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This may not be one of the top concerns for people chair hunting, but this is an important question that should be asked before getting a small accent chair. 

This article discusses the weight of different accent chairs, their weight limit, and ways to avoid damage to your low-weight capacity chair.


  • Accent Chairs
  • Why Accent Chairs with Small Weights are Better
  • Disadvantages of Accent Chairs with Small Weights
  • Why is the Weight of an Accent Chair Important
    • Safety Purposes
    • High Cost
    • Available Space
    • Durability and Longevity
  • Dimensions of Accent Chairs
    • Swivel Accent Chair
    • Lounge Chair
    • Leather Accent Chair
  • How to Avoid Damage to a Low Weight-Limit Small Accent Chair
    • Know the Weight Limit
    • Reduce Excessive Force
    • Armrest
    • Maintenance
  • Conclusion
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Accent Chairs

Accent chairs are very eye-catching and sophisticated furniture with varying weights standing out beautifully wherever they are placed. Home decorators have widely accepted accent chairs because of their ability to piece together all other furniture in the room yet stand out majestically. There are different kinds of accent chairs, and they are;

  • Swivel accent chairs  
  • Leather accent chairs
  • Living Room accent chairs,
  • Modern accent chairs.

Each accent chair weighs differently, with accent chairs with ottomans weighing the most. A small accent chair weighs about 18 lbs to 20 lbs, which can vary from brand to brand depending on the brand manufacturing it. 

Why Accent Chairs with Small Weights are Better

  1. They are easy to move into and out of the home, with fewer hands and stress.
  2. It is easy to replace a small-weight accent chair to another location than a heavy one.
  3. It is easier to clean and maintain than a heavy-weight accent chair.
  4. They also include lesser shipping fees due to their small weight.

Disadvantages of Accent Chairs with Small Weights

The one setback to small accent chairs with lighter weights is that they have lesser durability than accent chairs with heavy weights.

Why is the Weight of an Accent Chair Important

Knowing the weight of your chair is important for various reasons, which are;

Safety Purposes

For safety purposes and convenience, lighter chairs are better. Lightweight chairs are also good for the back and overall health, easy transportation, and movement around the house.

High Cost

Heavier chairs cost more than lighter-weight chairs, not because more materials are used but because it costs more to ship.

Available Space

Weighty Accent chairs are usually longer and bigger than their lightweight counterparts. Therefore, more room is needed to fit the large furniture perfectly.

Durability and Longevity

Heavy accent chairs are not all disadvantageous; they last longer and are more durable than lighter accent chairs. Therefore a heavy accent chair will last more than a light counterpart.

Dimensions of Accent Chairs

Each accent chair has different weights and a maximum recommendation limit that each can safely carry. Weight limits matter greatly in chair hunting as this is directly related to its durability and longevity. 

Buying a chair with a low weight limit in a full house does not make a chair last long because it is regularly used and sat on. 

An accent chair's average weight limits range between 200 and 300 lbs, with the materials used in the frame and legs directly contributing to the weight limit. This is because an accent chair with metal legs has a higher weight limit than a wooden one. 

These are some of the item weights and weight limits of accent chairs available at Art Leon

Accent Chair Living Room

Swivel Accent Chair

Swivel accent chairs are accent chairs with a swivel that allows them to turn 360 degrees with ease. Swivel accent chairs have varying weight limit depending on the material their legs and frame is made from. Swivel accent chairs made from wood weigh less and have a low weight capacity than one made from metal. 

Item Name

Weight Limit

Item Weight

Art Pyramid Swivel Accent Chair- Beech Wood Legs

286.60 lbs


Art Pyramid Swivel Accent Chair- Gold Plated Legs

330 lbs

19.84 lbs

Art Leon Swivel Accent Chait with Ottoman- Linen

265 lbs

31.9 lbs

Art Leon Swivel Accent Chair with Ottoman- Velvet


265 lbs

31.9 lbs

Art Leon Swivel Accent Chair with Ottoman- PU

265 lbs

31.9 lbs

Art Leon Swivel Accent Chair- Oak Wood Legs


22.05 lb

Lounge Chair

Item Name

Item Weight

Item Weight

Art Leon Genuine Leather Lounge Chair

300 lbs

52 lbs

Art Leon Fabric Lounge Chair

300 lbs

53 lbs

Art Leon Velvet Accent Chair, Oak Armrest, Metal Frame

300 lbs

22.05 lb

Art Leon Stainless Steel Metal Armless Lounge Chair

309 lbs

15.8 lbs

Leather Accent Chair

Leather accent chairs warmly impact the room, offering top-notch relaxation with soft leather upholstery. The average weight capacity of a leather accent chair is 300 lbs; therefore, people with 300 lbs or lower in weight can sit comfortably without damaging the chair over time.

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How to Avoid Damage to a Low Weight-Limit Small Accent Chair

Know the Weight Limit

The most important step to avoid damage to your accent chair is to know the weight limit. You can not prevent damage to your chair by not exceeding the weight capacity without knowing the weight limit. 

You should also take note of the cumulative weight, an adult weighing 200 lbs carrying two kids weighing 55 lbs each will exceed the weight capacity of a chair of 300 lbs.

Reduce Excessive Force

Jumping on a chair or sitting down with excessive force are quick ways to cause damage to your chair over time. Always caution your loved ones, especially kids, on doing this, specifically on a low-weight capacity chair.


The armrest of a chair isn't meant for sitting and shouldn't be sat on, as this can lead to damage over time.


With proper care and repair when damage is cited, your accent chairs can last for a long time without unrepairable damage.


Always take note of your needs and get a chair with a weight limit to accommodate this. Although accent chairs are built to hold more than the weight limit declared by manufacturers, excessive weight or pressure can lead to damage over time. 

A chair's weight capacity or limit is listed in the details or product specification and should be checked before buying. Therefore you can be rest assured your accent chair won't break or get damaged quickly.

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