5 Unexpected Side-Effects of Winning the Art Leon Fall Chair Giveaway!

Explore the humorous consequences of winning an Art Leon chair in their Fall Giveaway, from envious old furniture to newfound popularity. Dive into the world of laughter and furniture triumphs!

  • By abby tian
  • Published on September 20, 2023

    Art Leon Fall Giveaway | Art Leon

    Everyone loves a good bargain - never more so than when it involves winning an epic piece of furniture like in the Art Leon Fall Chair Giveaway! But what are the truly unexpected, hilarious side-effects of bringing home your spoils of victory? Fasten your seatbelts for a rollercoaster of laughter as we look at the lighter side of unexpected triumph!


    • 1. The ‘Unseating’ of the Old!
    • 2. Neighbourhood Royalty!
    • 3. Excuse to Loaf Around!
    • 4. The New Selfie Spot!
    • 5. Unprecedented Furniture Shopping Spree!
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    1. The ‘Unseating’ of the Old!

    Winning a spanking new chair from the Art Leon Fall Chair Giveaway might just be the cause of a secret, silent rebellion brewing right in your living room! Your old furniture may start to feel a bit disgruntled at their shiny, comfortable competition. After all, jealousy is not limited to humans! Don’t be surprised if that old sofa gives you disapproving creaks when you sink into your exhilaratingly new Art Leon chair!

    2. Neighbourhood Royalty!

      When word gets out that you've won an Art Leon mid century modern dining chairs chair, you might find yourself with sudden, newfound popularity. It's a little-known fact that everyone's secretly a furniture enthusiast when you’ve got high-quality, stylish new seating. Be prepared for lots of "accidental" meetups and mildly invasive moves as neighbors attempt to try out your throne for themselves!

      3. Excuse to Loaf Around!

      Who needs an excuse to skip house chores when you've got a gorgeous, ergonomically designed Art Leon chair just calling your name? We're pretty sure 'testing out my new chair' is a completely valid reason to duck out of vacuuming duty. Hey, you're not being lazy, this is just a necessary part of the giveaway win, a comprehensive chair evaluation!

      4. The New Selfie Spot!

      An Art Leon chair isn't just a chair - it's an Instagrammable moment! Expect your social media feed to be stacked with selfies featuring your shiny new chair. Friends may start to question if your photo posting obsession is about the chair or about you. But hey, wasn't looking fabulous next to fabulous furniture the ultimate goal anyway?

      5. Unprecedented Furniture Shopping Spree!

      After getting a taste of Art Leon quality, there's no going back. The gateway "chair" sweeps you into a world of furniture-shopping bliss. It's like suddenly learning a new language and being unable to stop chatting. You’d want everything – the couch, nightstand, coffee table – all in Art Leon flavor!

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      *We'll select 4 winners to get any one of the grand prizes

      ~ grand prize chairs are pictured 🫶🏼 ~

      1. Art Poplar Dining Chair Set ☁️

      2. Art Pyramid Swivel Accent Chair!!❤️

      3. Art Leon Open Backrest Bar Stool Set☕️

      *And we'll pick 2 more winners to receive our lucky prize

      ~ It's a- Stylish Swivel Office Chair in Yellow💛 ~

      (TOTALLY 6 WINNERS will be drawn randomly by the picker software among participants from all officially-collaborative posts.)

      🔥🔥Good luck!

      🧡giveaway ends next Tuesday 9/26 at 11:59:59 ET. 🧡

      Winners will be announced Wednesday 9/27 via ArtLeon's Instagram story & contacted by @artleonfurniture.

      This giveaway is not endorsed ,sponsored, administrated by, or associated with Instagram.

      Participants must be a US resident and at least 18 years of age to enter


      Art Leon's Fall Chair giveaway is an extraordinary opportunity to own a piece of their carefully curated and designed seating collection. With a blend of comfort, durability, and stylish aesthetics, Art Leon chairs are more than just seating; they are a way to enhance your space.


      Q1: What are the grand prizes in the giveaway?
      Grand prize options include the Art Poplar Dining Chair Set, Art Pyramid Swivel Accent Chair, and Art Leon Open Backrest Bar Stool Set.
      Q2: Are there additional lucky prizes for participants?
      Yes, two lucky winners will receive a Stylish Swivel Office Chair in Yellow.
      Q3: When will the giveaway winners be announced?
      Winners will be announced on Wednesday, 9/27, via Art Leon's Instagram story and contacted by @artleonfurniture.

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