Genuine Leather 

Genuine leather, a natural material primarily derived from cow hides, is highly esteemed for its durability, comfort, and aesthetic allure. In the realm of upholstery, genuine leather stands unparalleled in sophistication and longevity. Our brand sources only the finest quality genuine leather, guaranteeing that each piece is not just visually stunning but also enduringly durable. Distinct from synthetic or faux leathers, genuine leather is a natural product that imparts a uniquely warm and luxurious feel to any furniture piece.

As a part of our brand, we are committed to sourcing only the finest quality genuine leather to ensure that every piece we construct is not just visually captivating but also enduringly durable. When speaking about our material choice, full-grain leather stands as our top pick. It is indeed the highest quality leather you can find, unmarred by any sanding or buffing. This leather retains the natural markings and texture of the animal hide, adding to the unique charm of our products.

Genuine Leather Features

  • Durability: Highly resistant to wear and tear, making it long-lasting.

  • Comfort: Becomes softer and more comfortable over time.

  • Breathability: Allows air and moisture to pass through, making it comfortable for extended use.

Art Leon Genuine Leather FAQs

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