comfortable stools have a supportive back, ample seat padding, and sufficient width. The upholstery whether leather or fabric can effect the comfort level when seated. Choosing a durable yet soft leather or fabric will give you a comfortable sit.

If you have enough space, a bar stool with a back and arms provides optimal comfort while sitting for long periods. These stools provide a luxurious experience for everyday and occasional use. Read more about bar stool sizing with our "Bar Stool Spacing Guide for a Comfortable Fit."

Why is a Swivel Bar Stool the Easiest to Use

A 365-degree swivel stool enables you to turn the stool to sit and stand easily. Swivel barstools are best suited to areas and situations with enough space to accommodate the swivel function, seat width, and user.  Add a height adjustment feature for even more functionality. Adjusting the stool up and down allows you to comfortably sit at any surface.

Swivel Bar StoolsSwivel Bar Stools

Where Should I Put a Bar Stool

  • Kitchen island
  • Bar or Bar Table
  • Pub Table
  • Outdoor bar
  • Wine tasting table

Wood or Metal–What is Best for a Bar Stool Frame

Deciding between the two materials comes down to personal preference and your decor. Wood stools add warmth to a room, while metal carries a sense of coolness. Both materials heighten the aesthetic and functionality of your kitchen or bar space.

Powder-coated metal stools make an ideal choice for outdoor spaces as the metal is waterproof and can withstand rain, wind, and UV rays.

Wood reacts to moisture or dry climates by expanding and cracking so it is best to keep stools made of wood in indoor spaces. Unless they are pre-treated and sealed to be able to withstand outdoor weather and the sun.

Leather or Upholstery–What is Best for a Bar Stool Seat

Many factors come into play when choosing leather or upholstery fabric for your stool seats.

Leather patinas beautifully over time and gain a softness with use that envelops the user. There are many types of leather, with bonded being the cheapest and top grain being the best.

Leather is not suited to homes with pets or children as it scratches and stains easily. For those abodes sans the little ones and pets, leather makes a wonderful choice you will not regret.

Upholstery fabric provides near-unlimited choices in material, quality, suitability, colors, prints, and patterns. Your household situation, home decor, and style will play a big part in your selections.

Pre-treated fabrics such as Sunbrella and Crypton make ideal choices for outdoor stools and indoor stools with pets and children in the home.

What Colour Bar Stool Should I Get

Bar and counter stools come in every colour in the spectrum. Dyed leather and colorful fabrics add colour to a stool's seat, while wood and metal finishes come in a wide selection of colours.

The colour you select for your stools should bring you joy and home beauty. We deep dive into the "How to Choose a Bar Stool Color" topic on our Art Leon blog.

Other things to Consider when Buying your Bar Stool

  • Function
  • Size
  • Style
  • Safety
  • Cleaning
  • Maintenance
  • Price

Pro Tip for Finding the Perfect Bar Stools for Sale

More people than ever are buying furniture online, including bar stools and counter stools. Our online store features a gorgeous collection of leather swivel stools and modern bar stools to suit any application inside your home.

A favorite bar stool of our customers is the Art Leon Swivel Stool. This stool is upholstered in sumptuous PU leather in a bomber jacket style warm brown and channeled seat and back. The metal frame is sturdy and striking, finished in black.

Explore the Art Leon bar stool line on our website or shop our furniture collections at the links below.

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