5 Intriguing Things that you can Remove and Replace from your Bedroom

The article suggests decluttering the bedroom and recommends using Art Leon Furniture chairs for a relaxing and calming atmosphere.

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  • Published on July 21, 2023

    Laptop Chair Desk | Art Leon

    The bedroom, whether you believe it or not, should normally only consist of 3 things - the bed, a chair, and a table or desk. When a bedroom gets more of these, it becomes a Stock or Storage Room. It may sound cliché, but the bedroom should only be for sleeping or napping. Even televisions, speakers, radio, game tables, etc. should not be present to avoid visual disturbance and traffic in the room. It might be challenging to unwind and get a good night's sleep when your bedroom is messy. It is crucial to routinely tidy and organize your bedroom if you want to make it calm and a relaxing area.  


    • What You Should Take Out from Your Bedroom?
      • Wardrobe, Cabinets, Clothes/ Shoe Rack, or similar pieces
      • Work Desk, Computer Table, or File Racks
      • Boxes, Containers, Shopping Bags
      • Unused Electronics and Cords
      • Excess or Unused Bedding or Linens
    • The Best Seating Furniture Pieces for the Bedroom
      • Rattan-inspired Accent Chair or Standalone stool
      • Swivel Chairs
      • Accent Desk Chairs
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    What You Should Take Out from Your Bedroom?

    Here are five things you can declutter from your bedroom and replace with the best choices of furniture pieces to get you started: 

    Wardrobe, Cabinets, Clothes/ Shoe Rack, or similar pieces 

    These furniture sets will add clutter not only because of their size but also for their doors, the possibility of clothes falling down from the inside, and may also accumulate dust and cover the walls of the bedroom making it look less spacious. The presence of these furniture sets will give a heavy impression making it difficult for you to breathe and relax. Wardrobes and the containers for the clothes should be placed in a walk-in closet or should be covered or enclosed by a partition divider. 

    Work Desk, Computer Table, or File Racks

    The use of the Bedroom is to sleep - this is mainly not for working or leisure. Making your bedroom purely without the presence of stress-related materials and objects will make your sleep or nap time sensational and relatable. 

    Boxes, Containers, Shopping Bags

    These are greatly space-consuming elements that will add clutter visually and ergonomically. The edges of the boxes add visual elements to the room making it definitely sharp-looking and giving sleep-alleviating effects. Seeing only decorative and creative things inside the bedroom adds a flowy feeling that will make you calm and cosy. On the other hand, the items that contain these items can also give a dirty and chaotic messy look to the space through its disarranged figures and colours. 

    Unused Electronics and Cords

    Many of us have older devices, including wires, chargers, and cell phones, these may gather and spread out dust onto the bed. These items should be disposed of or recycled them. These unused items should not be visible to induce a calmer atmosphere - seeing less will make you think less. 

    Excess or Unused Bedding or Linens

    Over time, it is simple to gather additional pillows, blankets, and sheets, but having an excessive amount can take up a lot of space in the room - less fluffy but bulky. Only maintain the bedding you actually need for your bedroom after evaluating your selection. Any unwanted items that are not in use will probably be hung around somewhere else and this will give a feeling of annoyance and clutter. 

    High Chair Desk | Art Leon

    The Best Seating Furniture Pieces for the Bedroom

    Meanwhile, here are the furniture pieces that you can select to make your room wholly functional and artistically - Art Leon Furniture chairs: Art Leon accent desk chair, Art Leon swivel chairs, and Art Leon rattan chairs.

    Rattan-inspired Accent Chair or Standalone stool

    A Cool and Calm atmosphere will suit your need for relaxation and break away from the stressful environment outside your bedroom through the Art Rattan&Oak Dining Chairs with Ash Wood Legs. These formally-looking and clean-cut edges definitely induce a fluffy feel even just by looking at them. You can make it as an accent chair at the angle of your room and pair it with a side table and a lamp where you can take pause during the daytime. This Chair Design comes in black, coffee, and light oak wood shades. Check out this Art Leon accent desk chair

    Rattan has never been artistic and timeless-looking with the art rattan&oak dining chair, a minimalist-inspired chair with a rattan backrest and cushioned seat defining the blend of contemporary urban and countryside appeal. 

    Swivel Chairs

    Swivel chairs can be both entertaining while taking you to euphoria just like a hammock. Swivel chairs are great bedroom chair accents because it has a larger seating area and you can move or twist sideways similar to how relaxing a rocking chair can be. Check out the Art Leon pyramid swivel accent chair - oak wood legs. This chair design is versatile and luxurious-looking through its tufted surface and transitional leg support designs.

    Moreover, you may also opt for the Art Leon swivel accent chair with ottoman. This Art Leon swivel chair comes with a pillow and an ottoman where you can rest your feet. Its faux leather cover gives a stunning glow to your bedroom. It can also move from one place to another so you may not need to stand up and go somewhere else. 

    Another best Art Leon Swivel chair option is the Art Leon genuine leather lounge chair. For large-sized rooms, this is a perfect accent stand-alone chair that can be placed diagonally adjacent to your bed. Its regal touch in design defines a versatile sensation - you don't need to overdecorate or over-design your walls with frames to make the room look elegant.

    Accent Desk Chairs

    Exciting designs of desk chairs can be availed from Art Leon's series. The artistic art poplar desk chair without wheels is a fine sight for classical and contemporary luxury-themed bedrooms. This goes with any bed furniture through its edgy but curvy appeal. On the other hand, the Art Leon oak legs desk chair has an office desk compatibility while can also be a lounge chair through its sturdy armchair and cushioned seating and backrest. 

    The room will be a peaceful place for sleep and well-being when these chairs are present through their cushioned look and shiny surface texture. These possessions are functional and decorative giving you a give return on investment. Check out Art Leon's Furniture Collections for all kinds of seating and table furniture. 

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    Q1: What are the best furniture pieces for the bedroom?
    The best furniture pieces for the bedroom include rattan-inspired accent chairs, swivel chairs, and accent desk chairs from Art Leon Furniture.
    Q2: What are the benefits of using swivel chairs in the bedroom?
    Swivel chairs in the bedroom offer both entertainment and relaxation, similar to a hammock. They have a larger seating area and can move or twist sideways, providing a comfortable and soothing experience.
    Q3: Where can I find these recommended furniture pieces?
    You can find the recommended furniture pieces, including accent desk chairs, swivel chairs, and rattan-inspired chairs, at Art Leon's Furniture Collections.

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