The Benefits of PU Leather and Genuine Leather

As a furniture brand committed to quality, our recognizes the significance of utilizing superior materials in its product line. We showcases a variety of furniture options upholstered in both PU leather and genuine leather, each offering distinct advantages and suitable for different applications. When choosing between PU and genuine leather, it's crucial to consider the intended use of the furniture. PU leather is often more practical for high-traffic areas or homes with young children and pets due to its durability and ease of maintenance. On the other hand, genuine leather stands out as the preferred option in spaces where the emphasis is on luxury and longevity, offering an unmatched blend of elegance and durability.

Genuine Leather

Art Leon furniture: Use of Genuine Leather

Genuine leather, a natural material primarily derived from cow hides, is highly esteemed for its durability, comfort, and aesthetic allure. In the realm of upholstery, genuine leather stands unparalleled in sophistication and longevity. Our brand sources only the finest quality genuine leather, guaranteeing that each piece is not just visually stunning but also enduringly durable. Distinct from synthetic or faux leathers, genuine leather is a natural product that imparts a uniquely warm and luxurious feel to any furniture piece.

As a part of our brand, we are committed to sourcing only the finest quality genuine leather to ensure that every piece we construct is not just visually captivating but also enduringly durable. When speaking about our material choice, full-grain leather stands as our top pick. It is indeed the highest quality leather you can find, unmarred by any sanding or buffing. This leather retains the natural markings and texture of the animal hide, adding to the unique charm of our products.

Genuine Leather Features

  • Durability: Highly resistant to wear and tear, making it long-lasting.

  • Comfort: Becomes softer and more comfortable over time.

  • Breathability: Allows air and moisture to pass through, making it comfortable for extended use.

PU Leather

Art Leon furniture: Use of PU Leather

PU (Polyurethane) leather, also known as synthetic or faux leather, is an artificial material designed to mimic the look and feel of real leather. It is made by coating a fabric base with a synthetic polymer and then treating it to resemble animal hide.

PU Leather Features

  • Affordability: PU leather is a cost-effective alternative to genuine leather, making Art Leon's furniture more accessible to budget-conscious consumers.

  • Durability: Generally less durable than genuine leather but more resistant to scratches and water.

  • Maintenance: Maintenance: Easy to clean and maintain, often requiring just a wipe with a damp cloth. It's a practical choice for high-traffic areas or homes with children and pets.

  • Breathability: Less breathable than genuine leather, which can make it less comfortable for clothing or seating.

PU leather offers a practical and versatile alternative to genuine leather, catering to a range of needs from ethical considerations to budget constraints.

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