The Best Bar Stool of 2023 for Every Style

The article discusses the trending bar cart styles of 2023 and provides tips on finding the best bar cart for your home.

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  • Published on July 24, 2023

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    Is home improvement your thing? Then, you must know how easy it is to elevate a room by adding a set of extra-stylish bar carts and luxury bar stools. A bar cart with a matching set of bar stools is now seen in everyone's homes. It is a must if you want to be a mixologist or want to become the best happy-hour host or a homeowner looking to set up a home bar. The best bar cart must be both functional and stylish. It should seamlessly go without your room's decor so that it can act as an eye-catching accent piece. 

    Yes, all the trending bar carts and bar stools of 2023 come in many different designs, styles, and vibes; allowing you to choose as per your preference, room's decor, and budget. However, with so many options on style, material, dimensions, added features, and storage, finding a suitable bar cart takes a lot of work. Thus, next up are some trending bar cart styles that go with every style. So, do read on to know more!


    • 5 Best Bar Carts for Every Style
      • Mid-Century/Vintage-Styled Bar Carts
      • Rustic-Styled Bar Carts
      • Art Decor-Styled Bar Carts
      • Contemporary-Styled Bar Carts
      • Industrial-Styled Bar Carts
    • What to Look for Before Investing in a Bar Cart?
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    5 Best Bar Carts for Every Style

    Currently, 5 different styles of bar carts are trending and their popularity status is predicted to last for years to come, and they are the followings:

    1. Mid-Century/Vintage-Styled Bar Carts

    If you have followed an old-school vibe for the room where you will set up your newly purchased bar carts, consider going for a mid-century or vintage-styled one. Bar carts in such style follow the designs that were popular during the mid-1930s to late 1960s. So, such bar carts will have a simple design, geometric lines, bold accent colours, and the incorporation of wood, vinyl, glass, and metal as materials. Complement your vintage or mid-century-style bar carts with wooden swivel bar stools.

    1. Rustic-Styled Bar Carts

    Rattan bar stools with a rustic-styled bar cart are a staple of that well-loved rustic look and vibe everyone loves. The high-contrast woven accents incorporated in such style with an aged, natural, or distressed vibe can make a room look cosy and inviting.

    1. Art Decor-Styled Bar Carts

    Love using gold accent pieces to elevate the feel and look of a room? Then art decor-styled bar carts will match your room's vibe effortlessly. Such bar carts are very popular these days and are always paired with velvet swivel bar stools that come with gold-plated stool legs and footrests for that 70s sleek and luxurious vibe. Some common design/style elements visible in art decor-styled trending bar carts of 2023 are sinuous outlines, geometric patterns, vibrant colours, naturalistic motifs, and the incorporation of materials like leather, glass, wood, and more.

    1. Contemporary-Styled Bar Carts

    A contemporary-styled bar cart with the best-selling Art Leon swivel bar stool set is one of the best combinations for all homeowners looking to execute the soothing and elegant contemporary look in their home effortlessly. So, to get your hands on the best-looking contemporary bar cart, do ensure it has simple shapes, crisp lines, use of neutral colours, a combination of different textures and materials like light-coloured wood, frosted glass, leather, stainless steel, and more.

    1. Industrial-Styled Bar Carts

    If you are a fan of the currently trending modern, minimalistic look, an industrial-styled bar cart will be the best addition to your room. The industrial style is all about the use of metalwork with classic materials like wood and leather with a futuristic vibe. So, do ensure the industrial-styled bar cart and stool set have metal accents and neutral colour palettes with sharp and edgy shapes or lines.

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    What to Look for Before Investing in a Bar Cart?

    You cannot go wrong if you stick with the above-mentioned styles or types of bar carts with matching/complementing bar stools. However, if you do not select a functional, durable, and sturdy bar cart, you cannot enjoy all the functional and entertaining properties of a high-quality yet stylish bar cart. Hence, here is what you need to know before you add a bar cart and some matching bar stools to your virtual shopping cart:

    • Material

    Do make sure the bar cart of your choosing is made with high-quality materials that are known for being durable and long-lasting. Choose any style of bar carts mentioned above made with strong, supportive, and sturdy materials like all-weather resin, acrylic, iron, steel, rattan, marble, glass, and wood.

    • Size and Height

    You need to make a list of all the accessories that you will be storing or showcasing in the bar cart like glassware, drink/cocktail-making utensils, and alcohol bottles. This will help you to determine which size of bar cart you should be going for. For a minimalistic setting, a small-size bar (standard size is around 20 inches) cart will suffice. A small setup in a large or oversized bar cart (standard size is around 60 inches) will stick out like a sore thumb and completely ruin the look and vibe of the room. The perfect bar cart should be 30 to 34 inches tall. And lastly, do make sure the depth is around 16 inches for proper stability. 

    • Functions and Additional Features 

    Bar stool with backrest is widely popular because such a design is aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, and functional. Even though bar carts are great accent furniture, their main purpose is storage. Hence, when comparing trending bar carts of 2023 to find the most suitable one for you and your home, make sure your selected bar cart is filled with advantageous, required features like non-skid wheels, separate sections for ice buckets, glassware, etc., portability, excellent weight-holding capacity, and more.

    • Aesthetic 

    From classic vintage style to modern-age industrial style, your options for bar cart styles are plenty. So, do make sure that the aesthetic of the bar cart matches the aesthetic of the room you will be keeping the bar cart in. One of the best ways to match your bar cart with your home decor is by investing in a high-quality bar stool set following the same design and/or style to make your interior design vision come to life.

    To Conclude

    The right style of bar cart with best-selling luxury bar stools from Art Leon Furniture can transform a space while seamlessly blending in with all your decor. The above-stated trending bar cart styles of 2023 are perfect for any home as these styles complement every style you can think about. Hopefully, with information on the different styles and also tips on how to find the best bar cart for your uniquely-styled or personalized home, you can find exactly what you are looking for. Head on over to Art Leon Furniture now for a bit more help, and a whole lot of inspiration for your home bar!

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    Q1: What are the trending bar cart styles of 2023?
    The trending bar cart styles of 2023 are mid-century/vintage-styled, rustic-styled, art decor-styled, contemporary-styled, and industrial-styled.
    Q2: What are the materials used for making bar carts?
    Bar carts are made with materials like all-weather resin, acrylic, iron, steel, rattan, marble, glass, and wood.
    Q3: What should be the size and height of a bar cart?
    The perfect size of a bar cart should be 30 to 34 inches tall and around 16 inches deep for stability. The size of the bar cart should be determined based on the accessories that will be stored in it.

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