The Ultimate Guide To Determining Decorating Styles in 2023

Furniture styles and their characteristics: modern/contemporary, mid-century modern, bohemian, Scandinavian, industrial, farmhouse, coastal, and transitional. Each style has unique features and Art Leon offers a great selection of swivel lounge chairs suitable for each.

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  • Published on May 08, 2023

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    As we head into 2023, it's time to explore some of the top decorating trends defining the industry. Understanding various decorating styles can be immensely useful when creating an appealing space; here, we take a closer look at some of the most popular ones of 2023 and provide helpful hints and techniques for incorporating them into your home design.


    • Choice of furniture style
      • Modern and Contemporary Styles.
      • Mid-Century Modern Style
      • Bohemian Style
      • Scandinavian Style
      • Coastal Style
      • Transitional Style
    • Find Your Decorating Style Here are Tips to Determine It
      • Begin By Gathering Ideas
      • Consider Your Lifestyle
      • Select Your Color Palette
      • Purchase Quality Pieces
    • Conclusion
    • FAQs
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    Choice of furniture style

    Modern and Contemporary Styles.

    Modern and contemporary styles focus on clean lines, minimalism, and simplicity - perfect for those who value sleek yet sophisticated decor. When shopping for furniture that fits this aesthetic, like swivel lounge chairs from Art Leon that will perfectly reflect this trend - look out for sleek lines in neutral colours like black, white, or grey that complement this trend perfectly.

    Mid-Century Modern Style

    The mid-century modern style draws its inspiration from design trends of the 1950s and 1960s. This style features clean lines, organic shapes, and an emphasis on functionality when it comes to furniture selections - leather lounge chairs are an ideal example that combines style with function; Art Leon offers an excellent selection of these luxurious chairs that would work beautifully within this aesthetic.

    Bohemian Style

    Boho chic style is all about mixing patterns, textures, and colours to achieve an eclectic aesthetic. When choosing furniture pieces that exemplify this trend, look for vintage or handcrafted items with their sense of history or vintage or handcrafted lounge chairs with bohemian vibes, such as rattan or wicker chairs for swivel lounge chairs that offer boho flair.

    Scandinavian Style

    The Scandinavian style is defined by simplicity, functionality, and natural materials such as wood. This aesthetic makes it ideal for minimalist styles like those who favour minimalism. When shopping for furniture with Scandinavian influences, look for pieces with clean lines and neutral colours, such as chairs with simple seating arrangements or wooden frames, for the best Scandinavian aesthetics. Art Leon offers some fantastic swivel lounge chairs suitable for this look - the selection at Art Leon will help complete this look perfectly!

    Industrial Style

    The industrial style embodies exposed brick, raw materials, and utilitarian charm - perfect for those seeking an urban aesthetic. When selecting furniture pieces with industrial aesthetics, like metal chairs or those made from reclaimed wood, consider leather lounge chairs featuring metal frames for an added touch - Art Leon has an extensive selection suitable for this look!

    Farmhouse Style Farmhouse style is defined by rustic charm and natural materials such as wooden rocking chairs or leather club chairs with weathered or distressed surfaces, ideal for creating an inviting, warm feel in any space. When selecting furniture pieces to evoke this look, look for pieces with distressed surfaces like wooden rocking chairs or leather club chairs; these would work exceptionally well alongside neutral upholstery chairs, such as Art Leon's selection of swivel lounge chairs designed with this in mind.

    Coastal Style

    The coastal style evokes an airy and relaxed beachy ambience in your home, perfect for those who appreciate light and airy spaces. Art Leon offers many swivel lounge chairs ideal for this coastal aesthetic, making an excellent statement of coastal living! When selecting furniture pieces that suit this aesthetic, such as wicker or rattan lounge chairs.

    Transitional Style

    The transitional style involves mixing traditional and contemporary design elements for an overall cohesive and timeless appearance, perfect for those seeking an elegant but not too stuffy aesthetic. When shopping for furniture pieces that reflect this transitional look, look for pieces with timeless shapes but contemporary details, like leather club chairs with sleek silhouettes. Art Leon also offers many suitable transitional swivel lounge chairs, which add another layer of transitional character.

    Swivel Accent Chairs

    Find Your Decorating Style Here are Tips to Determine It

    Now that you understand some of the most prevalent decorating styles for 2023, here are some strategies for developing your decorating style:

    Begin By Gathering Ideas

    Start by collecting inspiration from magazines, websites, and social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. Look for images that speak to you and identify any common themes like colour palettes or design elements that resonate.

    Consider Your Lifestyle

    When selecting a decorating style, keep your lifestyle and usage of space in mind. For instance, choosing furniture with sturdy construction and easy cleanup might be in order if you have children or pets at home.

    Select Your Color Palette

    Create the mood you'd like for your space using colour theory; many people utilize grey, beige, and brown hues to achieve this result.

    Your decorating style can be expressed through your colour scheme as well. Regarding colour theory, monochromatic palettes such as black and white tend to be popular choices for modern homes and work spaces due to their straightforward yet energetic. On the other hand, saturated hues like red or blue can also add elegance to contemporary homes.

    Consider Your Materials Consider which materials or combinations you plan on using when creating your decorating style. For casual looks, neutral fabrics like linen and cotton might work. For something more formal and sophisticated, leather and suede fabrics might provide the necessary texture. Metal furniture always pairs nicely when combined with different materials - an example being leather upholstery set on metal furniture pieces.

    Mix and Match Feel free to mix and match different design styles to achieve an individual and personalized aesthetic in your home. Finding a balance among various styles to create an aesthetically pleasing appearance is the key to successful mixing and matching, making this method one of the best ways to give it that personal touch.

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    Purchase Quality Pieces

    Invest in furniture that will withstand the test of time with this step, opting for pieces with timeless designs that won't become outdated in time. Look for well-constructed and timeless designs like those seen at Art Leon.


    Deliberating on your decorating style can be an exciting and satisfying process. By understanding different design styles and incorporating them into your home, you can craft an environment that reflects who you are as an individual and who you want to be as a homeowner. Remember to select pieces with functionality, durability, and longevity in mind and mix up different styles to create something truly original - whether modern and contemporary or rustic farmhouse decor styles! There's bound to be one for you out there somewhere.


    What are some popular decorating styles for 2023?
    Some popular decorating styles for 2023 include modern and contemporary styles, mid-century modern style, bohemian style, Scandinavian style, coastal style, and transitional style.
    What are the characteristics of the bohemian style?
    The bohemian style is characterized by mixing patterns, textures, and colors to achieve an eclectic aesthetic. It often includes vintage or handcrafted furniture with a sense of history and boho flair.
    How can I incorporate the Scandinavian style into my home?
    To incorporate the Scandinavian style into your home, look for furniture with clean lines, neutral colors, and natural materials like wood. Art Leon offers swivel lounge chairs that fit this aesthetic.

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