What Type of Sideboard For You?

You can manipulate the décor or wall colours to compliment this piece of furniture in the room of your choice. However, you cannot go wrong with a mid-century sideboard. 

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  • Published on February 27, 2023

    Kitchen Sideboard

    Keeping up with the latest trend in the home décor and styling world? You must then already know how trendy sideboards are currently. Almost every home magazine is featuring and raves about this type of furniture, and it is not at all surprising. Sideboards have been a part of most homes for centuries. Their elegance, functionality, and aesthetic appeal are truly stunning. Not only you can use it for storage purposes, but you can also use the piece of furniture as a statement piece in any room of your choice. As the purposes of a well-made sideboard are almost countless, many homeowners find themselves wondering what exactly is it used for. If this thought is also running through your mind, you have landed in the right place. Next, this question and any other questions you might have about sideboards have been answered in detail. So, do keep on reading!


    • Question 1: What are Sideboards
    • Question 2: How can you use a Sideboard
    • Question 3: What are the Popular Sideboard Styles
    • Question 4: Which Type of Sideboard is Ideal for you
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    Question 1: What are Sideboards

    If you have a clear idea about what sideboards are, you will be able to easily understand what they can be used for. So, let's begin with this question first.

    Back in the Middle Ages, people used to keep a board near their table. The board was either set on some sort of support or anchored to the wall. The purpose of this board on the side of the table (hence, sideboard) was to hold extra food, cups, plates, and other similar items. Gradually, it evolved into a cabinet form with shelves, doors, and most importantly drawers to store various items. 

    If you are looking into sideboards to purchase, you might have come across the furniture types -Buffets and Credenza. Even though they look similar, they are not sideboards. Compared to these similar pieces of furniture, a sideboard will have shorter legs or no legs. Drawers are a must in sideboards. Sideboard's role is also more flexible than these two pieces of furniture. Sideboards can be used in different rooms of a house and not just the living room. So, this begs the following question.

    Question 2: How can you use a Sideboard

    Now let's discuss the main topic. You already know by now, sideboards have a broad range of uses such as displaying, hiding, and storing items. So, you are free to add a sideboard to any room of your choice. However, the following are the main, traditional, or popular usage areas of a sideboard:

    • Dining Room

    The Dining room is where you entertain your guest and enjoy quality family time. Hence, sideboards are used in the dining room for storing and decorative purposes. You can store your expensive dinner sets and other similar items in any compartment of a sideboard. Creating an aesthetic and luxurious atmosphere is easy with it as well. You can display your prized possessions, elegant centrepiece, or precious family photos on top of the furniture. 

    • Living Room

    Sideboards are widely used in living rooms across the globe. They are an ideal addition to the living room due to their organizational functionality. Sideboards make it easy to keep books, magazines, remotes, gaming consoles, and other living room essentials organized. Typically, they are positioned beneath a wall-mounted TV set. The top surface of the sideboard offers ample space to showcase decorative items, breathing life into your living room.

    • Kitchen

    A popular variant of sideboards is the kitchen sideboard. What sets it apart is the presence of glass doors on its cabinets or storage compartments. These glass doors allow the items kept inside the sideboard to be visible, primarily for display purposes. If you collect exquisite china cookware and dinner sets or wish to showcase your dining collection, a kitchen sideboard is an excellent choice. There are also various models available specifically designed for storing and organizing kitchen essentials.

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    Do not know where to keep your socks, undies, and other delicates? Running out of space in your closet? Need a separate space for gym wear? A sideboard is your answer. Sideboards are very common in bedrooms as they feature many drawers. They allow homeowners to store PJs and other such durable daily items easily and in an organized manner. You can personalize the top of the sideboards to set a certain vibe in the room or you can simply use it as extra storage space.

    • Hallways

    If you have a hallway, a sideboard can break the monotonousness of the space. It adds additional decorative and storage options as well. Sideboards come in different types and styles and if you go for a modern sideboard, you will get a sleek design that you can keep in front of your main entrance where the hallway starts. They are used to hide and store shoes and the tops are used to keep important items like bags, keys, wallets, and so on.

    Modern Sideboard

    As soon as you read "modern sideboard", you must have thought about other sideboard styles well just like its uses, sideboards come in a variety of styles as well. Your options are many from the very popular classic style to the cutting-edge industrial style. However, the following 3 are considered the most popular as they complement any room and its décor quite easily:

    • Rustic Sideboards

    They mostly feature a worn-out look because they are crafted from resourced or natural solid wood. The vintage aesthetic of this sideboard style makes them perfect for a cottage or farmhouse style of décor/setting. However, currently, they are trending as statement pieces in a room with other kinds of décor or settings as well.

    • Scandinavian Sideboards

    Everyone is going back to basics and adopting not only minimalistic furniture but also a minimalistic lifestyle as well. Hence, the Scandinavia style is a favourite of most homeowners. This style usually has a modern or contemporary vibe but features the use of light colours and emphasized simplicity.

    This style is considered an ever-lasting beauty that has been in style for the last century. Its origin story starts during the post-WWI era. This style was later upgraded for a more modern look. 

    Question 4: Which Type of Sideboard is Ideal for you

    Due to its versatility, you can make any style of sideboard work for you. You can manipulate the décor or wall colours to compliment this piece of furniture in the room of your choice. However, you cannot go wrong with a mid-century sideboard. 

    Known for their attractiveness and functionality, mid-century sideboards suit most interior designs because they feature bolder colours and textures and a minimalistic and sleek design with clean lines. Glass, plastic, and wood are some common materials used to make one in this style. Thus, you can create a futuristic or back-to-nature look with this piece of furniture quite easily and effectively. 


    What are sideboards?
    Sideboards were initially used in the Middle Ages as a board placed on the side of a table to hold extra food, cups, plates, and other items. Over time, they evolved into cabinets with shelves, doors, and drawers for storage purposes. Sideboards are different from buffets and credenzas, as they have shorter or no legs and are more flexible in terms of usage across different rooms in a house.
    How can you use a sideboard?
    Sideboards have a wide range of uses, including displaying, hiding, and storing items. They can be used in various rooms, such as the dining room, where they can store expensive dinner sets and serve as decorative pieces. In the living room, sideboards can help organize books, magazines, remotes, and other essentials. Kitchen sideboards with glass doors are ideal for displaying fine china or dinner sets. Bedrooms often utilize sideboards for storing daily items like socks and underwear, while in hallways, they can add decoration and provide storage for shoes and important items like keys and wallets.
    How do sideboards optimize space and provide storage solutions?
    Sideboards offer ample storage space with their shelves, doors, and drawers. They help keep items organized in various rooms such as the dining room, living room, kitchen, bedroom, and hallway. In addition to their storage capabilities, sideboards can also serve as decorative pieces, allowing you to display prized possessions, centrepieces, or family photos on top of them. They optimize space by providing dedicated storage for specific items, reducing clutter, and adding a touch of style to the room.

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