What to Consider When Styling and Designing with an Accent Chair

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  • Published on May 05, 2023
    Accent Chair Sets For Living Room


    • What to Consider When Styling and Designing with an Accent Chair
    • Make Sure it Harmonizes with the Design of the Existing Room
      • Prioritize Your Comfort
      • Picking the Type of Chair
    • How to Pick the Chair Design
    • Accessorizing 
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    What to Consider When Styling and Designing with an Accent Chair

    Accent chair styling has a lot of benefits that it carries. Primarily, it provides more seating furniture to your habitable space, and second, it adds an appeal of a restful environment. None of you knows how the power of accent chair styling can create a sense of contradicting appeal to an interior theme. Nonetheless, accent chair styling will always depend on one's perspectives and preferences on how one wants his/her habitable space or room would like to. The main purpose and meaning of accent chairs are to make a space visually pleasing to the inhabitant. Therefore, make sure to pick the best furniture, set the best layout, and choose the best size of accent chair that appeals to you. See the options for chairs here: the best chairs for accenting and styling. Moreover, here are important tips and insights to achieve very effective and practical accenting procedures in your home or habitable spaces with accent chairs:

    Make Sure it Harmonizes with the Design of the Existing Room

    Accenting will always be a key to making a space more dynamic and lively. Thus, accenting can induce a warm impression because of its stylish and welcoming appeal., Hence, not all intentions of accenting are effective. Depending on the type of space and furniture you use as an accenting accessory, it is always recommended to base the accenting design on the furniture and theme around a space. 

    Prioritize Your Comfort

    Choosing the furniture is so much important. Choose an accent chair that is truly comfortable for you that can accommodate your weight, size, and even posture. Whichever kind of chair it may be, whether a club chair, an ottoman, a swivel chair, a stool, a rocking chair, or an armchair, it should be comfortable for your body when you sit on it. 

    Picking the Type of Chair

    The second aspect of choosing and styling an accent chair is its size or dimensions. It is always important to make the room bigger and more spacious. Therefore, picking a chair that suits well the area of a space or room is important. Never pick a large chair for a small area especially when it is enclosed. If you have an enclosed space, especially with fewer windows, pick among the following:

    • Stool chair
    • Ghost Chair
    • Ottoman
    • Director's Chair

    On the other hand, if you have a spacious or large room or area in your property full of windows, you are fortunate to be free with styling a chair that is more comfortable such as a rocking chair, recliner, or even a love seat. 

    How to Pick the Chair Design

    The Color and Accessories of a particular chair can come in the last parts of the considerations. Look around the space or room, if you have neutral colours, bold and vivid coloured chairs are perfect to give an outstanding appeal to the chair. For neutral-coloured rooms with paintings and floors, warm colours can suit well to give a welcoming and cosy aura. If you are located in a tropical or hot country or location, pick a chair with dark but cool hues like green, yellow, or blue. But in the case that you have furniture pieces in warm tones like red, brown, and orange, choose an accent chair with colours that are grey, pink, or violet colours. For areas or rooms that are located in temperate or cold countries, brown and warmer shades are always the perfect choices of colours. 

    For the Fabric, choose the one that suits well with the dominant weather in your location. For colder countries, velvet, metallic, and upholstery are the best to give a snug approach. For countries in tropical areas, wooden, cotton, and mesh materials can suit perfectly.

    You can also check our blog for the ultimate guide to buying an accent chair.


    Accessorizing can definitely add and achieve an artistic aspect to chair accenting. Adding a potted plant can create a more comfortable sanctuary if your preference is to relax and unwind after a long day of work. Meanwhile, if you plan on staying and lounging more on the accent chair, adding a side table with a lampshade or small table lamp would suit you best. 

    Thus, accent chairs nearby a window or curtain wall facing nature or overlooking a city can stand alone greatly - or adding a small vase at the foot of the chair can make it look legendary.


    What type of chair should I pick for my space?
    The type of chair you should pick for your space depends on the size and dimensions of the room. For enclosed spaces with fewer windows, options like stool chairs, ghost chairs, ottomans, and director's chairs are recommended. For spacious areas with plenty of windows, you have more flexibility to choose comfortable options like rocking chairs, recliners, or love seats.
    How should I pick the design of the chair?
    When picking the design of the chair, consider the colors and accessories in the room. For neutral-colored rooms, bold and vivid colored chairs can make a statement. Warm colors can create a welcoming and cozy aura. Consider the climate in your location as well, choosing dark but cool hues for tropical or hot areas and warmer shades for temperate or cold countries.
    How can I accessorize an accent chair?
    Accessorizing an accent chair can add an artistic touch. You can add a potted plant for a more comfortable sanctuary or a side table with a lampshade for lounging. If the chair is near a window or facing a beautiful view, it can stand alone or you can add a small vase at the foot of the chair for added charm.

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