What is Classic Vs Modern Decor

It depends on your preference when it comes to choosing between classic and modern décor. 

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  • Published on May 12, 2023

    modern dining room chair

    Some people prefer classic décor, while others use a modern style in their homes. However, no design is right or wrong. It's more about personal preference and it depends on the taste of the homeowner. If you are thinking about redecorating or renovating your home, it is good to understand the difference between a classic and modern décor.

    Certain aspects separate these designs. If you are unsure about choosing the right one, take inspiration from other people to find out the décor suitable for your needs. Also, you may combine the two designs to get the best of both worlds. Continue reading the post to learn more about these home décor types to get the feel you want. Check out our series to better decorate your little home for you: https://artleon.com/collections/dining-chairs.


    • Understand Classic vs Modern Décor Before Designing Your Dream Home
      • Furniture
      • Walls
      • Colors
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    • Creating a classic décor
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    Understand Classic vs Modern Décor Before Designing Your Dream Home

    No wonder, choosing the right style for your home may be overwhelming because of certain factors. Each house has specific requirements that help determine the design it needs. Hence, it's important to understand the differences between classic and modern décor. That way, it helps you to make the right choice.

    • Furniture

      To get started, furniture in a classic home décor will differ from modern furniture in terms of materials, shapes, colours, and so on. Suppose, an oak dining chair gives you a classic feel and looks as opposed to a modern-day dining chair made of metal.

      On the other hand, you can have furniture covered in upholstery. However, in the classic style, the structure of the furniture includes decorations or patterns that are exposed. Modern style is open and accepts almost every option like a modern dining chair.

      Still, straightforward and bold colours remain the staple for modern décor. In the classic style, brown and golden colours are the heroes. Besides, they come in varying colours suited according to the needs.

      It is a necessity to have some pieces of furniture in the classic style. However, the modern style involves choosing furniture that suits the space and your needs.

      • Walls

      In the classic décor, you will find the walls decorated with gypsum decorations and different types of wall patterns. There is no need to choose a wallpaper that comes with classic patterns alongside velvet paints with distinguishing effects.

      The walls on a modern décor or a modern style involve plain design. Typically, the designer will rely on wallpaper and paints. Sometimes, they may even rely on decorations that constitute a gypsum board.

      • Colors

      The colours in the classic décor are a bit less bold compared to modern décor. You get to choose from preferred colours without restrictions and use the same for the interior decoration of your house according to your needs.

      Still, the classic style retains its reverence and traditional features. The use of brown colour and its various shades adds more to the colour tone. Additionally, they maintain the dignified and quiet characteristics of the design as well. You can compensate for the style with a rattan dining chair.

      Moreover, the classic style lets you choose walls with grey, off-white, or white colours. More recently, you will find many people breaking the trend while choosing bold colours for the walls such as green, blue, or black. That way, you can call them modern classic or neoclassical.

      • Floors

      Floors are another important aspect that resolves issues with decorations. One of the common features of decorative patterns involves flooring. Therefore, you can use a wooden floor for both the classic and modern décor.

      Moreover, both marble and ceramic floors are perfect for classic and modern décor. But the only difference lies in terms of colour and shape to be used on the ceramic. Also, the difference lies in the patterns chosen to make decorations for the flooring.

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      modern dining room chair

      Creating a classic décor

      If you are looking for a timeless design, it won't happen by chance. When you look forward to having a classic look, you have to focus on the right materials. Keep in mind that plastic has no role in a classic décor. That's because the materials needed are stones, fabrics, wood, and leather.

      Apart from that, you may need to add decorative elements to your living space such as crystal chandeliers, carpets, and mouldings. These are perfect additions to a timeless design. If you prefer art pieces, have them in the form of sculptures and paintings.

      Remember to choose the things that indicate a different era. Because modern art is perfect for contemporary designs, you can go for the classics. Besides, in terms of patterns and colours, you can opt for rich tones that come with floral textures. As such, they become part of both the furniture and the design.

      Creating a modern décor

      When it comes to modern décor, simplicity, and clean lines are key elements that you shouldn't ignore. It means you need to keep everything simple when opting for a modern décor. Simplicity lies in using geometric shapes or a neutral colour palette.

      On the contrary, a modern home could be warmer and more inviting rather than cold. Oftentimes, a modern décor would refer to minimalist designs. It means things should be kept uncluttered without compromising their functionalities. Each piece of furniture should have a purpose like the modern dining room chair.

      In short, the modern décor should allow adequate space and workroom for your needs. When it comes to the materials used, woods are one of the best options. Although they are mostly found in classic décor, it doesn't mean that modern décor can't have them.

      Wood is the perfect material that can create a clean, natural look regardless of the interior space. As said earlier, plastics shouldn't be used in classic décor. But you can use them in modern interior styles. Plastic decorations and furniture play a crucial role in modern décor and are often seen in modern-day homes.

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      It depends on your preference when it comes to choosing between classic and modern décor. The classic design is associated with timelessness and sophistication. While it is not trend-following, it needs to stand against time. On the other hand, a modern design involves minimalist structures with technologies in plain sight and is trending. Modern design makes sure that every room gets an adequate amount of light and air.


      What are the main differences between classic and modern décor?
      Classic décor typically features traditional materials, patterns, and colors, while modern décor focuses on simplicity, clean lines, and bold colors.
      How does furniture differ between classic and modern décor?
      Classic furniture often includes decorative elements and is made of materials like wood and leather, while modern furniture is more open to different materials and styles, such as metal and upholstery.
      What are some characteristics of walls in classic and modern décor?
      Classic décor may have walls decorated with gypsum, velvet paints, and classic patterns, while modern décor usually features plain walls with wallpaper, paint, or gypsum board decorations.
      What materials are commonly used for floors in classic and modern décor?
      Both classic and modern décor can feature wooden, marble, or ceramic floors, but the choice of color and patterns may vary between the two styles.

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