Creative Positioning of Living Room Seating Furniture Pieces

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  • Published on January 08, 2023

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    The living room setup is the most exciting part of the house that needs to be flourished. The right selection of main furnishing pieces such as the sofa or couch, sofa chairs, accent chairs, and centre tables that almost embrace each others' qualities will give your living room the most incomparably accommodating and cosy area to lounge and relax. Furthermore, here are some tips (and procedural steps) that you can apply in putting up a visually and comfortably pleasing living room seating setup.


    • Conceptualize the Space or Room
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    Conceptualize the Space or Room

    If you haven't shopped for your seating furniture yet, you have the opportunity to plan for the designs of the main sofa set and then decide which accenting chairs are best to pair it with. Select chairs and sofa designs that are of the same size and scale as one another. This will give the appeal balanced and prevent one from dominating the other. Check the height, depth, and width of the backs, as well as the size of the arms, to compare the scale of the two pieces.

    On the other hand, if you have already purchased the furniture set and pieces, there are so many ways to mix and match by applying anthropometric solutions to the arrangement and adding accessories and decorations like vases, floor lamps, potted plants, etc.

    The Sofa Set

    The couch and sofa chairs should accord to the width and depth, and the floor-to-ceiling clearance of the room where they will be placed. Locate the windows, doors, and passageways of your living room space, and be sure to arrange the seating furniture on the opposite side of one of these architectural elements.

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    The Accent Chairs

    The accent chairs don't need to be of the same height as the sofa set. Since it is "accenting", you can choose a different chair type such as an ottoman, reclining chair, folding sofa chair, or stool-related design. You can place the accent chairs to blend in with your sofa set if you place them at the centre or between the couch and sofa chairs. Meanwhile, it can further its accenting functions if you place it on one separate side from the sofa set.

    Space Layout of Sofa, Sofa Chairs, and Accent Chairs

    Make the layout of the whole seating setup easier for you to pass around and move for the ultimate lounging experience and navigation through the whole space. Another reminder is that you should not forget to select furniture pieces that will fit your needs for comfort, a sense of lifestyle, and its appropriation to your living room area size. Primarily, the seating furniture setup can be in a rectangular, square, triangular, or trapezoidal arrangement.

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    Rectangular, Trapezoidal, or Square Layout

    The coach should be the focal point of the living room because it is one of the most important and functional pieces. Put up a square or rectangular layout with the seating furniture positioned at the edges of the shape. On one side of the rectangle or square, position the couch. Across the TV stand, entertainment wall, or the fireplace is where the couch should be at.

    If you choose to have your living all for lounging (without the presence of a fireplace or an entertainment area), you can also place the accent chairs across the sofa or couch on the parallel sides of the sofa chairs and position them diagonally towards the centre. Accent chairs can also stay on parallel sides of the couch. For Trapezoidal Layout, it would be better if the sofa chairs are placed on the side with the non-parallel sides to make it more visible and attractive.

    Triangular Layout

    (Or polygonal.) This is best for living rooms or areas that have smaller space or area. if you have an entertainment wall or fireplace, make it one of the sides of the triangle layout. For an all-seating living room, make the couch the focal point and on one side of the triangle. Place the accent chairs beside the couch and tilt it diagonally facing one of the two sides of the triangle.

    In this case, the opposite of the couch must be the corner of the triangle so better place a nice side table or floor lamp in that area. Circular centre tables suit best with triangular layout seating arrangements. Place the sofa chairs with a side table beside it the other two sides of the triangle that forms a v-shape facing the main side of the triangle *such as the couch or fireplace, etc.).

    The most essential thing to remember

    With all of these different layout options, you just need to remember that the critical factors of putting the sofa set together with accenting chairs and accessories need the consideration of the right contrast and the perfect blending of all the physical attributes of each of every furniture piece.


    Q1: Which factors should be considered when selecting accent chairs to pair with a sofa set?
    • The accent chairs should be of the same size and scale as the sofa set to create a balanced appeal.
    • The height, depth, and width of the backs, as well as the size of the arms, should be compared to ensure the scale of the two pieces is compatible.
    Q2: What layout options are recommended for arranging the sofa, sofa chairs, and accent chairs?
    • Rectangular or square layouts with the seating furniture positioned at the edges of the shape are recommended.
    • For smaller spaces, a triangular or polygonal layout can be used, with the couch as the focal point and the accent chairs placed beside it and tilted diagonally towards one of the sides of the triangle.
    Q3: What is the most important factor to consider when putting together a seating setup?
    The critical factor is to ensure the right contrast and perfect blending of all the physical attributes of each furniture piece, including the sofa set, accent chairs, and accessories.

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