Kitchen Sideboards

The dining room is an elegant space in any home. It’s where you treat your guests to sumptuous meals and create several memorable moments. 

One of the ways to improve the look of your dining room is to add a piece of sideboard furniture. If you plan on buying one soon, this blog post will discuss choosing a sideboard and other important information about this valuable home furniture.

A sideboard is a furniture piece can use in the kitchen, dining room, living room, and entranceways. It comprises drawers and shelves where you can keep many household items. 

You can store your napkins, cutlery, dishes, and cake servers in a kitchen sideboard. You can also do a lot with the top surfaces, like serving food when having guests and keeping extra dishes on it rather than on the dining table to create enough room for each guest. 

The sideboard top surface can also hold decorative vases, trophies, sculptures, and picture frames. 

It is known as a buffet when you place your sideboard in your dining area. It is known as a sideboard when you put it in your living room. It is called a kitchen sideboard when you position it in your kitchen. 

The essential feature of a sideboard is its ability to store important items, be used for serving, and hold decorative items like plaques, trophies, and exquisite vases. 

How To Choose A Sideboard For Your Dining Room

The following tips will help you choose the appropriate sideboard for your dining room:

  • Get the measurement of your existing furniture

Before purchasing a sideboard, it’s best you take the dimension of your other furniture in the same room where you plan to place the sideboard. 

The idea is to purchase additional furniture proportionately to those already in your space. Your sideboard should be the same size as your dining table or slightly higher by a few inches.

  • Get the right dimension of your space

You should also measure the space you intend to put the sideboard to see if it’s adequate. Cabinet sideboards are mostly placed against the wall. Nevertheless, there must be enough space around it to allow for free air flow.

  • Provide a seamless layout

Ensure to choose a sideboard that will give enough room around it for people to walk freely. Before purchasing any wood sideboard, with your dining space measurements in hand, you should open the sideboard drawers and shelf coverings to ensure adequate space between it and your dining table. Whether your dining table shape is rectangular or oval, it’s ideal to have between 18 to 24 inches of space in front of your sideboard if your area is small. For larger rooms, there should be a minimum of 36 inches allowance. 

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  • Get the proper dimensions of your doorways and hallways

Find out the space between your entrance and where you plan to put the sideboard. Ensure it allows enough room not to obstruct free passage through the doors. If you intend to have it in the hallway, measure the space between where the cabinet sideboard will be and the hallway wall.

Natural Wood SideboardWhite Oak Sideboard
  • Get a functional sideboard

The sideboard you choose should be helpful to you. You should be able to use it for storing necessary things like dishes, cutlery, napkins, and other dinner and kitchen essentials. You don’t have to get up and walk to the kitchen to get essential items while having dinner with your guests. 

A sideboard beside the dining table should hold these items, so they are within reach. Your cabinet sideboard’s top should also be wide enough to fit any decorative item you plan to keep on it. 

Take a look at this Art Leon Sideboard with two drawers and bottom self. 

  • Know the standard size of a sideboard 

In choosing a sideboard, you should familiarize yourself with the standard dimensions. A traditional sideboard should be 36 inches in height. 

That is the same as a regular kitchen counter where you serve your food. So if you’re doing the same on the sideboard, it should be that same height to have a seamless transition. 

There can, however, be some slight difference of a few inches in height for some sideboards that are either lower or higher than the standard 36 inches measurement. 

The length of a standard sideboard is 60 inches, which also corresponds with most dining tables. Traditional sideboard furniture should also have a depth of about 20 to 22 inches. That way, it will conveniently hold the items you plan to keep in it.

Despite the above standard measurements, you should buy a small sideboard if your dining area is smaller than usual. It would be best if you only went for standard-sized sideboard furniture when you have enough room to contain them.

  • Decide an appropriate style 

Wood is the most typical material for making sideboards. However, you should decide if that’s what you want or if you would like one that combines wood and glass. There are various types available, and you can make a choice after viewing online collections. 

They also come in multiple styles from which you can make a choice. There are vintage, French, country, and mid-century sideboards, while others are more contemporary, unique, and exquisite. 

You can also pick one with the same finish as your dining table or living room furniture if that’s where you plan to put it.

  • Determine your color scheme

You can pick a sideboard that matches the color scheme of your dining room or something contrasting, depending on your taste. Cabinets mostly come in brown, black, and white, though other beautiful colors are available. 

  • There’s a piece for every budget

You will likely find a solid wood sideboard that your budget can accommodate. View online collections as they do have their prices displayed beside each item. 

You should, however, be more concerned with the quality of the sideboard you’re picking rather than focusing on only something cheap. 

This cheap Art Leon Sideboard will make a great choice for your low budget. 


Your home furniture is only complete with a beautiful, functional sideboard. It should be a piece that takes care of the storage of your dining items and is useful enough to meet your specific needs. The tips above will help you choose the right wood sideboard for your home.

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