Art Leon Quietly Marked Down Summer Ready Outdoor Furniture Pieces By 27%

Art Leon is having a summer sale on outdoor furniture, offering a 27% discount on sectional sets, wicker sets, and more.

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  • Published on July 17, 2023

    Modern Outdoor Furniture Sets | Art Leon

    It is the summer season, and Art Leon is here to make outdoor decor easier for you.

    Do you want to spend all day outdoors having fun with friends and family this summer?

    Do you want to set up your personal space outside without having to set up and pack up for every hangout?

    Then the Art Leon Outdoor sectionals and Wicker set featured in this summer sale is for you.

    We bring you comfort, style, and durability this summer at a discount of 27% off the original price.

    Do you own a garden, beach house, vacation home, or farmhouse and want to beautify it? Our modern outdoor set will help beautify your spaces and add more elegance than ever imagined!

    This summer and every other one that follows, we assure you to experience comfort and create beautiful memories. Feel free to sit out, converse, have fun, wine, and dine from dusk till dawn while enjoying the beauty of our furniture in your space all summer, regardless of how sunny it gets.

    Grab your pieces and sets with the ongoing sale, and we promise you zero regrets and 100% joy.

    Get your dream space outside of a home at a discount price of up to 27% off the original price. 

    Take advantage of our summer sales and get quality furniture sets for outdoor spaces.

    Enjoy the summer breeze, sunshine, and conversations on our furniture.

    Since you may have challenges navigating through our eligible furniture for this discount, we have compiled some furniture pieces that qualify for the 27% off:


    • Wicker Outdoor Sectional
    • Modern Outdoor Sectional
    • Ribbon Outdoor Set
    • Fire Pit Table
    • Outdoor Set
    • Dual Purpose Cushions
    • Piano Fire Pit Table
    • Reversible Chair Cushion Set
    • Chair Cushion Set
    • Outdoor Chair
    • Why Choose Our Summer-Ready Furniture?
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    Wicker Outdoor Sectional

    Add a furniture set that takes the spotlight in your space with this Art Leon wicker outdoor sectional. It's water-resistant, fluffy, and neutral, blending with existing color settings. With four fluffy throw pillows and washable covers, this would be the perfect set for you and your kids to have fun outdoors.

    Modern Outdoor Sectional

    Water-resistant, has pieces capable of being rearranged to your taste. Art Leon modern outdoor sectional has cushions and backrests that help you relax and enjoy comfort, which is just what you need for a fun hot summer day outside.

    Ribbon Outdoor Set

    If you live alone or want to purchase additional furniture to your already set up outdoor furniture, you might want to buy the Art ribbon outdoor set. It comes in 2 or 3 pieces, including a chair set and a table, and sometimes it consists of swivel rocker chairs, depending on your choice. This set is made with breathable fabric to bring comfort to you.

    Fire Pit Table

    This Multipurpose Art Leon fire pit table will help beautify your space, keep you warm on cold nights, whether summer or not, nd serve as a table to place snacks or meals for gatherings. If you have kids that play with everything, this fire pit table has a protective cover that keeps the fireplace from being in contact with the immediate surroundings.

    Outdoor Set

    If you are just getting started with outdoor decorations, this Art Leon outdoor set should be your first choice. It comprises sofa sets and a coffee table with a neutral colour that tends to blend with the surrounding. Choose this and see how you would admire your space.

    Dual Purpose Cushions

    Here is a colourful and waterproof five cushion pieces that can fit into sofas, beautify them, and still be kids-friendly. With colourful patterns spread largely on its surface, Art Leon outdoor/indoor chair cushion set can glam up dull and plain sofas and add beauty to your space.

    Piano Fire Pit Table

    Available in 3 colours, this fire pit table is designed for decoration on summer days and warmth on cold nights to accompany the juicy gossip being enjoyed with snacks. This Art Leon piano fire pit table is designed like a piano on the exterior and has a protective covering built around the fireplace.

    Reversible Chair Cushion Set

    Double-sided and waterproofed, this reversible chair will help enhance the beauty of your space. With the Art Leon outdoor/indoor wicker &fabric reversible chair cushion set, consisting of 2 Pieces per set, you can change the outlook of your sofas without the need of changing your cushions.

    Chair Cushion Set

    One-sided, plain, and neutral, so it can fit into any sofa. It's easily washable because of the 100% waterproof outer covering. It can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Art Leon indoor/outdoor chair cushion set is available in brown and grey.

    Outdoor Chair

    Here is a waterproof chair with storage space beneath. The Art Leon outdoor chair consists of two chairs lined with plain neutral breathable cushions, which still manage to beautify a space despite the lack of colourful patterns. Perfect for alone time, meditation, and a quick novel read on your patio.

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    Why Choose Our Summer-Ready Furniture?

    Our outdoor chairs and table sets have waterproof covering or fabrics, which would help keep the furniture clean for years.

    • Did it get dirty? Wash it.
    • Did water spill on it? Clean with a rag.
    • Did it get stained? Get a stain remover and take care of it.

    So regardless of the conditions, our summer-ready furniture will stay clean, shiny, and glossy for years to come. The pieces are also built to survive all four seasons without you having to move them around.

    The accompanying cushions or the ones sold separately can be unzipped from the outer fabric, which aids easy washing and drying and can use the covering on other cushions.


    Don't miss out on this amazing summer sale! Shop with us now to take advantage of the huge discount on our furniture and create an outdoor space more inviting than your own bedrooms or living rooms.

    You won't find prices like this anywhere else! We'll be waiting for your purchase.

    For further inquiries and consultations about the summer sale or any purchase at all, visit our website at Art Leon Furniture; let's help you make wise purchase choices.


    Q1: Are the outdoor furniture pieces easy to assemble?
    Yes, the outdoor furniture pieces from Art Leon are designed to be easy to assemble. They come with clear instructions and all necessary tools for quick and hassle-free setup.
    Q2: Can the outdoor furniture withstand various weather conditions?
    Yes, the outdoor furniture from Art Leon is designed to withstand various weather conditions. They are made with durable materials that are water-resistant and built to survive all four seasons without the need for constant movement or storage.
    Q3: Are the cushions included with the furniture sets?
    Yes, the cushions are included with some of the furniture sets. However, there are also cushions that can be purchased separately to enhance comfort or replace existing ones.

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