The Ultimate Guide to Buying an Accent Chair

This blog post lists a few factors to consider while buying your accent chair. 

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  • Published on March 24, 2023

    Accent Chair For Living Room


    • The Ultimate Guide to Buying an Accent Chair
    • Types of Modern Accent Chair
      • 1. A Slipper Chair
      • 2. Armchair
      • 3. Wingback Chair
      • 4. Ottoman
    • Things to Consider While Buying an Accent Chair
      • 1. Material
      • 2. Size
      • 3. Style
      • 4. Pattern
      • 5. Price
    • How to Choose the Right Color for Your Accent Chair
    • What Color Accent Chair Goes with a Dark Grey Sofa
    • Quick Tips for Finding the Perfect Accent Chair for Your House
    • Conclusion
    • FAQs
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    The Ultimate Guide to Buying an Accent Chair

    Traditional or modern accent chairs are single-seat chairs that serve as an eye-catching focal point in a space while providing additional seating.

    They are rarely used as normal seating like standard chairs but rather as accent pieces with a decorative design that combines the appearance and feel of the décor through color, texture, and shape.

    Therefore, you want to use accent chairs to bring out the real beauty in your living space. While this might be simple, it is a pacesetter for choosing color, shape, and size for your decor. 

    This blog post lists a few factors to consider while buying your accent chair. 

    Types of Modern Accent Chair

    1. A Slipper Chair

     Slipper chairs are armless chairs; they are sometimes used as living room accent chairs. They often have short legs and sit closer to the ground, making them an excellent choice for an accent chair, especially in smaller living rooms or bedrooms.

    2. Armchair

     A modern accent chair with arms is classified as an accent chair and an armchair. A classic armchair is made to match the fabric and style of a couch, but an accent armchair is designed to stand out, generally with contrasting fabric and color.

    3. Wingback Chair

     Wingback chairs, also known as wing chairs, feature a high, solid back, wing sides, and wooden legs. Wingback chairs have been popular since the 17th century and remain so now due to their classic and elegant appearance.

    4. Ottoman

     This type of accent chair is a wide piece of furniture that may be used as an extra sitting, storage, or even a special coffee table. An ottoman is often used as a living room accent chair, although a small accent chair of this type may also be used in playrooms and bedrooms. 

    Often people choose an ottoman to match their couch, but adopting a contrasting form and fabric may be a terrific way to add flair to a space.

    Check this Art Leon swivel accent chair with ottoman with pu. 

    Things to Consider While Buying an Accent Chair

    1. Material

     A living room accent chair is available in different materials such as wood, metal, and upholstery. The materials you are meant to take should be determined by the style you wish to achieve and how you intend to use the chair. Leather is far more durable than more delicate fabrics such as velvet for everyday usage. How do you style an accent chair?

    Materials such as wood, metal, and plastic may be readily cleaned, making them ideal for accent seats in kitchen areas that will be used regularly. The material chosen can also affect the overall feel of the chair; soft materials like leather and cloth seem warm and welcoming, whereas metal and plastic might feel colder.

    This art pyramid swivel accent chair with wood oak legs will make a great piece in your space. 

    2. Size

     While shopping for an occasional chair, keep size in mind, most especially a velvet accent chair. Ensure the total size of the chair is the same as the rest of the furniture work in the room. 

    Therefore, an important step before buying your swivel accent chair is to measure the available space's width, depth, and height.

    Check our guide on what size of accent chair goes with a leather couch?

    3. Style

     The benefit of an accent chair is that you may have it in any style you like. To create a statement, use a form that contrasts with your current furnishings. There's also nothing wrong with choosing a neutral accent chair as long as it complements your decor.

    You can also check our blog on how to choose accent chair colors

     Accent Chair SwivelAccent Chair With Ottoman

    4. Pattern

     Accent chairs are a terrific way to experiment with patterns in your home. We have several patterns and shapes to pick from, so It is certain to discover one that matches your abode and taste. If you're not courageous enough to buy a patterned accent chair, use a bold block color and complement it with patterned cushions and blankets.

    5. Price

    Pricing is always a factor in any purchase, but it is especially significant when purchasing an accent chair because they are not often utilized as primary sitting. You'll want to discover something within your price range that satisfies your requirements and complements your style. 

    If the chair is only used when visitors are around, style may take precedence over comfort. However, if the chair will be used frequently, it must be strong and comfy, which may raise the price. 

    How to Choose the Right Color for Your Accent Chair

    You should choose whether you want to make a big statement with a bright color or choose a shade that will match the color of your interior style.

    Assess the room's color pallet and try selecting a repeating color for those searching for something big and eye-catching. This might be a color in a work of art, a couch, or a planter. Because the color is already present in the space, it will have an impact without seeming out of place.

    What Color Accent Chair Goes with a Green Sofa

    White, beige, tan, and grey are neutral colors that complement a green sofa. If you have a sage green sofa, match it with a blue-grey or navy accent chair. 

    If you have an olive-green couch, combine it with khaki or tan chairs, and if you have a dark green sofa, pair it with a chocolate brown or blush pink accent chair.

    What Color Accent Chair Goes with a Dark Grey Sofa

    A dark grey couch is a timeless choice for a living room. A dark grey couch, being a contemporary and adaptable hue, serves as the ideal basis for bright and strong accent colors while blending nicely with various neutral colors. Use an accent chair in mustard yellow, blush pink, navy blue, or dark green for a unique design.

    Quick Tips for Finding the Perfect Accent Chair for Your House

    • Begin by measuring the area where you intend to place the chair. This practice will help you select a style that is a perfect fit for the home space.
    • Consider how the chair will be utilized. If it's only for extra sitting, comfort is essential. Style, on the other hand, is more crucial when shopping for an accent item.
    • Before you go shopping, make a budget. When you start your search, this will help you limit your selections.
    • Examine both physical and online establishments. 
    • Before making a final selection, read reviews.


    Adding a modern accent chair to your home will make many great adjustments. Most especially, picking the right size, shape, and color looks heavenly. Therefore, following the guidelines above ensures a safe purchase.

    Lastly, always remember that you can also book an appointment with any of our experts to help you make the best decision while decorating your house with this furniture.

    You can also check our accent chair section for more accent chairs of different designs. 


    Q1: What are the different types of modern accent chairs?
    • Slipper chair
    • Armchair
    • Wingback chair
    • Ottoman
    Q2: What are some quick tips for finding the perfect accent chair for your house?
    • Measure the area where the chair will be placed
    • Consider the usage of the chair (extra seating or accent piece)
    • Set a budget before shopping
    • Explore physical and online stores
    • Read reviews before making a final selection
    Q3: How do you choose the right color for your accent chair?
    • Assess the room's color palette
    • Select a repeating color from the room
    • Consider matching neutral colors for a green sofa (white, beige, tan, grey)
    • Consider bright and strong accent colors for a dark grey sofa (mustard yellow, blush pink, navy blue, dark green)

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