What's The Best Time to Buy Dining Room Furniture?

Learn when to shop for dining room furniture to maximize your savings. Explore holiday sales, Black Friday deals, end-of-season discounts, and new product releases to furnish your space affordably and stylishly.

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  • Published on September 19, 2023

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    You've decided it's time to upgrade your dining room furniture. New chairs, a table, maybe even some bar stools for an eat-in kitchen - the options are endless. But before you head to your favourite furniture store or start browsing online, you need to know the best time to buy dining room furniture to get the best deal. As with most large purchases, timing is everything. Shop at the wrong time of year and you could end up paying way more than you need to. But shop at the right time, and you'll score dining room furniture at a fraction of the regular price. Read on to find out the insider tips for getting a great deal on new mid-century dining chairs or any other dining room furniture your heart desires. The savings will be well worth a few minutes of your time.


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    • Black Friday and Cyber Monday
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    Holiday Sales

    If you're looking to save some dough on new dining room furniture, the best times to shop are major holidays like Labor Day, Christmas, 4th of July, New Year, and Presidents' Day. Retailers often have big blowout sales around these times to make room for new inventory.

    You'll find the deepest discounts on floor models, closeouts, and last year's designs. While you may have to dig to find pieces in the specific styles or colours you want, you can score mid-century modern dining chairs, luxe bar stools or full dining sets at up to 70% off.

    The key is to start shopping early. Don't wait until the actual holiday when popular items may have already sold out. Many retailers launch pre-holiday sales up to two weeks ahead of time. Sign up for store newsletters to get the inside scoop on the best doorbuster deals and coupons.

    Once the sale starts, be prepared to move fast. Have product photos, details, and prices handy for pieces you're interested in. Be open to less traditional colors or materials which often get the biggest markdowns. Measure your space ahead of time so you know what will fit.

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the biggest shopping days of the year, and for good reason. On these days you'll find some of the lowest prices on dining room furniture. The heavy discounts around Thanksgiving make it an ideal time to snag a deal on that mid-century dining chair set or luxury bar stools you've been eyeing.

    Retailers know that many people have the day after Thanksgiving off work, so they run huge sales to lure in customers. They often slash prices on furniture by 40-70% or more. While the deals can be amazing, the crowds tend to be big and the stock flies off the shelves. If you want the best selection, it's best to shop early. Some stores even start their Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving night.

    For smaller stores, check their website or social media to find out when their doors open and deals start. For larger retailers, the sales usually start at midnight on Thanksgiving and run straight through the weekend. These bigger companies frequently discount popular, high-quality brands, in addition to their own private-label products.

    Overall, the period from Black Friday through Cyber Monday is an ideal time to find bargains on dining room furniture and give your space a stylish update. With a little strategic shopping, you're sure to find the perfect pieces at a price that won't break the bank.

    End-of-Season Sales

    End-of-season sales are a prime time to find deals on dining room furniture. As retailers make room for new inventory, they slash prices on current models.

    August and September

    Late summer is when stores start clearing out dining chairs, tables, and other furniture to make way for fall arrivals. You may find discounts of up to 70% off as they try to move leftover inventory. These months are a great chance to snag high-quality pieces at a fraction of the cost.

    February and March

    Come February, retailers start gearing up for spring and need to move any remaining winter furniture stock. This means deep discounts on styles like tufted armchairs, glass-top tables, and luxury bar stools. As the winter season winds down, you can often find 50-60% off or more on in-season furniture.

    The key is to shop early in the end-of-season sales for the best selection. The further into the sale, the more picked over the options become. But waiting until the final days of the sale, you may find additional price drops as stores make a last push to clear remaining inventory off the floor.

    New Product Releases

    The end of the year is one of the best times to find deals on new dining room furniture. As retailers make room for next year's collections, they slash prices on current models. Shop sales in November and December to score the biggest discounts.

    Look for coupon codes and promo offers from major retailers! They frequently run site-wide sales of up to 70% off around the holidays. Some may offer additional discounts for signing up for their mailing list or using their credit card.

    New product releases also mean last year's models will be deeply discounted. If you're not concerned with having the latest style, you can save big by opting for a floor model or discontinued item. Look for "closeout" or "final sale" tags on bar stools with backrests and dining tables. Scratch-and-dent or "as-is" pieces often have minor cosmetic damage that won't affect functionality and are sold at a fraction of the retail price.

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    So now you know the best time to buy dining room furniture! You'll find the deepest discounts on high-quality pieces that will make entertaining at home even more enjoyable for years to come. Keep an eye out for sales on bar stools, modern dining chairs and other timeless designs that suit your personal style. Whether you're on the hunt for an extendable dining table to host holidays and special occasions or looking to revamp your casual eating area with some stylish furniture, timing is everything. Shop smart, set a budget and get ready to welcome guests into a dining space you'll be proud to show off. The perfect pieces are out there waiting for you to find them!


    Q1: When is the best time to buy dining room furniture?
    You can find great deals during holiday sales, Black Friday, end-of-season discounts in August and February, and new product releases in November and December.
    Q2: What types of furniture are often discounted during sales?
    Dining chairs, tables, bar stools, and complete dining sets are commonly discounted during sales events.
    Q3: What should I do to prepare for furniture shopping during sales?
    Measure your space, have product details ready, and be open to alternative colors or materials to secure the best deals.

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