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Are you looking for the best space in your living room to place your accent chair? Do you want to know how to combine better functionality and an appealing look? An accent chair can transform the look and feel of your living room. However, you will have to choose the right size and design to complement other decors and the size of your living room. Also, you will have to find the best place to keep your accent chair.

A modern accent chair looks exceptional and features advanced comfort. Also, some are versatile and can serve different purposes. You can have an accent leather chair in your living room and impress your relatives and friends. Your living room creates the first impression and reflects your personality. Therefore, you will have to find the best piece of furniture to create a distinct recognition. Make sure that it creates a cosy setting and supports different activities. For example, you can have one to drink your favourite drinks with your friends, spend some quality time with your family, and read your favourite books. Know your purposes and plan accordingly. 

Why Should You Have an Accent Chair?

An accent chair looks eye-catching and can create additional seating arrangements. You can buy a living room accent chair to add a classic look to your interior. These chairs can stand out and serve different purposes. You can choose any colour and pattern, find the proper space, and get maximum usability. You can use your accent chair with a sofa when you have more guests. Also, you can use it to enjoy your favourite movie and talk to your friends. Since these chairs are available in different types and sizes, you can find the best one depending on your living room size and interior.

You can choose an armchair, slipper chair, wingback chair, chaise chair, or ottoman. All will have some specific features and can serve different purposes. For example, an armchair is super comfortable, and you can place it in your living room to make extra seating arrangements. An ottoman can be an additional seating space, footstool, storage, or coffee table. A slipper chair can be perfect for a small living room. While buying an accent chair, you will have to find the best fit.

Where to Keep an Accent Chair in Your Living Room

An accent chair is versatile, and you can place it in your convenient places. You can have a swivel accent chair and keep it opposite your sofa. However, you will have to consider the functional and aesthetic needs while placing your accent chairs. Some chairs can be perfect for your sofa, and you can use others with coffee tables. If you have a large living room, you can keep one in the corners. 

In brief, you will have many areas to place your accent chair in your living room. However, the most suitable is opposite your sofa, near your coffee table, or on the side of your bookcase or fireplace. You can choose any preferred place, create a cosy setting, and spend your relaxing hours. You can keep two chairs side by side and entertain your guests in a conversational and comfortable area when you have large living rooms. The size of your living room will decide where you can keep your accent chair. However, we will cover more about where you can place your accent chairs in the following. Keep reading and find a suitable place to get an eye-catching look and boost the functionality of our space.

With Your Coffee Table 

You can place your accent chair around your coffee table and boost its usability. We spend time near our coffee table every day. Also, it is the area where your guests and friends spend time. You can use a leather accent chair near the coffee table and boost its functionality. You can place two accent chairs side by side to give it a complete look. Find a style and size that complement your coffee table and create a modern and chic setting. Colour combination and style will play a determining role. Hence, know the purpose, and then you can go ahead with your buying decision. If your living room has a unique theme, ensure that your accent chair meets that colour. 

Opposite Your Sofa

You can also place your accent chair opposite your sofa and have more seating arrangements. However, you can consider this when your living room has enough space to accommodate your sofa and accent chair. It will look crowded if you combine both in a limited space. When using it as a sofa companion, find the proper colour combination and type to match the look.

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Near the Bookcase 

You can place your slipper accent chair near your bookcase. You would love to spend your relaxing time with your book. It can be the best arrangement for reading if you have a book rack in your living room. You can get a versatile accent chair and place it near your bookcase or fireplace. Also, you can add it to your sofa if you have more guests. However, you can ensure that you have a lightweight and easy-to-carry accent chair when you want to use it for different purposes.

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Fill the Corner 

You can use your accent chair as an ideal nook filler. You can consider this when you have a large living room. You can fill the empty corner and create a cosy spot. A cushioned accent chair will give you the required comfort, and you can spend hours on the chair. You can place your chair in such a place that it will get ample natural light. It will look inviting, and you can spend your morning hours having your coffee and checking your emails. You can make your chair more appealing by adding some comfort elements. 

Accents chairs are versatile, and you can find the best fit depending on your purpose. You can use one in your bedroom, patio, or living room. While getting an accent chair for your living room, you will have to focus on the size of your living room to find the best fit. Know the usage and plan accordingly.

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